UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, levels 3&4 updates (100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.15pm: Level over
And that's the end of level four, meaning we're half way through the day. Join us for level five. --HS

4.10pm: Action...maybe not
A big pot seemed to be brewing on table 23, when Adam Searle opened for 600 from middle position and was flat called Shane Riley in the hi-jack seat. The cut-off, William Bennet made it 2,000 straight and was flat called by Searle, prompting Riley to fold, there was already 4900 in the pot and we'd yet to see a flop. However both players checked the flop on turn of 2♥8♦3♥[10s] but a third check from Searle on the J♥ river prompted Bennet to fire 2,500 and after a long dwell Searle folded. --NW

4pm: Jacks v queens v kings. Jacks win
It all got exceptionally ugly on table 21 on a flop of 5♥J♣7♦. It looked as though Hannah Bartick had bet, Patrick Murray had raised and Keith Johnson had made a chunky re-raise. Bartick didn't seem keen to let her hand go, but eventually folded, leaving Johnson and Murray to get all their chips in through a 7♥A♠ turn and river.

Bartick said she had passed queens and Johnson immediately congratulated her. "Queens is a good fold," he said tabling his pocket jacks for the flopped set. Murray, who was covered, showed his pocket kings - the third big pair of the deal - which had also been outflopped.

Johnson takes down a monster, Murray hits the rail and Bartick earned some props for a disciplined, and correct, laydown. -- HS

3.35pm: Warren Wamboozled
Warren Wooldridge is out. 'I've got pocket queens and started the hand with 11,000,' he explained. 'Half the money's gone in pre-flop, I've got less than a pot sized bet left but my opponent's flopped a set. Not a lot I could do really.'--NW

3.45pm: Barnes busts aces
Dave Barnes has doubled his starting stack - most recently by cracking aces with his Q♠J♦. All the details are scarce except for the fact that the flop was [10s]9♣K♣ - a straight for Barnes - and he got the maximum from his solitary opponent and her A♥A♣. Barnes is up to 30,000. -- HS

3.35pm: Ducks win
Christopher Witney bet 1,000 into a 2500 pot on the river of a 6♣5♠8♥[10s]Q♣ board and it was enough to get Richard Norfolk to fold. Witney decided to show the table his hand - pocket twos. -- NW

3.25pm: Jude gone
We didn't catch the exit hand but Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is no longer in his seat. He's missing presumed out. --NW

3.05pm: Jude down to dust
Button up as it's about to get chilly. Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is down to just 2,000 after an almighty cooler. Holding A♠ 6♠ he flopped the nut flush on a J♠Q♠K♠ board but ran smack into the 9♠[10s] of Peter Charalambous*
*Please not in the original reporting of the hand we mis-identified Charalambous as another player. --NW


Jude Ainsworth in Nottingham


3pm: Fizzle out
Terry Fletcher and James Williams seemed to be squaring up for some action on table 33, but it soon fizzled out. Fletcher raised to 1,200 from mid-position and it was folded to Williams in the big blind. He was keen to get an idea of how much Fletcher was playing, then flat called and slid down his sunglasses. It looked serious.

The flop came 2♠7♠K♣, which they both checked. Then the turn came A♦ and they both checked that too. The river was [10s] and again both players checked. Fletcher showed Q♠Q♥ and Williams said: "Queens are good."

"Did you have jacks?" asked Fletcher. Williams shook his head with the kind of smirk that said: "I had very little indeed." -- HS

2.45pm: Middleton building his stack
Tom Middleton is up to around 19,000. We last saw him betting 2100 into a pot of 3,000 on the river of a 7♦8♥K♣K♥8♦ board. His opponent, Justin Davenport, had a brief dwell up before releasing his hand. --NW

2.35pm: Mickey in familiar territory
We joined the action to see Daniel Morgan betting 2250 into a pot of 3200 on the river of a 5♣2♣3♠[10c][10s] board. Mickey Wernick was his lone opponent and as he was having a little difficulty cutting out the 2250 from his stack saying, 'they don't want to come out, maybe that's a omen'. After a brief spell in the tank Wernick made the call, Morgan showed A♣6♣ for the nut flush and Wernick mucked. --NW

2.30pm: Bentley crash
Wayne Bentley was last seen departing his seat at Dusk Till Dawn. So he's gone. -- HS

2.25pm: Jude set-up nicely
I caught up with TeamPokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth during the first break and he told me that he's boosted his stack to 19,000 during the first two levels, mainly due to one big hand. Jude, who was on the button, flopped a set of fives on a [A][Q][5] flop. The small blind let out and a tight player, who had limped, under the gun, raised. Jude flat called as he wary that the under the gun player held a bigger set. The small blind got out the way and the two of them saw a three peel off on the turn. The under the gun player bet out and again Jude smooth called. The river was a blank and this time the under the gun player checked and Jude now bet the river for value and was called by under the gun player who had ace-queen. --NW

2.20pm: Video, video
The video bloggers are swarming Nottingham this week, bringing you all the kind of thing we write about, only with moving pictures. That's much more exciting.

Here's their introduction to day 1A of this UKIPT event.

2.15pm: Play resumes
Off we go again then in level three. Registration is now closed and the total number of day 1A players is 266. Assuming we get more than that tomorrow (and that's a pretty safe assumption) we'll be comfortably through 500.

The news from the opening level is that 16 players bust, including one of UK poker's top names, Bambos Xanthos, and the current leader of the UKIPT leaderboard Chris Brammer. Reputations? No such thing.

Last night, incidentally, there was a party. These kind of scenes...


Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT