UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, levels 11&12 updates (1,500-3,000, 300 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG4.20pm: Mcauley mauls Aslam
Allen Mcauley has doubled through Zahir Aslam and now has around 50,000 chips. Mcauley's last 12,600 went in on the turn of a 6♦A♠K♣2♦ board.
Mcauley: K♦K♠
Aslam: A♣[10c]
The river was a meaningless 4♣. Level 12 has now come to a close and the players are ona 20 minute break.--NW

4.20pm: Middleton ends The Conv's day
Marc "The Conv" Convey is out. After scaling the heights of about 60,000 at one point today, he had dwindled back to about 35,000 when he three-bet jammed over Tom Middleton's opener. "Middleton had been raising about 70 percent of pots," said Convey, by way of explanation. "This time he had jacks." Convey had fives and didn't improve. -- HS

4.05pm: Hulme the hulk; Grafton grounded
Andrew Hulme is now our runaway chip leader, having just felted Sam Grafton in a pot of around 250,000. At the point I arrived, there was about 18,000 in the pot, three players involved, and four cards out: K♣A♣8♠4♥. Hulme checked and Dale Garrad bet 11,500. Grafton called, putting the decision back with Hulme. He raised to 42,500.

Garrad didn't take too long to fold, but Grafton called, taking them to a J♠ river. Hulme moved in for 63,000 and Grafton, priced in, called.

"Set of eights?" asked Garrad. But Hulme tabled 4♦4♠ for a turned set. Grafton mucked. Garrad was happy to have folded ace-king. "You had to have a set," Garrad said.

Grafton was left with about 2,500 which went in on the next hand. His 7♣8♠ couldn't beat the pocket queens of Steve Brown and Grafton's grind came to an end. -- HS

4.05pm: Thew down to dust
Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew is down to about 6,000 (three big blinds) after losing a 65,000 chip pot to Patrick De Koster. Thew opened on the button with ace-king, De Koster shoved from the small blind with Q♦6♦ and made a flush. Thew told me, 'If I can get one double up I might have a chance.' And just a couple of hands later Thew did double up, getting some of his chips back from De Koster when his jack-ten flopped a jack against De Koster's pocket twos. --NW

3.45pm: Middleton versus Bedi
Rupinder Bedi opened to 5,000 and Tom Middleton moved all-in over the top for 50,000. Bedi wanted clarification on the amount but made the call soon enough out of his stack of 210,000.
Bedi: 8♠8♣
Middleton: K♠Q♦
Middleton flopped trip queens and Bedi didn't hit his re-draw, the board running out Q♥[10s]Q♣2♥J♦. --NW

3.25pm: Someday you're the bug, someday you're the windscreen
I'm thinking about asking Steve Brown for some lottery numbers as he's currently blessed. I watched him shove all-in three hands in a row. On the first he won the blinds and antes but the next two he found a caller, on both occasions Gareth Stafford was his lone opponent. In the first Brown had K♥3♠ against Stafford's pocket tens but the board made both a jack high straight for a chop. In the second:
Brown: A♦Q♠
Stafford: A♥A♣
The board a sickening Q♥7♣7♥Q♦[10h]
Stafford was the at risk player and is out. Brown has around 40,000--NW

3.15pm: O'Brien out
Liam O'Brien just exited in a bit of a cooler. On the river of a [10h]7♦K♠J♦2♦ board Nishar Hassam bet 9,500 into a 25,000 pot. O'Brien moved in for around 30,000 total. Hassam made a very quick call.

Hassam: A♦[10d]
O'Brien: A♣Q♥

With O'Brien's exit we're down to 152 players. --NW

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 1,000-2,000, 200 ANTE IN LEVEL 12

3.10pm: Continuing to fly out
The rate of eliminations hasn't much slowed, with 155 players remaining as we enter level 12. Jack McDermott was one of the latest players to go, shoving a short stack with [10h]9♥ and slamming into Rupinder Bedi's A♦K♥. Bedi's hand held and McDermott departs.

2.55pm: Aldridge wins big pot with a big bluff
I was alerted to a big pot that was happening by Anthony Cartwright, who wasn't in the hand but was at the table. On a board of A♣Q♣3♣A♠5♥ Marc Aldridge, who was the cut-off, had bet 25,000 into a pot of approximately 60,000 and Kieran Appleby was contemplating what action to take. Whilst Appleby was tanking Cartwright told us how they had reached this point: Aldridge had raised pre-flop and Appleby had three-bet, Aldridge flat called, they then both checked the flop. On the turn Appleby checked, Aldridge bet, Appleby raised and Aldridge re-raised, Appleby called. Eventually Appleby elected to fold A♠J♦ face up, Aldridge showed 8♦7♦ for a pure bluff. Aldridge now has a stack approaching 200,000 and is probably the chip leader. --NW


Mark Aldridge

3.05pm: Life of Riley
Not many players can lose an 80,000 pot and still have close to 100,000 in chips. Andrew Hulme can. And just has.

Hulme raised to 3,700 from the button and Shane Riley three-bet to 11,400 from the small blind. Hulme moved all in, clearly hoping to use his mighty stack to bully Riley out of it. But with A♣A♥, Riley was going nowhere, and called for his 40,000-ish stack.


Andrew Hulme

Hulme tabled 3♠3♥ and had plenty of outdraw opportunities once the flop had come J♠9♠6♠. However the K♣4♥ turn and river meant Riley breathed a sigh of relief and stacked up 80,000. -- HS

3pm: A little bit sick
Duncan Wilkie just double up through Dale Garrad and now has over 60,000. Wilkie opened from early position to 4,000, next to act Garrard made it 10,300. It folded back to Wilkie who moved all in for 29,000 total. 'I really didn't want to call said Garrad, when he moved all-in I felt a little bit sick but knew I had to call.' Garrad put the extra 18,700 in and the cards were turned over.

Wilkie: Q♦Q♥
Garrad: A♣J♠

The board a non threatening 2♣8♣7♦K♥9♥. --NW

2.55pm: Wernick running well
Mickey Wernick is up to about 62,000. 'I've had a good start to the day,' he told me. -NW

2.50pm: Chipping up
Ahmed Ifthakar just increased his stack by 70% without going to showdown. Germal Husnu opened to 3,800 and was flat called by Zahir Aslam. Ifthakar moved all-in for 17,400. Husnu released his hand relatively quickly, but Aslam took longer, asking for a count of Ifthakar's stack before opting to fold. --NW

2.40pm: All hail The Conv
Marc "The Conv" Convey is now flying with about 64,000. Goran Dalum opened to 3,800 and Convey shoved for 31,100. Dalum called with his ace-king, but Convey's nines held. The sometime PokerStars Blog drone has the full support - no, really - of his sometime colleagues, who are now thinking of getting T-shirts printed with "The Conv" written on them. -- HS

2.35pm: Lightening strikes twice
Late last night, Julian Thew doubled up to around 40,000 when an opponent shoved pre-flop and he woke up with aces. It just happened again today, with a similar result. Joni Jouhkimainen was the man who open shoved and Thew peeked down at bullets. He called and survived some scare cards on the board to beat Jouhkimainen's pocket sevens. He now has around about 40,000 again. -- HS

2.30pm: Ladies hold
India Storrar opened to 3,500 from the small blind and Mark Trett moved all-in from the big blind for 32,700. Storrar, who had 31,500 made a swift call.
Trett: A♠7♣
Storrar: Q♣Q♦
The board ran out 8♥4♥7♠[10d]J♦
Trett exited a couple of hands later. --NW

2.25pm: Spraggons downed
Ben Spraggons buried his head in his hands after doubling up David Iftakhar. Spraggons opened for 3,800 and Iftakhar shoved for something like 40,000. Spraggons called and showed his A♣K♣, but it was no match for Iftakhar's A♠A♦.

Spraggons picked up a flush draw when the first four cards came: 4♠9♣3♠Q♣, but the 9♥ river ended it. Spraggons was left with a micro-stack, and he got it in soon after. He's out. -- HS

2.20pm: Unleash the hounds
Those first two levels were typically brutal, with about 80 players departing, leaving 190 to continue the battle. At this rate, we'll be at a final table about two days ahead of schedule.

Matters will likely slow down soon as the big stacks continue to develop. Click over to the chip count page to see the names of the players emerging at the top. Aman Atwal, pictured below, is among them still.

Don't forget: we're playing six levels today. The third has just begun.


Aman Atwal

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT