UKIPT Manchester: Day 3 level 26 (blinds 20000-40000, ante 4000)

ukiptthumb.JPG11.25pm: Hill dominating at the end of the level
Mike Hill is using his big stack to terrible effect and has battered the table on the last four hands:

1) Lyall (on his first hand back) raises to 100,000 and passes to Hill's all-in.
2) Mike shoves all-in from the small blind and Zandvliet is forced to pass.
3) Millan raises to 125,000 from the cut-off and Hill 3-bets from the button to 325,000. Millan folds.
4) An open raise to 125,000 takes the blinds.

Hill is up to 2.575m and doesn't look like he'll sit back now. Lyall is behaving for the moment. It's the end of level 26 and we're going up to 30,000-60,000, ante 5000.

11.25pm: Four-bet good for Ellwood
Jack Ellwood took down a nice pot pre-flop after putting in a hefty four-bet over the top of two players. Mike Hill made it 100,000 to play before Joeri Zandvlient three-bet to 310,000. Ellwood moved all-in and forced both players to fold. Zandvlient was annoyed at himself for three-betting so much and reckons he could've saved himself 50,000 chips.

11.18pm: Chris Brammer eliminated in 6th place(£9100)
The final nail in Chris Brammer's coffin saw him hit top pair and still bust. He was short-stacked and in the big blind when he called a Mike Hill raise to 100,000. Brammer then bet most of his stack on the 2♠T♠8♥ flop. Hill then put him all in and he called.

Brammer turned over Q♥T♣ for top pair but Hill had him out-kicked with K♠T♥ and drawing dead when the turn came K♦. Brammer played a great game and many people's favorite at the beginning of the day lost out to lady luck.


Luck deserted him in the end

11.08pm: Horrible turn of events for Brammer
Brammer shoves from the small blind and is called by Millan with pocket 8's. Brammer turns over 6♠7♦ and receives no help and loses a 840,000 pot. Brammer is down to fumes.

11pm: Suck-outs galore
The very next hand we had another cruel suck-out. Joeri Zandvlient open shoved from the cut-off before Jack Ellwood re-shoved from the button. The rest left them to their own showdown:

Zandvlient A♣6♣
Ellwood A♠T♥

The board ran Q♣3♦5♦4♥2♦ to make a running straight for Ellwood. Can be a cruel game this poker sometimes.

10.53pm: Brammer feels sick
It was noted that Brammer's game had opened up and it's just opened up that little bit more. He opened from the button to 125,000 before Chris Brammer three-bet to 353,000. Hill then moved all-in for 943,000 and Brammer snap called with K♥K♦. Hill was caught with his hand in the cookie jar as he opened J♥T♣. No bother for him though as the board came J♠5♦8♥T♦9♣ to see him make two-pair and double up to just under two million. Brammer down to 900,000.

10.42pm: Lyall's two hands to three rounds penalty ratio
Dean Lyall returned from his one round penalty and appeared directly in the big blind getting a walk. The very next hand he accused Chris Brammer of stealing his ante but witnesses claimed that the Lyall (who has had more than a few double Vodka Red Bulls) was the mistaken party. Lyall refused to accept the ruling but eventually raised Millan's big blind and won the pot but was slapped down with a fierce three round penalty from the tournament director. He is balncing on a knife edge of disqualification. Unbelievable stuff.

10.42pm: Climbing up the Hill
Mike Hill knows he has to make moves to get back in this and he's certainly been doing that since we've been back. He's just shoved three hands in a row. Two were re-raises, one was an open shove. The last hand started with Tony Millan opening to 125,000 from the button before Hill shoved for another 630,000. Hill agonized over his decision and then folded 9♥9♦ face-up.

10.33pm: Bloggers railed by final table in strange twist
Lyall has been penalised for six hands and is currently railing the PokerStars blogger (i.e. me). He claims that it's fine, he'll only lose 80,000 and still has 1m chips. It's a bizarre situation and he still fancies his chances six-handed and with a just below average stack he's definitely in with a good shout. Expect more fireworks when he sits back down.

We catch a hand on the river where Ellwood raises Brammer's 150,000 lead to 435,000 on a 2♠5♥Q♠A♦T♦ board. Brammer folds A♠ face-up.

10.25pm: The players are back
The blinds are getting really steep and we'll probably have two or three eliminations this level so hold on to your hats folks.

Official chip counts as promised:
1. Mike Hill - 565,000
2. Tim Brown - 0
3. Joeri Zandvlient - 941,000
4. Jack Ellwood - 1,773.000
5. Chris Brammer - 2,255,000
6. Dan Owston -0
7. Julian Hasse - 0
8. Dean Lyall - 1,008,000
9. Tony Millan - 867,000


This is what they're playing for.... and money of course

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT