UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, levels 13&14 updates (1,200-2,400, 300 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPGThat's the end of that level - back in 15 minutes.

6.45pm: Ladies not hooked
Matt Heasman moved all-in from under the gun+2. Next to act was Helen Turner and she threw her head back and shuffled about a bit before leaning back and agonising over the decision she had to make. 'That's a tell,' piped Jason Herbert, who was the big blind.

Turner really didn't want to fold but eventually she put her head on the felt and pushed her cards forward to the dealer. It passed round to Herbert, who was receiving a massage, he asked Heasman if he wanted a call from pocket twos with Herbert saying, 'pocket twos isn't ahead of much is it,' as he folded. Turner leaned over to Heasman and said, 'I passed pocket jacks.'

Heasman turned over pocket queens which elicited a yelp of delight from Turner.

Meanwhile Aman Atwal who is sat to the left of Turner said, 'I can't believe you passed jacks.' -- NW

6.35pm: Ephremsen continues upward move
Paul Ephremsen has just pushed Dom Kay out of a pot, building his stack to about 280,000. Kay opened to 7,300 from early position and Ephremsen called in the cut off, taking the two of them to a flop of Q♥2♣7♠. Kay bet 9,400, Ephremsen called, and they now saw a 4♠ turn. Kay checked, but insta-mucked when Ephremsen bet 30,000.


Paul Ephremsen

Kay is left with about 75,000.

Theirs is a mighty stacked table now. Amandeep Atwal is also there, with his 300,000+ chips. -- HS

6.35pm: Aldridge the aggressor
Earlier we speculated that table 31, which contained Tom Middleton and Marc Aldridge, would be one of the next to break. We're now down to 88 players and their table has broken, however they've been reunited on table 11 which also contains big stacks Andrew Hulme and Anthony Cartwright.

Middleton and Aldridge just played a big pot. Middleton who was in early position bet 8,000 on the K♦7♦K♥ board, Aldridge, who was the small blind check-raised to 23,000. Middleton looked at Aldridge for a while and eventually made the call.

Both players checked the 8♦ turn. The river card was the [10d] Aldridge fired out bet of 40,000 and Middleton called. Aldridge flipped 8♣8♠ for a full house, Middleton nodded and threw his cards into the muck. Aldridge is up to over 200,000, Middleton has about 40,000 left. --NW

6.30pm: Wilson waxing lyrical
Despite being shortstacked with about 40,000 in chips, Mad Marty Wilson is in full flow, we overheard him asking his table, 'What's the difference between and Aussie gambler and a Kangaroo?' Cue quizzical looks from tablemates, including Mickey Wernick. 'A kangaroo can feed a family of five,' deadpanned Wilson.' -NW

6.25pm: He can afford it
George Kranios had taken himself past 300,000 in chips but has done so almost imperceptibly - at least to this half of the PokerStars Blog reporting crew, who hadn't seen him play a single hand. That had to change, and Kranios duly obliged by playing a huge pot the very moment I approached the table.

It was folded to him in the small blind and he raised to 8,600. John Burberry, to his left and in the big blind, re-raised to 24,000. Kranios then went into the tank for a good long while, before emerging with an all in shove, covering Burberry by the odd 280,000-ish.


George Kranios

Burberry counted his chips - he had about 60,000 of them - and called. Burberry had K♣[10c] to Kranios' [10h][10d].

"It's all right, there's three kings in the deck," Burberry said. And lo and behold, the dealer put the K♦ in the window. The rest of the board ran 5♥2♦8♦Q♥ and Burberry doubled up.

Kranios, a PokerStars qualifier from Greece, still has plenty - but should watch out for the noted cooling potential of PokerStars bloggers. -- HS

6.10pm: Big pot for Paul
Paul Ephremsen is now up with the chipleaders and has around 275,000. I didn't catch the hand myself but Dominic Kay who is seated at the same table told me that Ephremsen made a very good call with [Q][J] on a queen high board which also had two nines on it. His opponent was semi-bluffing with a gutshot straight draw, which missed on the river. --NW

6.05pm: The end of the life of Riley
This was a battle of the blinds that turned very ugly, particularly if your name is Shane Riley. He is now out, assassinated by Andrew Hulme.

The flop and turn were out: 7♥K♣5♦6♣ and Hulme checked. Riley bet 10,000, Hulme raised to 40,000 and Riley announced that he was all in. The words had barely left his mouth before Riley said: "I call," and tabled 8♠9♦ for the nuts.

Riley showed his 7♣4♣ and said to the dealer: "Better put another club out there, sweetie." She didn't oblige. The river was A♥ and Riley is out, his last 70,000-ish going to Hulme.

Hulme is now back around 180,000 and has Anthony Cartwright, and his 300,000+ stack, to his immediate right. -- HS

6pm: Murray far from minted
John Murray shoved all-in for his last 19,600 from under the gun+1; it folded all the way round to the button, Dan Collins, who made the call, both blinds folded.
Murray: A♥[10s]
Collins: K♦J♦
The board was an uneventful 6♦2♠Q♥5♦6♥. Although Murray doubled up he's still in short stack territory. --NW

5.45pm: The leaders
As mentioned below, the revised plans for today mean that we're now playing through the bubble. Despite the fears of tournament staff that a change would be unpopular (poker players, as a breed, love to complain), this amendment to the schedule was actually greeted with widespread approval.

The players who probably liked it best are Anthony Cartwright and George Kranios, because they're the men on a tear this afternoon. Each of them has more than 300,000 and seem to be nailed on for the cash. -- HS


Anthony Cartwright

LEVEL UP. NOW PLAYING 1,500-3,000 (300 ANTE) IN LEVEL 14

5.40pm: Stacked
Table 31, which will likely be one of the next tables to break, is brimming with chips. Sharing that table are Rupinder Bedi (230,000), Marc Aldridge (235,000), Tom Middleton (110,000) and Goran Dalum (155,000). That's a lot of chips. --NW

5.25pm: Important information
OK, here's some very important information about the schedule of play here at Dusk Till Dawn. Owing to the extremely hasty rate of eliminations (we're already down to 111 players), tournament officials have decided to bring Monday's final table forward to Sunday.

The knock-on effect of that is as follows:

  • Tonight we will be playing to the money, however long that takes. The 73rd player out will burst the bubble, and that will end today's play.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) we will play down to the final table of nine.
  • Sunday's final table will begin at noon and we'll play to a winner.

    As for the side events, here's the revised schedule:

    8pm - £200 six-max, day one

    1pm: £100 women's event, day one
    2pm: £200 six-max, day two
    6pm: £300 freezeout, day one

    1.30pm: £50 bounty (one-day event, previously scheduled for Monday)
    2pm: £300 freezeout, day two
    4pm: £150 freezeout (one-day event)
    8pm: £300 freezeout final table (live webcast)


    The satellite to UKIPT Killarney, previously scheduled for Monday, has been postponed. It will take place later this month. --HS

    5.22pm: All the sevens
    Peter Charalambous and Mitchell Johnson got in all-in pre-flop for 38,000 apiece, with Charalambous having about 40,000 back.
    Charalambous: A♦K♣
    Johnson: 7♦7♠
    The both hit the flop, with Johnson hitting it harder though as the board ran out 7♣A♣J♥A♥6♦. As Charalambous counted out the 38,000 he sighed, 'how do I not win that hand.' --NW

    5.20pm: The rich get richer
    Current chip leader George Kranios is wielding his stack like a big axe, and this axe is very sharp indeed. On the river of a 3♥K♣6♥2♦8♠ board David Wright had bet 20,100 into a pot of 30,000 or so, leaving himself about 40,000 behind. Kranios announced all-in and Wright quickly folded. -- HS

    5.05pm: Battle of the blinds
    Small blind Tony Millan and big blind John Conner just tangled in a pot, around 12,000 went in pre-flop. On the flop of A♥3♣J♦ Millan checked to Conner who fired out a bet of 4,300, Millan smooth called. They both checked the 2♦ turn and Millan checked the river to Conner which was the K♥. Conner bet 8,200 and Millan went into the tank. He asked the dealer to spread the pot and after doing the maths elected to call. Conner showed A♦K♠, Millan tapped the table, said 'nice hand,' and mucked. --NW

    5pm: Flanders slays Thew
    Despite grinding his short stack up to about 50,000, Julian Thew is now out. Pippa Flanders opened to 13,500 in early position - bigger than a standard raise here - and Thew found ace-queen in late. He shoved. Flanders thought for a while and seemed like she might fold before calling with ace-king.

    It was a queen-high board, but Flanders filled a straight. Thew won't be cashing here. But we'll see him again. Flanders, meanwhile, has about 130,000 now. -- HS

    4.55pm: All change
    As it turns out, Andrew Hulme isn't the chip leader. He lost about 50,000 in the final moments of the last level and is now back in the pack. Here are the daddies:

    George Kranios - 260,200
    Amandeep Atwal - 255,700
    Mark Aldridge - 201,700
    Rupinder Bedi - 193,800
    Daniel Cochrane - 188,000
    Andrew Hulme - 165,100

    There's a much more comprehensive list over on the chip-count page.

    Stay tuned also for a very important announcement concerning the rest of the week's plans. They've changed. -- HS

    4.40pm: Another level
    Off we go again for level 13. Andrew Hulme is the clear leader at the moment, and we'll be getting a pretty exhaustive chip count in a moment to confirm that.

    Other notables still involved include Julian Thew, Mickey Wernick, Wayne Mardle and Maria Demetriou. There are 127 of them.

    This is his stack:


    PokerStars Blog reporters in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in UKIPT