UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, levels 9&10 updates (600-1,200, 100 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG2pm: Eating into the break
As the clock ticked down to the first break of the day, two of the tournaments big stacks, Daniel Cochrane and Andrew Couldridge, who are sat next to one another, were involved in a pretty sizeable pot.

There had clearly been some pre-flop action and they were heads up to a 3♥J♣J♦ flop. Couldridge check-called Cochrane's 3,800 bet, then check-called a 8,000 bet on the 8♥ turn. On the river of J♥, Couldridge led for 15,000. Cochrane dwelled a while, but then folded allowing them to skip off for their first 20-minute break of the day. -- HS

1.55pm: Top of the chip charts
There are 192 players left as we approach the end of level ten. A scan of the card room revealed the following members of the six figure club to be there or thereabouts at the top of the chip charts.

Aman Atwal 140,000
Stuart Hilton 120,000
Andrew Hulme 140,000
Joe McCormick 160,000
Mark Aldridge 135,000
Maria Demetriou 120,000

1.45pm: Aces cracked
James Tomlin has doubled up to 35,000 by cracking aces. He moved his last 17,000 in and was called by Dennis Salmon who was next to act.
Tomlin: J♠T♠
Salmon A♥A♦
The board ran out A♠8♠4♣2♠9♥
Tomilin turned a flush, Salmon was left with less than a 1,000 chips. --NW

1.40pm: Thew doubles up...two opponents 1.40pm: Thew doubles up...two opponents
It seems Julian Thew who is seated at table 31 seat one has some competition for the 'nicest man in poker' tag. I wandered over to his table and from his he told me 'I doubled up this nice gentlemen (Jason Murray, seat two) and then this nice gentleman (Tomas Burgers, seat three). In the first hand I had jack-ten against ace-king and in the second ace-ten against pocket twos. Luckily they both were short stacked.' Thew has around 23,000, Murray has 15,000 and Burgers has 18,000. --NW

1.30pm: Checkmate for Yong
You won't see a more gracious departure than that of Rob Yong, who has just been banished by Zack Chesses.

"You played it perfect," Yong said, then kissed the dealer, shook hands with his vanquisher, offered his buffet ticket to anyone who wanted it, and headed away from the table.


Rob Yong

Yong had 5♣8♣ and Chesses had 6♣[10c] and the pot brewed and brewed after the flop came 2♣J♣4♣. A chunk went in there; another chunk on the 3♠ turn and the last of Yong's 40,000-odd stack went in on the K♠ river.

Chesses' bigger flush stayed good all the way, and he's now closing in on six figures.

Mick McCloskey is another big-name faller. His open-ended straight draw and overpair wasn't enough once Andrew Hulme had hit his flush draw. -- HS


Mick McCloskey

1.20pm: Demetriou doubles
Maria Demetriou has near doubled up and knocked out Martin Fogg in the process. Joni Jouhkimainen got the action started by limping under the gun, Demetriou completed from the small blind and big blind Martin Fogg rapped the table.

On a flop of Q♥9♠6♠ Maria check called Fogg's bet of 2,000, inbetween Jouhkimainen folded. On the J♦ turn Demetriou shoved all-in and was called by Fogg.

Demetriou: Q♠2♠
Fogg: Q♦6♦

Demetriou was in trouble but the 4♠ on the river completed her flush. --NW


Maria Demetriou

1.10pm: The best hand holds
Ghalib Hussain moved all-in for 13,000 from early position, next to act James Sanders raised to 27,000 in total, everyone else folded.
Hussain: A♦J♣
Sanders: A♠K♣
Hussain was on his feet before the Q♠2♥4♥Q♦6♥ was dealt. --NW

1.05pm: Dylan's blues
Dylan Roberts is not happy - and who can blame him. He's just bust from this event in fairly brutal fashion. Twice.

First up, he was all in with A♥A♠ against Trevor Reardon's J♦[10c]. I'm not certain when the money went in, but by the river Reardon had made a straight flush on a board of 8♣J♣7♠9♣7♣. Roberts headed to the rail, but after the dealer had actually counted down the chips, it transpired that Roberts had had Reardon covered. By three black chips.

So Roberts came back to the table to play on, moving all in blind for those 300. Reardon called in the small blind, and Gary Orme checked his option. The flop came 5♦[10h]7♣ and Reardon's bet got rid of Orme. Reardon had pocket kings, which stayed ahead of Roberts' A♠2♦ on turn and river.

This time Roberts really could head to the cash tables, with a pretty sick look on his face. -- HS


12.55pm: Marius loses out
Marius Lietuvninkas, who currently sits second on the UKIPT leader board, will not be adding to his points total here in Nottingham. He is one of 56 players who have been knocked out during the opening level of day two. Also on the rail are Rumit Somaiya and David Lloyd. --NW
12.50pm: Small hands
This is the kind of action occurring at the moment. Warning: it's not exactly thrilling:

  • Ben Spraggons made up the big blind from the small and Talet Mahmood defended with a raise to 2,400. Spraggons moved all in, and that decided that.
  • Rupinder Bedi raised to 1,900 from under-the-gun and Thomas Middleton called from mid position. The two of them saw 8♣Q♦3♦ and Bedi bet 3,000. Winner!
  • Kieran Appleby opened to 2,200 from the cut off and Phillip Huxley made it 6,000 from the button. Winner!
  • Conor Ainsworth (brother of Jude) raised to 2,000 from the hijack and Lyndon Basha called on the button. The 4♠6♣5♠ flop was checked by Ainsworth. Basha bet 6,000 and that was a .... winner!
  • Philip Clarke raised to 2,800 from the button and Firhinia Murray moved all in from the small blind (about 10,000). Clarke showed Murray his A♦[10c] as he folded.
  • Lars Stockenschneic and James Hoyes were all in pre-flop, with Hoyes at risk. Stockenschneic showed A♦Q♦, Hoyes had J♦J♣, but the flop of 9♦6♦3♠ was kind of good for both of them. Hoyes didn't see it - he had his head buried behind his hands - but had he have looked, he wouldn't have minded the 2♥3♥ turn and river. His jacks held up. "I just drove 15 miles for that," Hoyes said. --HS

    12.45pm: No repeat for Gilles Augustus
    UKIPT Coventry winner Gilles Augustus is out. I didn't see the hand play out but it was recounted to me by Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew and Augustus' conqueror Ricky Jones. Jones had completed from the small blind and Augustus had raised out of the big blind. On a flop of 3♥5♥7♠ Jones checked, Augustus bet, Jones check-raised, Augustus re-raised, Jones shoved and Augustus called.

    Jones: 7♣6♠
    Augustus: K♥7♥
    Turn: 3♣
    River: 4♦

    Jones rivered his gut-shot straight. After Thew and Jones recounted the hand, Jones said: 'Please report that it was a cooler!' --NW


    Julian Thew: Storyteller

    12.35pm: Hooper bests Bellamy
    Chris Hooper has just doubled up but boy was he made to sweat. In a blind on blind battle small blind Fraser Bellamy and big blind Hooper got it all-in pre-flop, Hooper having 15,100.
    Bellamy: Q♠2♠
    Hooper: A♦[10d]
    The board a draw-tastic 7♥J♠K♦9♠7♣
    'I can breathe again now,' said Hooper after winning the pot. --NW

    12.25pm: Thew on tough table
    The sole remaining Team PokerStars Pro in the field, Julian Thew, has not been given the kindest of table draws. The Nottingham native is joined at table 36 by both Maria Demetriou and UKIPT Coventry champion Gilles Augustus. Meanwhile seated together on table 31 are Marc Convey, Tom Middleton and Rupinder Bedi. --NW

    12.15pm: Double ups and departures
    The opening salvos, as ever, have featured a lot of short stacks being shoved forward, and their former owners departing quickly. Kevin Stebbing, Stuart Lee, David Docherty, Gareth Alder, Yew Loo, Peter Attridge, Jonathan Raab, Gareth Westcott, Adebayo Odetoyinbo, Mark Elliott and Neil Banks are all already out.

    Rupinder Bedi might have thought he would be joining them, but he pulled off a come-from-behind double up. Bedi opened to 2,000 from the button and Karl Snow raised to 10,800 from the big blind. Bedi moved in over the top, for 24,200 total, and Snow called out of his dominant stack.

    Bedi showed A♥7♣ to Snow's 9♥9♠. The board was good for Bedi: 5♥7♦[10h]A♦8♠. He doubled up.

    And in the time it took to write that, Craig Thomas and Fan Cao have also been knocked out. -- HS

    Noon: Back again
    Good afternoon all and welcome back to Nottingham for day two of the UKIPT event at Dusk Till Dawn. It's going to be another cracker: 277 players remain in the field - as the survivors from both day one flights combine - and today we're playing through six one-hour levels. No one is going to win the £80,000 first prize today, but plenty of folk will lose their chance.

    The top two players are the respective leaders from Wednesday and Thursday's action, namely Aman Atwal (117,600) and Joseph McCormick (113,000), respectively. However Marc Foggin (106,300), Danny Cochrane (98,400), Mark Aldridge (93,500) and Goran Dalum (93,300) are hot on their heels.

    Players are seated and play is just starting. Stick with us.


    PokerStars Blog drones in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

    Howard Swains
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