UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, levels 5&6 updates (150-300, 25 ante)

6.40pm: Fry cooked
EPT Budapest winner Will Fry is out. He lost his last 4,000 to Joseph McCormick. Fry shoved over the top of McCormick's raise with the Doyle Brunson hand 10-2. McCormick called with pocket sevens the flop was pretty conclusive as it gave McCormick a set. McCormick is definitely vying for the chip-lead as he has 58,000. To the immediate left of McCormick sits a player named Chen who also has more than 50,000.

That, by the way, is the end of the level. Players are now taking a 15-minute break and we're heading into level seven. --NW

6.30pm: Ante means action
It was around about this time yesterday, day 1A, that matters got a touch more aggressive - and a similar pattern is emerging this afternoon, where the introduction of an ante is proving to be a real catalyst for action. By way of proof, here are three very quick examples, spread across three tables.

  • First up, Paul Twaddle raised to 850 and Kevin O'Connell called two seats to his left. Neil Blatchley squeezed to 2,675 from the small blind and that got rid of both adversaries.

  • Patryk Slusarek raised to 750 from the button and Neil Banks made it 2,650 from the small blind. Slusarek four-bet to 5,600 and Banks was persuaded out of it, showing A♦J♥ as he did so.

  • Yevgeni Dogayev raised to 850 from the hijack and Craig O'Neill raised to 2,650 from the small blind. Dogayev called and the two of them saw a flop of 9♦6♦2♠. O'Neill moved all in straight away, comfortably covering Dogayev, who pondered a while then called for his last 5,000-odd.

    Dogayev: 9♥[10h] (top pair)
    O'Neill: A♦K♥ (overcards plus backdoor flush)

    The turn changed nothing: 6♣, but the K♦ on the river swung it decisively to O'Neill and knocked Dogayev out. -- HS

    6. 25pm: Fewer than 250 left
    With 15 minutes left in level six we are down to 247 runners here in Nottingham. Among the recent exits was Joe Grech. --NW

    6. 15pm: Maria grafting away
    Maria Demetriou is building her stack nicely and she is now up to 23,000. She was last seen betting 6,000 into a pot of 7,000 on a 4♦K♠A♦[10c] board which prompted a fold from Sam Grafton. -NW


    Maria Demetriou

    6.10pm: Yong at the double
    Rob Yong just doubled through Steve Redfern. Yong flopped a set of queens to crack Redfern's pocket aces. Yong is up to 44,000. -- NW

    6.05pm: Eames wins a big pot
    John Eames is now well stacked after winning a bit pot against Dale Garrad. On a K♦8♣5♣2♥ board there was 11,000 in the pot and Garrad, in the cut-off, checked to Eames, who was on the button. Eames bet 5,800. After a brief pause Garrad check-raised to 14,100. Eames thought for a while, asked Garrad how much he had left (he covered Eames) and eventually elected to smooth call, leaving himself around 9,000 behind. A 5♠ fell on the river and both players checked it through, Eames showed A♣K♣ which was good he is now up to around 47,000. --NW

    6pm: The charge of The Conv
    Marc "The Conv*" Convey, whose inane ramblings you can sometimes read on PokerStars Blog, is actually playing here in Nottingham rather than reporting. And despite an uncertain start owing to a couple of shandies last night, Convey is chipping up nicely here.

    He now has about 35,000, thanks in no small measure to flopping a set of eights and cracking the aces of James Morris.


    Marc "The Conv" Convey

    Convey raised to 850 from the button and then called Morris' three-bet of 3,000 from the big blind. The flop was 7-8-9 rainbow and they got a little tricky then, ending with Convey calling Morris' river bet of about 4,000. His set was good. -- HS

    *Do make sure you call him The Conv next time you see him. He loves it.

    5.50pm: Two pair for Neil
    Statistically K-2 vs KK is the most dominated hand in Texas Hold'em, however Neil Blatchley's K♦2♠ fared well in a pot against Barry Drake. On the river of a K♠5♣2♣8♦[10h] board, Neil led out for 3375. Drake moved in for 6,000 more, which was essentially Blatchley's entire stack. Neil thought long and hard before making the call, Drake had K♣Q♦ and is now out, Blatchley had 28,000 after the hand. --NW


    5.35pm: "Better have another look"
    Natasha Ellis and Dennis Troake were at the flop with 1,750 in the middle. The three cards out were [10d]3♦8♠ and after Troake checked, Ellis bet 1,500 from the button. Troake called.

    The turn was [10h], which they both checked, and then Troake fired 2,400 at the K♦ river. "Will you show me if I fold?" Ellis quizzed. "Better have another look," Troake said, peering at his cards.

    Ellis laid it down and Troake proudly turned over his J♥8♥. Ellis tapped the table and absorbed the information. She still has about 32,000 and plenty of time to avenge that small hit. -- HS

    5.30pm: Piper now a pauper
    Michael Piper is out. Ali Mallu took the last of his chips, Piper popped by the press area and gave us the details. 'Ali limped under the gun+1, from the hi-jack I made it 850 to go from a stack of 7,800. He set me all-in and I called with ace-queen, he had pocket fives and I missed.'


    Michael Piper

    5.25pm: Double up for David
    With 4,000 already in the middle David Nunez moved all-in for 4,400 with the flop reading 2♦3♣4♣. Adam Mason who had about 20,000 behind made the call.

    Nunez: Q♣[10c]
    Mason: 9♣9♠

    Turn: Q♠
    River: 6♥
    Double up for Nunez. --NW

    5.15pm: Chip-counts
    Wondering why there haven't been many hand updates so far in this level? It's because we're a pair of work-shy wasters who've been boozing it up in the bar we've been updating the chip count page. -- HS

    5pm: Double down
    Marc Goodwin and Michael Greco are both out, falling almost simultaneously on separate tables. It's difficult to see how either could have got away from these - and both are now consoling each other on the sidelines.

    Greco got all his chips in on a flop of 2♣[10s]8♠. He was on the button and there'd clearly been some pre-flop action between himself and Neil Mackay in the small blind. When all the money went in, Greco tabled J♠J♣ and was in a world of hurt against Mackay's Q♣Q♠. The turn and river bricked, and out went Greco.


    Michael Greco

    Meanwhile Marc Goodwin, who was down to dust early, but who had built his stack back to around 12,000, called a pre-flop raise on the button, holding 8♥[10h]. The flop was a pretty 8♦[10c]2♦ and it all went in. One problem: Goodwin's foe had pocket tens. Ouch. -- HS


    Marc Goodwin

    4.45pm: Local hero
    Julian Thew is going great guns in his local cardroom.

    And true to form as the most friendly and accessible player in the history of world poker, he had a chat with our team of video bloggers this afternoon.

    Here's Mr Thew:

    4.40pm: Level five
    Off we go for level five. There are 310 players left, with these five players at the top of the tree:

    Peter Abela, 47,375
    Marc Foggin, 47,275
    Sam Grafton, 44,175
    Zahir Aslam, 41,500
    Cong Bo Le, 40,000

    The full payout structure was also announced during the last level, and you can get a run down of it on the prizewinners page.


    Dusk Till Dawn on day 1B

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in UKIPT