UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 23 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2000)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.34pm: Owston feeling the pressure
Lyall, a high stakes cash game player, is ramping up the pressure on Dan Owston who has been saved from rampant tiltage by the dinner break. Owston 'playfully' swings a PokerStars t-shirt at Lyall's head after he's forced to toss his cards away after his cut-off raise is three-bet from 49,000 to 109,000 by Lyall. Owston is still in but needs to get his game face back on.

6.30pm: Lyall raising for fun
Lyall raises to 44,000 under the gun and swipes the blinds showing 7♦2♣! He smiles as Millan sat to his left arches his eyebrows in surprise. Lyall obviously feels like the table captain. To be fair, he probably is.

6.22pm: Kings again for Owston
Chris Brammer starting thing off with a raise to 45,000 from mid-position before Dan Owston three-bet to a hefty 223,000. It represented about two-thirds of his stack and Brammer picked up that he probably isn't folding and folded is own hand. Owston showed him he made the right decision by revealing pocket kings.

6.14pm: Julian Hasse out in 9th (£3,650)
Jack Ellwood raises from middle position to 47,000 and is shoved on by Julian Hasse for 252,000. Ellwood makes the call with A♣T♠ and stays ahead of Hasse's K♣Q♥ to knock the German out in 9th place; the first casualty of the final table.


Julian Hasse (in better times) his the first faller of the final table

6.08pm: 'I'm not your friend. I'm your enemy'
Testing words from Lyall after Owston moves all-in for a shade under 400,000 after the Scotsman raised 44,000 from utg+1. Lyall has a long dwell up before folding. When the dealer has to correct himself over it being 344,000 more to call, not 244,000 more, Owston says, 'What's a 100,000 between friends?' 'I'm not your friend. I'm your enemy,' replies Lyall with a smile. Owston is up to 450,000.

6pm: Hill turns into mountain
Julian Hasse raised from second position and was called by Mike Hill in the hijack and Chris Brammer in the small blind. All three checked the 3♦4♣T♣ flop before Hasse led out for 87,000 on the 9♣ turn. This was treated with a raise to 87,000 from Hill. Brammer folded but Hasse moved all-in and was insta-called by hill. Showdown

Hasse: A♣A♦ for an over pair.
Hill: 9♥9♦ for a turned set.

The river came T♥ to see Hill scoop the pot and the chip lead with over 1.5million. Hasse down to 300,000.

5.48pm: Millan's monster check-raise
Hill raises under the gun to 50,000 and is called by Lyall in the small blind and Millan in the big. A wet looking T♦7♣8♠ flop is dealt and Hill lays out four turquoise 25,000 chips. Lyall calls and Millan wastes no time in check-raising to 245,000. Hill thinks long and hard before passing and Lyall tosses his hand swiftly behind. It's a nice 450,000 pot for Millan.

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5.40pm: King Owston
The first ten minutes of the new level hasn't seen much action except for one all-in. Mike Hill opened from under-the-gun to 50,000 but folded when Dan Owston moved all-in for 240,000. It was a good fold too as Owston tabled pocket kings!

5.22pm: Playing to win
There are a lot of different approaches to final table strategy beyond just the normal chip stack dynamics but it's mainly based around who wants to win. At the moment that is pretty much the reserve of Dean Lyall and Chris Brammer. Obviously it's a more high variance approach but the two appear to be capitalising on the other players' fears of going bust too early.

Due to restart at 5.30pm.

1. Mike Hill - 911,000
2. Tim Brown - 410,000
3. Joeri Zandvlient - 831,000
4. Jack Ellwood - 1,203.000
5. Chris Brammer - 935,000
6. Dan Owston - 266,000
7. Julian Hasse - 1,155,000
8. Dean Lyall - 986,000
9. Tony Millan - 661,000


Top (left to right): Zandvliet, Brammer, Brown, Lyall, Ellwood, Owston, Hasse. Bottom: Millan, Hill.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT