UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1A, levels 7&8 (300-600, 75 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.30pm: Day done
It's the end of the day and the full wrap of proceedings is here: . See you tomorrow.

8.20pm: Winding down
Tournament officials have announced that we're playing the final five hands of the night. Where people will stand and what they have in front of them will soon become clear. Stand by. -- HS

8.10pm: Chips aplenty
As tables break some are getting very rich indeed and table 22 had a lot of chips. The average is currently just under 30,000 but on table 22, Piotr Majewski has over 75,000 and Paul Sandells, Barry Neville and Harprit Singh Gurnam have over 50,000. --NW

7.50pm: Mccann can't shake off Brennan
Five players including Steve Brennan from the cut-off and big blind Jonathan Mccann saw a flop of K♠3♦7♣. It checked round and on the 6♥ turn Mccann led out for 1900 - just under half pot - and just Brennan called. The 9♦ that fell on fifth street didn't slow Mccann down he fired out 3800 from his stack of around 32,000. Brennan had a think and then moved all-in for 16,000. No Hollywooding from Mccann who immediately released his hand. --NW

7.50pm: Late night big pots
There was enough in the middle already to suggest this was a raised pot pre-flop. Three cards - 4♠K♦2♥ - and two players - Gareth Alder and Raymond Chan - were involved.

Alder checked and Chan bet 1,600. Alder raised to 3,300, which Chan called. Suddenly this was a pretty big pot.

The turn was 4♦ and Alder bet 9,000. Chan didn't waste much time in moving all in for what looked like another 15,600. Alder took his time but eventually folded; Chan showed a 2♣, whatever that meant.

As that hand played out, the tournament director Simon Trumper announced a blind raise, meaning we're now into the final level of the day. -- HS


7.30pm: Exit Colclough
The seat formerly occupied by David Colclough is now empty and, on the same table, there's a smiling Thomas Middleton sitting behind about 89,000 chips. I didn't see it with my own eyes, but I think these things are related. -- HS

7.10pm: Time to move
In the penultimate level of the day the chips have really started to move across the betting line with multiple all-ins happening everywhere we look. One such hand involved Steven Marksell who was the at risk player and Matthew Wigglesworth. The two of them got it all-in pre-flop and created a 12,000 chip pot.

Marskell: K♦K♠
Wigglesworth: A♦9♦

The flop was 2♣4♥A♠ cue cries of 'sick' from the table and a couple of guys who were railing Marskell. The turn was the Q♠ but the river K♣ earned Marskell and unlikely reprieve and vocal support of 'you deserved that mate' from his rail. --NW

7.05pm: One flush draw is better than two
There's no such thing as a guaranteed split pot. Just ask Paul Ho, who got it all in pre-flop against Marios Arkadiou with both players holding ace-king. The problem for Ho was that his big slick was off suit, while Arkadiou's was A♥K♥.

Some wags would have you believe that Ho had the better of this with two flush draws. But that's nonsense really, and like an excited crowd at a fireworks display, every step of the 5♥[10c]8♠2♥9♥ flop, turn and river was greeted with a whoop - with a huge bang on the end.

Ho was sent packing; Arkadiou was left laughing. -- HS

6.50pm: Two at a time
Amandeep Atwal has burst through the 90,000 chip mark and is your probable chip leader. On the last hand before the break he knocked out two people. Peter Thomas raised pre-flop from middle position and was called by the small blind Michael Jones and Atwal in the big blind.

Flop: [10s]6♠8♥

This was where the fireworks started. Both blinds checked and Thomas fired out 2,650, Jones jammed all-in for 12,000 total, Atwal tank called and Thomas then moved all-in for around 15,000 total, Atwal called the extra. On their backs and Jones had the nut flush draw, Atwal had top and bottom pair and Thomas had a pair of aces. Atwal managed to fade both draws and eliminated both players.


Amandeep Atwal, chip leader on day 1A

Also flying high at this stage are Piotr Majewski (64,000) and Goran Dalum (56,175)--NW

6.45pm: The final stretch
It must be said, this has been a thoroughly pleasant afternoon/evening of poker, and we have now almost effortlessly reached the final straight. We have two, one-hour levels remaining before we call it a day. There are 173 players left at this stage and, as expected, some big stacks are appearing.

Their full details will shortly appear on the chip count page.


Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT