UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, levels 1&2 updates (50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2pm: Level over
That's the end of level two and we take our first 15-minute break of the day. -- HS

1.55pm: Shabir in shape
As ever in these tournaments, the action is aggressive and frantic right from the off and a 15,000 starting stack doesn't mean a great deal. More than 15 players failed to last two hours, and there's some significant betting on pretty much every hand.

Mehtab Shabir just took down consecutive pots on table 33. He three-bet pre-flop, then led out on the turn with these four cards out: 4♠4♣Q♣6♣. That was enough to take the first pot away from a solitary opponent, but he faced more resistance on the next deal.

He was one of four limpers to a flop of K♦3♦2♦. Everyone checked. The turn came J♣ and Jason Bright bet 1,225. Shabir called, as did Robert Finlay. The river was 4♦ and Bright checked. Shabir bet 3,250 and Finlay quickly folded. It took a little longer for Bright to do the same, but he did. Shabir took the both of them without showdown. -- HS

1.50pm: Brammer Banished
Chris Brammer is out in quite sickening fashion. Kuljinder Singh started things off by limping under the gun. Four players including the big blind and Brammer, who completed from the small blind with K♥2♥, saw the flop of Q♥5♥4♥. Brammer led out, Singh raised to 1900 and Brammer effectively moved all-in for 12,000 total. Singh smooth called. The turn was the A♦ Brammer bet his last 175 and Singh called and turned over two black aces for top set and the full house re-draw. The queen on the river gave Singh his full house and sent Brammer to the rail. --NW

1.45pm: Leader of the pack
Chris Brammer is playing today and he is the man who currently sits atop the UKIPT leader board, thanks to an eleventh place finish in Galway and a sixth place finish in Manchester. Whoever finishes the season in first place on the leader board will win buy-ins and hotel for all events in the second season of the UKIPT, second and third receive entries to four and two UKIPT events in season two respectively. More Chris Brammer news coming right up.--NW

1.35pm: Bad board for kings
Michael Graydon raised to 300 from under-the-gun and Yew Loo called on the button. That tempted Warren Wooldridge along from the big blind and the three of them saw a flop of Q♠4♦A♦. Wooldridge checked and Graydon continued, betting 600. Loo folded, but Wooldridge called and the 2♦ turned.

It went check, check from there, bringing a Q♥ river. Wooldridge led for 1,200 and Graydon accepted his fate, open folding pocket kings. Wooldridge nodded his appreciation. -- HS

1.30pm: No Ken do
Anthony Kennedy made a deep run in the UKIPT Coventry main event where he finished twelfth; he won't be adding another line to his Hendon Mob database as he's already out of this one. --NW

1.25pm: After You
Steve Munnings and Gerrard Barclay just played out a hilarious limped blind on blind pot. By the river the board read J♥J♦6♣2♣[10h] and having checked it all the way down both seemed convinced that the other must win the pot and seemed reluctant to show their cards. Eventually both turned over their cards only to realise they'd chop the pot as they both had five high! --NW

1.25pm: I've got a pair
Mark Kent made it 400 to play under-the-gun and Mohammed Al Nasiri called from the hijack. It was just the two of them to a flop of 2♥5♣9♣ and they both checked.

The turn was 1,000 and Kent bet 1,000. Al Nasiri called, taking them to a river of K♠. Check, check. Al Nasiri tabled his pocket eights, but Kent showed [10d][10c] and the higher pocket pair was good. -- HS

1.20pm: Out of the kennel firing
Adam Goulding isn't hanging around - he's pretty much in a pot every time we stroll past. Just recently, he raised to 425 from early position, picking up both Daniel Morgan and Graham Giles in the blinds. The flop came [10d]6♣9♦ and after both blinds checked, Goulding bet 625 and that was good. -- HS

1.15pm: Gone
We earlier reported that Paul Gardener was the first man out the door, we were wrong as two other players managed to do their 15000 stack even quicker. Thomas Henriksson has the (dis) honour of being first out and not far behind him was George Yiacoumi. Also joining them on the rail already is Charalambos 'Bambos' Xanthos. --NW

1.10pm: One pair is good
We joined the action on the river of a 4♥Q♣2♠5♣4♦ board to see Steve Holden betting 250 into a pot of approximately 800. His lone opponent in the hand, Ghalib Hussain, chose to look him up and was right to do so as Holden had A♣[10c] for the missed flush and straight draw and Hussain's pocket eights were good.--NW

1.00pm: Ainsworth doing alright
The only Team PokerStars pro in the field today is Jude Ainsworth, as usual he's got his headphones in and quietly going about his business. He's added about 1,000 to his stack in the opening level. --NW


12.55pm: Nuts!
This one started off innocuously, got a little bit tricky, and ended up adding a nice early pot to the stack of Paul Ho. Ho was one of five player who limped to see a flop of 2♠7♥6♥ and Gary Kelleher bet 150. Ho and Stuart Magrath were the only callers.

The three of them all checked the 3♦ turn, which took them to an 8♦ river. Magrath bet 350 at that, Kelleher folded, but Ho went through his options. Eventually, he announced: "Thirteen hundred" and tossed out the chips.

After a moment's pondering, Magrath eventually said: "Go on, I'll have a look." He called.

"Nuts!" chimed Ho, tabling [10c]9♥. Magrath mucked. -- HS

12.45pm: Man down
First man out is Paul Gardener. We caught up with him post-exit and he explained that it was a combination of two hands that did for him. He lost 8,000 of his starting stack in a flopped set over set coup with his set of nines, losing out to a set of aces. The rest of his stack went in during a pre-flop raising war and his pair of queens were ultimately no good against his opponent's ace-queen which made a flush on the river. Jason Smith and Richard Fuller appear to be the beneficiaries of Gardener's demise, and Tom Middleton has been moved to Gardener's seat. -- HS

12.40pm: Don't I know you from somewhere?
There are some familiar faces around the felt here in Nottingham - familiar if you've followed any of the PokerStars Blog's coverage of the countless major events across the world.

In addition to the Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth - of whom plenty more later - there's also a man who came to major prominence at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January. His name is Wayne Bentley, and he was chip leader for ages in the Bahamas before busting in 16th. That was still worth $100,000, so no complaints.

Also here is a man named Jason Herbert, who I first met at last year's World Series in Las Vegas. Herbert was combining the Main Event, for which he qualified on PokerStars, with getting married to his girlfriend. He told his story in the swimming pool of the Palms Hotel. -- HS

12.30pm: False alarm
A cry went up from table 27 and we thought we had our first exit of the day, but no it was just a request for a new deck. -- NW

12.20pm: Morgan slows down Snoopy
On our first wander round the wonderful Dusk Till Dawn card room we saw few big pots being played. In one pot, Adam 'Snoopy' Goulding raised to 150 pre-flop and picked up one customer in the shape of small blind Daniel Morgan. On a flop of J♣4♥T♣ Morgan check raised Goulding's continuation bet of 200 to 700 and that was enough to force a fold from Goulding. -- NW

12pm: Started already
"At Dusk Til Dawn we always pride ourselves on starting on time, and that's noon so dealers shuffle up and deal," said Simon Trumper. And so, we're off.

11.30am: Ready to go
Morning all, and welcome to the Dusk Til Dawn poker club in Nottingham for the fourth stop on the inaugural season of the PokerStars UKIPT - that's United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour in case you're wondering, but I don't intend to type it in full very often.

After hugely successful events in Galway, Manchester and Coventry, we're in the land of vagabonds in tights. Expect plenty of bad wordplay concerning the derring do of men who rob from the rich and give to the poor - or, more likely, rob from the rich then get sucked out on by someone else who's also rich. Such is poker.

Here's the important information for this tournament: it's a £500 buy-in, lasting six days. That means two day one flights - day 1A today, day 1B tomorrow, then days two through five including our final table on Monday. We'll be with it every step of the way.


A bridge. In Nottingham

As the tournament progresses, you can follow all the live updates on our dedicated UKIPT page and keep up to date on the latest chip counts on the chip-count page. They're approximate and unofficial, but we'll follow as closely as possible.

The all important tournament structure is always available on the tournament structure page. The short version is that it's a 15,000 starting stack, beginning at 25-50.

Right on cue, the Dusk Till Dawn tournament director Simon Trumper got us under way on the stroke of noon. So, we're off.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT