UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, levels 5&6 updates (150-300, 25 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.30pm: Over
That's the end of level six. It's level seven next. Then eight. (Then home.) -- HS

6.25pm: The old five bet with air
This is the kind of stuff we poker watchers like. Karl Snow opened from the hijack, making it 825 to go. James Williams, in the cut off, three bet to 2,100 and then Joni Jouhkimainen four bet from the small blind to 5,525.

Snow thought better of it and quickly folded, but Williams was more suspicious. He took his time but then emerged with a chunky five bet, which the dealer moved forward to count. Before the exact value could be determined, Jouhkimainen mucked.


James Williams


Joni Jouhkimainen

Williams showed his opponent the A♦8♣, for a pretty weak ace. Jouhkimainen picked up his mucked cards and showed Williams a 4♠3♥ for four high. "Yeah, I thought you were capable of that," said Williams.
"Where are you from? Norway?"

"Finland," said Jouhkimainen, but any country in the Nordic region would do it; this was a textbook aggressive move from those folks close to the Arctic Circle. It happens every moment on the EPT, and now it's come to the UKIPT too. -- HS

6.10pm: Table Captain
Barry Neville, never knowingly quiet, is in full flow and running over his table. Every time we pass it he's seemingly involved in a pot (even if it's just a raise and take) and handing out some good natured verbal needling to his table mates. --NW

6.05pm: The last supper?
At the beginning of the day each player was given a food voucher and with no scheduled dinner break players are ordering food to the table. It's interesting to note that as we approach the last quarter of the day it's the shorter stacks who seem to be taking advantage of using the voucher!
5.55pm: Fourth street thief
It folded round to small blind Gareth Lewis who made it 800 to go and the big blind George Kranios flicked in the extra 500. On a flop of 5♠A♥8♦ Lewis checked it over to Kranios who fired out 1,500, Lewis made the call. On the 7♠ turn Lewis changed tack by leading out for 2,000 and Kranios elected to fold. --NW

5.45pm: Going, going, gone
The latest casualties include Stephen Holden, Dave Barnes and Jonathan Butters. We're down to 189 and the average stack is 20,317.--NW

5.40pm: Life of Riley
On a board of Q♦6♥7♥7♦ and with about 4,500 in the pot, Jonothon Butters bet 2,000, Adam Ashworth click raised to 4,000 only for Shane Riley to inflate the price of poker to 11,500. Butters folded instantaneously then Ashworth dwelled for an eternity before smooth calling, although he was effectively all-in as he had less than 1,000 left in his stack. The river was the 5♦, Riley set Ashworth in, who called. Riley showed 7♣6♣ whilst Ashworth turned over J♦7♠. --NW

5.30pm: Daddies battle in the blinds
Dan Collins, small blind, and Colin McTaggart, big, got about 1,800 into the pot before they saw a flop of 8♥9♣7♥. It slowed them both down and they checked. The turn was 2♦ and Collins bet 1,200, McTaggart called, taking them to a river of 8♣.

Collins bet 2,900, McTaggart made it 3,500 more, and Collins called pretty swiftly. That was enough for McTaggart, who mucked his hand, clearly caught at it. Collins, facing a mucked hand, didn't even have to show his cards, so no one is any the wiser.


Dan Collins

This hand is all the more remarkable for the stacks these guys are playing: Collins has close to 60,000 now and McTaggart, even after that setback, still has comfortably more than 25,000. -- HS


5.25pm: Smithson stacking chips
Wayne Smithson has almost doubled his stack during level five. He just took a nice chunk of change in a three way pot. Graham Richardson made it 800 to go from under the gun. James Moult, in middle position flat called and Smithson bumped it to 2325 from the big blind. The original raiser Richardson gave it up, but Moult, after a brief dwell, made the call.

On the K♦4♠8♠ flop Smithson continuation bet for 3,175 and Moult dwelt up for a minute or so, double checked his cards twice and then threw them into the muck. Smithson now has around 33,000. --NW

5.20pm: All the sevens
On a board of 5♥2♦7♠5♠7♦, Jonathan McCann moved all in for about 7,000. No surprise to see who was pondering the call: it was the player in seat seven, Jamie O'Connor.

O'Connor did make the call, but this seven-heavy hand was about to get even more so. McCann tabled his 7♥7♣ and took the lot with the quads. O'Connor ruefully showed his pocket queens and mucked. -- HS

5.10pm: Triple Up
Brian Clarke was all-in for his last 2,000 and picked up two customers in the shape of Simon Lee and Charles Sanderson. The latter two checked it down all the way and by the river Clarke's A♦6♦ had made a straight which was good enough to claim the pot. --NW

5pm: Loo flushed
There was about 5,000 already in the middle and two players looking at a flop of K♣2♦[10c]. It seemed as if most of that money had gone in post flop and now Yew Loo was all in for 9,125. "Have you got ten-two?" asked Jorei Zandvliet, the other player involved. Loo didn't respond.

Zandvliet called and Loo seemed not to like it. "I'm gambling," he said and showed 6♣2♣. Zandvliet had K♥2♥ and clearly would have much preferred to see a ten-two in Loo's hand. This went double when the 7♣ turned, completing the flush draw. The A♣ river was not one of Zandvliet's four outs.

Loo goes up to the upper 20,000s; Zandvliet is in a spot of bother. -- HS

4.55pm: Beagle muzzled
Adam "Snoopy" Goulding is out. "Aces into queens, queen on the flop," he explained, although he only had about 6,000 when this went down. The beneficiary was Peter Self who is now up to around 30,000. -- HS


Adam Goulding

4.45pm: Big reputations, tiny stacks
There's a bit of an imbalance on table 12 where James Keys sits beside David Colclough, two of the most decorated players in the field. Keys is putting together a pretty impressive poker resume since his final table finish at the World Series of Poker Europe in 2007, while Colclough is one of British's poker's established top pros.


David Colclough

However neither of those seems to have any chips today. When Keys just moved all in on a flop of K♣Q♦5♣ is was for about 4,500. He picked it up, but still only has about 6,000. Colclough has something similar.


James Keys

At the other end of the table are Seweryn Brzozowski and Owen Robinson, neither of whom has any major results. Yet both of them are close to 30,000 in chips here - a much better shot to make a run at this title than their two esteemed neighbours. -- HS

4.35pm: Table talk
Unsurprisingly there's plenty of chat coming from 'Mad' Marty Wilson's table, last time we passed it there was a discussion going on about the worst cities in the world with Marty saying that his home city (Wolverhampton) was in the top ten, but Nottingham wasn't. Marty is up to about 20,000 although he doesn't need chips to chirp. --NW

4.30pm: Level five
Yep, we return to the coalface for level five, with blinds now at 150-300.

The official number of entrants has been confirmed as 268, of which 220 remain. The tournament staff are busy counting chips, so we'll have the top handful of players, plus other notables, in a jiffy. Bear with us.

As previously mentioned, we're playing eight one-hour levels today. And with four already in the books, that puts us at the halfway stage. -- HS


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