UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, levels 3&4 updates (100-200)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.25pm: Halfway home
Level four is in the books and we've reached the halfway point of day1b. The players are on a 20 minute break, during which time the staff at Dusk Till Dawn are doing chip counts of all remaining players so be sure to check out the chip count page shortly. --NW

4.20pm: Thew happy about mis-deal
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew is up to around 30,000, without, it seems being dealt many big hands, not that he minds. 'I did get dealt queens,' he said. 'But it was a mis-deal, kept me out of trouble though.' Vicky Coren is also above starting stack she has around 18,000.--NW

4.10pm: JP out in set-up hand
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is out. Kevin O'Connell raised to 700, Jonathon Prested called, as did JP with pocket fives from a 9,000 stack. Three other callers meant it was six way to a flop of A♦T♦5♥. O'Connell bet 1500, Prested made it 4,000 and JP said, 'At this point I don't like it much but I went all-in.' He was right to be fearful as Prested had flopped a set of tens and JP did not hit his one outer. --NW

3.40pm: Two in a row?
Four of the nine who made the final table at the UKIPT Coventry main event are in the day 1b field here in Nottingham. Gilles Augustus (1st), Dave Jones (2nd), Joe Grech (3rd) and Marius Lietuvninkas (6th) are all trying to make back to back UKIPT final tables. As it stands Jones is best placed to do so, their chip counts are:

Augustus: 17,500
Jones: 25,000
Grech: 9,700
Lietuvninkas: 15,300 --NW

3.45pm: The big one
With registration now closed, we're getting closer to knowing the full prize breakdown. The tournament board tells us that 394 players turned up today, which, when added to yesterday's 256 gives us a final field of 650. -- HS

3.40pm: Big pot alert
Mark Aldridge has just won what may very well be the biggest pot of the tournament thus far. Nigel Sutcliffe raised to 600 from the hi-jack and small blind Aldridge made the call. On a flop of A♠3♣9♠ Aldridge led out with a larger than pot bet of 2,000, Sutcliffe raised it up to 6,000 and Aldridge moved all-in for 19,100 total, he just covered Sutcliffe who made a pretty swift call. On their backs.

Aldridge: A♦ 3♦
Sutcliffe: A♥K♣

Turn: [10c]
River: 3♥

Aldridge is now challenging Will Fry (42,000) for the chip lead. --NW

3.35pm: Cascarino struggling
Tony Cascarino is down to his last 4,000. "Three car crashes in a row," he said, before explaining about running jacks into kings in a small blind v big blind cooler. -- HS

3.20pm: Big pot, big laydown
Sometimes big pots are organic, sometimes that just spiral out of control from nowhere, this pot was one of the latter. William Davies min-raised to 300 from early position and picked up two callers, including the cut-off Anthony Cartwright, before the big blind - Ewan Behir - made it 1200. The three other players still in the pot all called, creating a pot of around 5,000.

The flop was 5♠6♠9♣, Behir bet 4,000 and it folded to Cartwright who moved all-in for 14,100, he covered Behir. He now went deep, very deep into the think tank, he emerged a few minutes later only to say, 'I need a minute lads, I'm sorry.' After a couple more minutes he ruefully folded saying he had two pair -nines and fives - a claim that was backed up by the player next to him, who had seen Behir's hand during the time he was contemplating the call. --NW


3.15pm: Bullet-point broadcast
A few small hands from around the room:

  • On a board of 5♠8♥[10s], and with a pot of about 2,000 already in the middle, Lyndon Basha bet 2,125. Michael Corrigan raised to 8,200 and Basha didn't like it very much. He agonised then open folded pocket kings. Corrigan showed him A♠Q♠.

  • Ian Bertram raised to 600 from the button and Paul Grummitt called in the small blind. Tony Cascarino raised to 2,150 from the big blind, then answered Bertram's query with the news that he had: "Fifteen thousand six hundred, after that."

    Bertram moved all in, which was another 15,400. Grummitt folded, as did Cascarino - and the whole hand had the subtext of: "Stop button raising." "Well, stop re-raising from the big blind." "OK."

  • Carlo Citrone and Marius Lietuvninkas were at a flop of 9♥J♦3♠ and Citrone had his sunglasses on, which means business. Lietuvninkas bet 1,600, which Citrone called, and they both checked the 3♥ turn.


    Marius Lietuvninkas

    Lietuvninkas led for 2,100 at the 6♣ river and Citrone went through a deal of agony before calling. Lietuvninkas tabled A♠J♠ and Citrone showed his A♥J♥ to a palpable sense of relief from each of them. -- HS


    Carlo Citrone

    3.05pm: Live mis-click
    'I didn't mean to bet that much,' said Helen Turner as she raked in a 9,000 pot and showed the table her full house.

    Five players had seen a flop including early position Turner, cut-off Paul Zimbler, button Tim Flanders and small blind Dan Owston. The flop of 6♠2♣2♦ was checked to Turner who bet 1,100, Zimbler was the only caller.

    On the 4♠ turn Turner bet 2,000 and Zimbler called, this was suddenly a pretty chunky pot. The A♦ fell on the river and Turner fired a third shell, 8,000 this time. Zimbler, who has a very calm, considered table presence, took him time over a decision, 8,000 was roughly half of his remaining chips, winning this pot would make him one of the chip leaders, call and lose and he would be down well below average.

    Eventually he folded saying it was too much to call. Turner showed A♥A♣ as she collected the chips. --NW

    2.45pm: JP bouncing back
    Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly just raked in a nice 4,000 pot at the expense of Paul Oska, Kelly's K♦Q♣ good enough on the A♥Q♠A♠4♣J♦ board. --NW

    2.30pm: Chips
    The chip-count page is now as up to date as its been. So why not take a look at how the early levels have affected the stacks of some notable players.

    Jeff Kimber is in a spot of bother. He lost a huge flip against Ben Grafton with ace-king against queens. That put Grafton up to about 25,000 and pegged Kimber back to less than 8,000. -- HS

    2.15pm: Into level three
    Players have returned from their first break of the day and are settling in for two more levels. At the end of this one - level three - we'll know for sure the size of the full field and not long after that, we'll have full prize pool information. It should be a pretty penny.

    The early chip leader here just might be Rob Yong, who also happens to be the owner of Dusk Till Dawn. No one wants to knock out the boss. (Well, everyone really does.)


    Poker player portraits peer over the action in Nottingham

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in UKIPT