UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, levels 1&2 updates (25-50)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.05pm: Break time
Level two has come to an end and the players are currently on a 20 minute break. Twelve of the 380 who started day 1b have busted. One player who is still in is Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly. He hasn't had a great first two levels though and his stack has been cut in half. 'I had a pair and a flush draw and missed,' he said. 'And I paid off Kevin O'Connell when I had the queen of spades on a four spade board, Kevin had the ace of spades.' --NW

2.00pm: This is my house
Rob Young, owner of Dusk Till Dawn is your probable chip leader at this early stage. He's up to around 34,000 through gutsy plays like this one I just saw. On a 3♠9♥7♠ board Rob had bet 1,100 from the button and was check-raised by under the gun Ben Eldred to 3,000. After some thought Yong called, Eldred checked the J♣ turn to Yong who bet 7,000, enough to effectively set Eldred all-in. He elected to pass and Yong showed 4♠2♠. --NW

1.50pm: Hero call is correct
Martin Spouse-Wright and Stavros Ioaanou just played a sizeable pot. I missed the pre-flop action but the fact that Ioaanou was betting 1825 on the flop of K♣7♥2♣ suggested there had been some heavy action pre-flop.

Spouse-Wright, who was out of position made the call and they both then proceeded to check the 8♣ turn. The [10d] arrived on the river and Spouse-Wright checked to the aggressor and Ioaanou bet 2,600. Spouse-Wright counted down his stack (7,700) and cut out the 2,600 and placed the remainder in one tower, over his hole cards. He picked up the chips in his right hand, rested his left on his chin and turned in the direction of Stavros and started mumbling, eventually after at least three minutes of deep thought he decided to look up Ioaanou, who immediately said 'good call'. Spouse-Wright showed K♥Q♣ and Ioaanou mucked. --NW

1.45pm: From the turn
Coverage of these two hands starts at the turn, and although the first ends there too, the second makes it all the way to the end and the elimination of Wenrui Chen. Stick with it.

First up, there was a pot of about 900 and Andrew Booth facing off against Nikolaj Liljengren. The four cards out were 7♦3♥K♠[10d] and the betting kicked off. Booth made it 900, Liljengren raised to 2,650 and Booth re-raised to 7,000. That persuaded Liljengren to let it go.

Moments later on the other side of the cardroom, Chen and Patrick De Koster were looking at this board: 6♠9♠K♣8♥ with about 1,200 in the middle. De Koster checked, Chen bet 650 and De Koster made it 900 more. Chen called.

The A♥ rivered and after De Koster checked, Chen moved all in for about 8,000. De Koster pondered for some time but always seemed as though he was going to call. Then he did precisely that, and Chen nodded his appreciation. Chen didn't want to show his hand, encouraging De Koster to show his first. De Koster turned over J♥K♥ and Chen walked away from the table, mucking his cards as he went. -- HS

1.25pm: Some hands are hard to let go
On the river of a 9♣3♣6♠5♣J♣ board Thomas Jones had bet 2500 into a pot of 6000 and his opponent Anthony Rafter was really going through the ringer as he pondered his move. Rafter looked at his hand and gave his cards a rueful look - one which is the international poker signal for 'i'm about to fold, but really don't want to.' He picked them up as if he was about to concede the pot, prompting Jones to move his cards towards the betting line as he felt the pot was his. But, abruptly Rafter re-capped his cards and decided to think some more. Eventually he folded the very pretty 7♣6♣ face up and began talking to Jones. 'I had it before the river,' Jones replied. --NW

1.20pm: Good start for Julian
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew has made a solid start and is up to about 20,000. 'We've already lost a player from our table,' explained Thew, 'I took a few chips from him.'
'Is the hand worth reporting?' I asked. Thew made a face that told us it wasn't before adding, 'It probably is but I don't want to embarrass myself.' --NW


Julian Thew at UKIPT Nottingham

1.15pm: McCormick dodges Wassle hassle
Poker is all about tough decisions; it's why all us sadists play the game. But it's not all that much fun to be making up your mind for your tournament life within the first level of a five day tournament. However, that's precisely what Joeseph McCormick just had to do - and he made the right choice.

Three players were to the flop: McCormick in late position, Will Fry on the button and Wayne Wassle in the small blind. That board was [10d]9♠7♦ and Wassle bet 400. McCormick raised to 1,500 and Fry folded, but it wasn't done yet.

Wassle now made it 4,000, which is right about when McCormick started agonising his decision. He decided just to call and they saw a 2♣ turn. Wassle immediately moved all in, and his 14,300 covered McCormick's smaller stack.

McCormick didn't like it one bit and asked Wassle: "Will you show if I fold?" Wassle shrugged his shoulders and that seemed to be enough to convince McCormick that he was good. He made the call and tabled [10s][10h] for top set.

Although Wassle had played this like a flopped straight, it wasn't. Wassle was forced to show Q♣6♦. The 4♥ rivered and Wassle's bluff was beaten. McCormick doubled his stack to about 28,000. -- HS

13.05pm: Chips!
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly raised to 250 pre-flop from middle position and was three-bet to 725 by small blind Paul Oska. Kelly made the call, on a flop of 3♠4♣8♥ Oska fired out a half pot continuation bet. At this point Kelly's breakfast arrived and he was obviously more interested in chips of the potato variety as he conceded the pot to Oska. - NW


12.55pm: Cascarino feeling flush
Tony Cascarino is already over the 20,000 chip mark after winning a big three way pot. On the river of a 8♦A♦K♠9♦9♥ board Sunny Nagi had bet 2200 into a pot of 3300. After a dwell up Ian Bertram made the call and this sent Cascarino into a thought process that he shared with the table, 'I was calling him (Nagi),'the ex-footballer said. 'But now you (Bertram) have called I'm not so sure.' Eventually Cascarino called. Nagi said, 'I think I might have the best hand,'and turned over A♥J♠ Cascarino rolled over Q♦[10d] and Bertram mucked, claiming he had a smaller flush. --NW


Tony Cascarino

12.50pm: Huge field
Although registration is open for another two (and a bit) hours, this has already become the biggest £500 buy-in poker tournament hosted in the UK. Officials have announced that already 376 players have joined the day two party, which (when added to yesterday's 268) makes a running total of 644.

If we factor in the inevitable couple of late arrivals, we could get close to 650. Yep, that's pretty good.

The starting stack for all those people is 15,000 chips, but it doesn't always last that long. Both Amjad Mohammed and Andrew Bradshaw are already out before the end of the first level. Ouch. -- HS

12.40pm: Chop it up
I passed by Michael Piper's table and the EPT San Remo fourth place finisher was indeed involved in a pot...briefly. There was 1200 in the pot and the board read A♥3♦K♦[10c] the small blind Anthony Nicholls checked and big blind Piper followed suit. The cut-off, Lars Erik Isaksen bet 675, Nicholls called, Piper folded. The river was the 3♣ pairing the board. Both players checked and they showed A♠8♠ and A♣J♦ respectively to chop the pot. --NW


Michael Piper

12.35pm: Football crazy
Tony Cascarino's glittering football career overlapped almost perfectly into a pretty impressive poker career. Cascarino has gone deep in several notable tournaments, and even notched up some significant wins. He's on familiar turf at Dusk Till Dawn - and is taking his game to his table-mates early.

Ian Bertram raised to 175 from the button and Paul Grummitt called in the small blind. Cascarino also called from his big blind. The flop came 4♥4♣5♦, which they all checked, and then the 6♣ turned. Grummitt checked, Cascarino bet 350 and that was good enough.

A few tables down, Rob Yong, who is responsible for the success of the very building we're sitting in, is also playing. He's proudly wearing the jersey of Eastwood Town, where he is chairman. Yong also took down a small early pot. He limped from under the gun, picking up another five limpers. On the A♥5♣3♠ flop, Yong's bet of 225 took it. -- HS

12.30pm: Video time
Here's the start of day 1B through the lens:

12.25pm: Table mates With such a stacked field the table draw was always going to throw up some interesting match ups. Michael Piper and Marc Goodwin - both of whom have made EPT final tables - are sat next to each other on table 14. Also sat adjacent to each other are UKIPT Coventry main event winner Gilles Augustus and UKIPT Manchester main event runner up Jack Ellwood on table 22. We'll also be keeping our eyes on:

Table 46: Julian Thew and Jon Spinks (SCOOP-25-L winner)
Table 13: Rob Yong (Dusk Till Dawn owner) Ben Vinson
Table 21: Simon Trumper, Alan Vinson, Dan Owston
Table 54: Michelle Orpe, Neil Blatchly, Stephen Boyd, David La Ronde
Table 0: Marius Lietuvninkas, Carlo Citrone

12.15pm: And more
Michael Piper, who finished fourth at EPT San Remo last month, has joined the fray this afternoon. Likewise Will Fry, a winner on the EPT in Budapest on season five. --HS


Will Fry

12pm: Off we go
As ever at Dusk Till Dawn, we're off precisely on time. This is a stacked field today, with JP Kelly, Julian Thew, Vicky Coren, Marc Goodwin, Michael Greco, Tony Cascarino, Carlo Citrone, Gilles Augustus, Joe Grech, Jeff Duvall, Chaz Chattha all here. Oh, and sometime PokerStars Blogger Marc Convey. But you can't have it all. -- HS

11.55am: The second flight
The good thing about major poker tournaments these days is that they're so looooong. And if you missed any of yesterday's action, you can get an (almost) repeat performance today.

This is day 1B and a whole new set of players have assembled at Dusk Till Dawn club in Nottingham for their opening exchanges of this £500 UKIPT event. As ever, there are even more players and even more stars. Loitering outside the club as noon approaches are some of the UK poker scene's leading lights, plus plenty of folk from further afield. We shared a taxi, for instance, with Nico Cardyn, a Frenchman last seen heads up for the LAPT Punta Del Este title in Uruguay.

The Team PokerStars Pro trio of JP Kelly, Julian Thew and Vicky Coren are in the mix. Kelly was stranded in Malaga yesterday but has hot-footed it back here to play; Thew has had the strenuous task of stumbling about 10 minutes down the road from his Nottingham home. Both are sharks however far they've travelled.

As ever, we'll have blow by blow coverage on our dedicated UKIPT report page on PokerStars Blog, so stick with us. The latest chip counts are on the chip count page and there are video blogs over at

We're ready to go.


The tournament room yesterday. It looks much the same today

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT