UKIPT Nottingham: Day 1B, levels 7&8 updates (300-600, 75 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.05pm: Day1b is done
The second day one has come to an end, and around 160 players have advanced. During the last couple of hands Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew doubled up with aces and ended the day with 39,700. Julian's stack is above average but he's not troubling the top of the charts. We scoured the card room during the bagging and tagging process and this is our unofficial top five, full chip counts to follow.

Joseph McCormick - 113,000
Marc Foggin - 106,300
Daniel Cochrane - 98,600
Marc Aldridge - 93,500
Gareth Walker - 86,000 --NW

8.35pm: A literal coin-flip
Michelle Orpe moved all-in for 9,900 from the button, the small blind folded but big blind Rob Yong was not so quick to release his cards. He told Michelle that he had a pair and did she want him to call. Michelle didn't reply so Yong fished a coin out of his pocket and asked the player in the small blind to call heads or tails. The small blind called heads, but the coin landed tails side up so Yong folded, showing pocket threes as he did so. Orpe showed pocket sixes as she collected the blinds and antes. --NW

8.25pm: McCormick now has a monster stack
We predicted that there might be fireworks between Joseph McCormick and Chen Yin and so it came to pass. The big blind was sitting out and McCormick raised from under the gun, Yin three-bet, it folded back to McCormick who four-bet, Yin then five bet shoved and McCormick called in Yin's words, 'very quickly'. No surprise really as McCormick had aces, Yin's had queen-ten and did not improve. McCormick now has around 120,000, Yin is around 10,000. --NW

8.15pm: Maria marches on
Maria Demetriou just won a nice pot and in the process eliminated Michael Vassiliou. She raised it up to 1800 from utg+1, Vassiliou moved all-in from the small blind for 2500 and big blind Sam Grafton called and Maria also called - a raise here was not possible as Vassiliou's all-in was an under raise. The flop was 4♦2♦[10c], Grafton checked, Maria bet out for 7,000 and Grafton insta-folded. Vassiliou stood up - in the time honoured tradition of the all-in player - and said, 'You've got me haven't you?'And turned over pocket eights, Maria was well in front with pocket kings. The A♥ hit the turn prompting a grimace from Grafton (he folded an ace) and a whoop of delight from Demetriou, the river was a blank. Demetriou now has just over 30,000.--NW

8.05pm: Tough Table
Also sharing a table with Thew and Orpe are Ben Vinson and Rob Yong and they tangled in pot I witnessed. Vinson raised to 1650 from utg+1 and Yong smooth called from the hi-jack. On a flop of 6♦8♠[10d] Vinson check-folded to Yong's bet of 4,500. Both players are around the 40,000 chip mark. --NW


8pm: Any two Mallu
Alli Mallu has a reputation for playing pretty much any two cards - and playing them hard - meaning most players hope to get in a pot against him holding the nuts. Keith Rolfe's pocket queens weren't exactly the stone-cold variety, but they were comfortably ahead of Mallu's range - and Rolfe has just doubled up.

Rolfe opened for 1,500 and Mallu three-bet to 2,400. Dale Garrad called on the button but Rolfe moved all in for his last 6,500-odd. Mallu re-raised all in, intending to isolate, and Garrad obligingly folded. So on their backs in this five-bet pre-flop pot:

Rolfe: Q♠Q♣
Mallu: 3♥3♦

The board ran J♥9♣J♣7♣5♣ and Rolfe took it with his flush. Mallu is still comfortable in the mid-20,000s. -- HS

7 50pm: You can't win a tournament on day one
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew, is known by the nickname 'YoYo' because that's what his stack used to do during a poker tournament. However he made need a new nickname. I wandered over to his table and he told me: 'I've got about 35,000, I've been playing like a total rock. Tight is right.' Thew is now sharing a table with EPT presenter Michelle Orpe who is struggling on 13,000. Elsewhere Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has less than 10,000 and is filling time between hands by doing a broadsheet crossword. --NW

7.35pm: Leader of the stacks
Two of the chip leaders - Joseph McCormick and Chen are sat side by side and they definitely aren't treading carefully around each other. On a 6♣2♦A♦3♠8♣ board, McCormick in the small blind, checked it to Chen, who was the big blind. Chen bet 2225 only for McCormick to raise to 4700 in total. Chen flat called and showed A♦K♥, McCormick mucked K♣Q♠.--NW

7.25pm: Chip leaders. Or not.
Day 1B is so far not conforming to type. Often at about this stage, a runaway chip leader has emerged - you know, the kind of bloke who flops set after set and busts players after player - but it's not been like that this afternoon. Instead, we've got about six players with more than 60,000 and a leader, Ben Jenkins, who has about 73,000. See the chip-count page for the latest maneuverings.


Ben Jenkins

One of them will likely pull away from the pack in the coming hour or so. His identity remains to be seen. -- HS

7. 05pm: Lucky sevens
Peter Attridge has about 63,000 and is your probable chip leader. He just added about 12,000 to his stack when he knocked out Paul Carr, Attridge had pocket sevens and Carr pocket threes. As he was stacking his chips Attridge said, 'I only called because he had raised by 7,100 and I had pocket sevens.' Also challenging the top of the chip charts is Nick Bemmel who has around 54,000. --NW

6.55pm: Last two levels
Off we go for the final stretch. There are two levels left until we call it a day - anyone still with chips will come back tomorrow to join the survivors of day 1A.

At this stage, there are 232 players remaining, including the Team PokerStars Pro duo of Vicky Coren and Julian Thew. (They were a trio, but JP Kelly bust earlier.)

Coren was also staring elimination in the face, but was handed a reprieve by the ever-benificent Marc Convey. Coren shoved from the hijack for her last 4,625 and Convey looked her up with A♥Q♥.

It was looking good for Convey, bad for Coren until two eights flopped. Convey still has about 31,000; Coren now has about 12,000. Thew has 38,975. -- HS


Vicky Coren at UKIPT Nottingham

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT