UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, levels 15&16 updates (2,000-4,000, 400 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.150pm: Unofficial top five
The players have finished bagging and tagging their chips and tournament staff are importing all the chip counts. Here by our reckoning is the top five in chips.
Aman Atwal: 386,500
Paul Ephremsen: 363,500
Oliver Schaffman: 313,500
Parminder Kandola: 304,000
Nicholas Gavriel: 298,500

All five of the above have more than double the average stack (135,000). Play restarts at 12pm tomorrow. The blinds will be 2500/5000/500 when we return. --NW

8.25pm: Bubble bursts; Cong Bo Le out in 73rd
The most unfortunate man in Nottingham is Cong Bo Le, who moved all in for 70,000 from the cut off and was called by Zahir Aslam on the button.

Le: A♥J♦
Aslam: Q♥Q♦

So Le needed to hit and ace, but couldn't. The board came: 9♥K♠8♣J♣Q♠ and that was that. We're down to 72 and that's the end of the day.

A full wrap and chip counts are on their way. -- HS

8pm: Video interlude
Yes, we're still no nearer to knowing the identity of our unfortunate bubble boy or girl. It's still mighty nervy on the tournament floor, where the next one out gets nothing.

Why not pass the time in the company of two of poker's premiere talents, Vicky Coren and Michelle Orpe, who were grabbed by the video blog team today and forced to talk.:

There, that made this tortuous bubble period move a little faster, didn't it. -- HS

7.55pm: And on
It's still hand-for-hand with 73 players. -- HS

7.35pm: Bubble ups
The bubble period is lasting a long time. Three players have been all in and called, with aces, jacks and queens, and they've all stood up. --HS

7pm: Bubble bullys?
As the bubble approaches these players appear to be the chip leaders:
Rupinder Bedi 280,000
Paul Ephremsen 360,000
Aman Atwal 370,000
George Kranios 240,000
Andrew Hulme 250,000
Marc Aldridge 240,000
Steve Brennan 220,000

7pm: Bring on the bubble
With 81 players left and only 72 getting paid, this next hour or so is going to be very nervy. There's every indication that the bubble will burst pretty soon. Then we wrap for the day.

It seems highly likely that Aman Atwal is our leader. Again. The man who dominated day 1A is out front again now, with about 370,000. That'll do. -- HS


Aman Atwal

PokerStars worker ants in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT