UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 22 (blinds 8000-16,000, ante 2000)

ukiptthumb.JPG5.12pm: Doubling Dan
Dan Owston has just doubled up to around 300,000 after raising all-in over Chris Brammer's open with K♦Q♥. Brammer made the call with 6♠7♠ but Owston made trips on a A♠Q♣4♠J♥Q♦ board. Annnnnddddd, it's BREAK!

5.12pm: Jack the lad
In only the second hand he's played so far at this final table Jack Ellwood opened the pot from mid-position with a raise to 37,000. All fold to Dean Lyall in the big blind who called. The flop came A♦J♣J♥ and both players checked. Lyall then led for 40,000 on the Q♣ turn. Call. Both checked the 5♠ river and Ellwood revealed A♣7♥. It was good for the pot as Lyall folded.

5.05pm: Bluff embarrassment
Lyall just double-barrell bluffed Chris Brammer on a A♥T♣7♥4♠ board showing K9. Even under the sedate lighting of the G Casino, Manchester it's obvious Brammer went a deeper shade of red round the gills.

Dean then went on to take a 250,000 pot from Dan Owston with two pair. Owston is going to have to get his chips over the line in the not too distant future.

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5pm: Brammer gets the better of Lyall again
Chris Brammer opened with a raise to 25,000 from early position before Dean Lyall three-bet to 65,000 from the hijack. Brammer made the call to go to a 5♣6♣2♦ flop where he checked. Lyall bet a relatively small 55,000 and it was treated with a raise up to 220,000. It did the job as Lyall quickly folded.

4.50pm: Hasse beats down Brammer
Chris Brammer raises from late position to 35,000 and is three-bet by Julian Hasse to 88,000, who c-bets another 105,000 on the 9♥J♥K♠ flop. Brammer calls and both players cautiously check down the 5♥ turn and the 6♠ river. Hasse wins showing K♦Q♥ Understandable pot control from both players. Cory Desmond (18th place finisher) is loudly eating crisps from the sideline.

4.35pm: Early position battle
The pot started with a raise to 35,000 from Chris Brammer in second position and he was only called by Dan Owston in the next seat. The flop came 3♠3♣8♣ and Brammer's 35,000 continuation bet was quickly called by Owston. The 5♦ turn and 9♦ river were quickly checked through to leave us at showdown.

Brammer revealed 4♥4♦ and took the pot as Owston could only reveal A♠K♣.

4.25pm: It's a new level and Brammer is turning the screw
Chris Brammer is finding his mojo. First he raises from the button and steals the blinds then the next hand he raises to 35,000 from the cut-off into Dean Lyall's big blind. Lyall three-bets to 85,000 putting the pressure back onto Brammer. The Winchester boy gives it some thought before four-betting to 235,000. Lyall looks unhappy with his life and mucks his hand. Brammer is up to 1,200,000.


Brammer picking up chips to make a raise. Again.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT