UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, levels 22-25 updates (15,000-30,000, 3,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG10.50pm: Chips
That wrap is on its way. Here are the final table counts:

Owen Robinson, Ireland, 2,414,000
Graham Giles, UK, 1,807,000
Andros Spyrou, UK, 1,407,000
Andrew Couldridge, UK, 1,206,000
Oliver Schaffmann, UK, 1,018,000
Piotr Majewski, Poland, 639,000
Gareth Walker, UK, 506,000
Nicholas Gavriel, UK, 494,000 -- HS

10.20pm: It's over for Aldridge, and for us
That's the end of the night - and it's the end of the road for Mark Aldridge. This is another cooler, especially at this stage. Aldridge shoved for about 500,000 and Owen Robinson called instantly from his left. Everyone else let them go at it. A wise move.

Robinson: K♥K♠
Aldridge: Q♦Q♣

The board bricked and Aldridge is the final table bubble, taking £5,300 for ninth.

A full count for the remaining eight, plus a comprehensive wrap of the day, is on its way. -- HS

10.15pm: Robinson take over at top
It's been slow going for a couple of orbits, although Owen Robinson has edged into the chip lead after winning a few small pots. The line up for the nine-handed table is as follows:

Seat 1 - Piotr Majewski
Seat 2 - Gareth Walker
Seat 3 - Andrew Couldridge
Seat 4 - Mark Aldridge
Seat 5 - Owen Robinson
Seat 6 - Graham Giles
Seat 7 - Oliver Schaffmann
Seat 8 - Nicholas Gavriel
Seat 9 - Andros Spyrou

So the two biggest stacks - belonging to Robinson and Giles - are next to one another. -- HS

9.50pm: Raymond Chan out in tenth
Owen Robinson opened to 80,000 and next to act Raymond Chan moved all-in for 79,000 more. It folded back to Robinson who made the call.

Chan: A♣[10c]
Robinson: A♠2♥

The board was J♥2♣5♠9♥8♣

Raymond Chan from California is out in tenth place, but moments afterwards, his girlfriend Mary took down the women's side event* capping a successful trip for the Americans.

There will now be a re-draw as the final nine players condense to one table, when we lose one more our final table will be set.

*In other side event news, the Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly won the six-max event. He's pretty good is our JP. --NW

9.40pm: Majeski majesty
Piotr Majeski has done his final table aspirations a world of good with a double up through Graham Giles. Giles helped him out a bit, moving all in from the small blind, tempting Majeski to call in the big blind. He did.

Majeski: 9♠9♦
Giles: K♣2♣

The board was dry and Majeski's pocket pair held. He's back up to about 900,000. -- HS

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 15,000-30,000, ANTE 3,000 IN LEVEL 25

9.30pm: Chips
Here are the folk on the last two tables. And their all important stacks:

Table one
2 Nicholas Gavriel - 410,000
3 Oliver Schaffmann - 1,150,000
4 Owen Robinson - 1,477,000
5 Raymond Chan - 219,000
8 Andros Spyro - 1,095,000

Table two
4 Andrew Couldridgea - 1,345,000
5 Gareth Walker - 680,000
7 Graham Giles - 2,212,000
8 Piotr Majewski - 426,000
9 Mark Aldridge - 517,000

In short, it's good to be Graham Giles, but Raymond Chan and Piotr Majewski are in trouble. -- HS


Graham Giles, ten-handed chip leader in Nottingham

9.20pm: Level over
That's the end of another level. A full chip count for the last ten is on its way during this 15-minute break.

8.50pm: Giles the gigantic
Graham Giles has just won the biggest pot of the tournament thus far. Mark Aldridge opened to 60,000 from under the gun+1. From the big blind Giles made it 185,000 in total. Aldridge quickly called. The flop was Q♥7♦K♥, Giles led, Aldridge moved in and Giles made a quick call.

Giles: Q♣Q♦
Aldridge: K♠Q♠

Turn: J♣
River: A♠

Giles had 920,000 to start the hand and now has 1,850,000 and is your chip leader. Aldridge is down to around 500,000. --NW

9pm: Ten players, two tables
With ten remaining, play is split over two tables. Five on each. The revised plan is to play to a final table of eight tonight, but once the next player goes out, we'll go to a psuedo final table of nine. Stand by. -- HS

8.55pm: Swing back to Aldridge
Mark Aldridge doesn't like it when someone takes his chip lead. So he usually just goes straight out and wins it back again. Here's how he did it this time, with Robert Charlton hitting the rail as a result.

Aldridge raised from early position, picking up a call from Andrew Couldridge on the button and Charlton in the big blind. The three of them all checked a 7♥6♠Q♣ flop, bringing a 5♦ on the turn.

Charlton shoved all in, for what was about 300,000, and Aldridge moved all in over the top of that. Couldridge thought better of it and passed.

So, the two players showed down:

Aldridge: 6♣5♣ for a turned two pair
Charlton: Q♦8♠ for flopped top pair, now behind

Charlton had outs but the 6♥ emphatically wasn't one of them. Charlton departs and Aldridge stacked up about 1,800,000 as a result. -- HS

8.52pm: Lessons
Know anything about poker? Watch this video, where Michelle Orpe schools Zoe Gillings, and you might learn something:

8.50pm: Couldridge could be chip leader
Marc Aldridge opened to 60,000 on the button and was three-bet to 162,000 by Andrew Couldridge from the small blind. Aldridge then four-bet to 280,000 in total, Couldridge didn't waste  much time in moving all-in for about 1,400,000. It was a close thing as to who had whom covered. Aldridge was agonising over the decision saying, 'Do you really have it?" He had about 900,000 back and eventually folded.

Couldridge showed pocket queens as he raked the pot. However Aldridge got some more chips shortly afterwards, news on that hand coming.--NW  

8.30pm: Down to 11
After a notable slowdown in action, it finally sprang to life on table 14. It ended when Parminder Kandola hit the rail in 12th.

It was folded to Owen Robinson's button and the Irishman made it 60,000 to go. Kandola called from the big blind and that took them to a 3♠8♣K♣ flop. They both checked. The turn came 9♠ and then it all kicked off. Kandola checked, Robinson bet 93,000 and Kandola announced that he was all in for about 283,000 total.

Robinson didn't take all that long to make the call and showed A♣8♦. His third pair was ahead of Kandola's 8♠[10s] (third pair, plus a flush draw), but the 2♦ was not one of the outs.

Kandola is downed and 11 players remain. -- HS

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 23

8.10pm: Walker strolls on
Andrew Couldridge opened to 75,000 from early position and Gareth Walker moved all in from his left. It was about 250,000 more and the decision was soon back to Couldridge.

He decided to call, but needed help. Couldridge had A♣J♣ to Walker's Q♠Q♥. The board came [10d]K♣[10s]4♥9♦ and that was good for a double up for Walker. -- HS

8.05pm: Ten high good
Oliver Schaffmann limped from the cut off and both blinds, Raymond Chan and Parminder Kandola, got to a flop for the minimum. It came 3♣K♠9♠, which they all checked. They also checked the 9♥ turn, as well as the J♠ river.

"Ten high, boys!" said Chan and turned over [10s]7♣. He was probably as surprised as everyone when Kandola and Schaffmann both mucked. -- HS

8.02pm: Premium versus premium
Leon Louis and Andrew Couldridge both woke up with premium hands and the result was inevitable. Louis had raised to 49,000 and Couldridge re-raised to 85,000. Louis moved his stack of 450,000 in, Couldridge covered and snap called.

Couldridge: A♦A♥
Louis: J♦J♥

Louis was in bad shape as was also suit dominated, however he almost got there on a 9♦8♠K♦Q♣7♦ board. Couldridge now has over a million chips. --NW

8pm: Robinson doubles after action flop
Nick Gavriel defended his big blind after an early-position opening raise from Owen Robinson. The two of them saw a flop of 7♥5♥Q♦ and it all kicked off. Gavriel checked, Robinson bet 55,000, Gavriel made it 110,000, Robinson moved all in and Gavriel called, all of this in a flash.

The reason? These hands:

Gavriel: 7♠5♠ (bottom two pair)
Robinson: A♥Q♥ (top pair, nut flush draw)

The turned [10d] didn't improve anyone. The 3♥ on the river, however, was one of Robinson's outs and he doubled up. -- HS


Owen Robinson

7.55pm: Walker in Texas hold 'em danger
Gareth Walker is down to less than 10 big blinds after losing a chunky pot to Andrew Couldridge in yet another blind on blind hand. I missed the pre-flop action but that fact that there was about 120,000 in the middle suggested a small raise and a call.

On the 9♦A♥2♥ flop Couldridge, the small blind, checked to Walker who bet 50,000. They both checked the Q♥ turn and on the river Couldridge bet 100,000. Walker had about 260,000 back in total and thought long and hard before making the call. Couldridge showed A♠Q♣ which was good for the pot. --NW

7.50pm: Swan's bid over as Aldridge surges on
We've lost another, with Mark Aldridge's relentless charge continuing. Robert Charlton started this off, raising to 80,000 from the hijack. Aldridge called on the button from his dominant stack, but David Swan moved all in from the big blind for 225,000 total.

Charlton, who had taken most of Swan's chips moments before, decided to get out the way, but Aldridge called. Showdown:

Swan: 7♠7♦
Aldridge: K♣[10c]

Aldridge has been running very well this week, and it wasn't going to stop now. The board ran [10d]8♣8♦K♥Q♥ and he sent Swan packing. -- HS

7.45pm: Schaffmann grinds Gavriel down
I joined the action to see Nicholas Gavriel betting 58,000 into a pot of 140,000 on a 6♠2♠7♥ Gavriel was in the small blind and his lone opponent Oliver Schaffmann was the big blind, so this looked like another of those blind versus blind hands that was about to get messy. Schaffmannn cut out a stack of 25,000 chips but decided to just smooth call. On the 5♠ turn, Gavriel bet 78,000 and Schaffmann quickly made it 175,000 to go. Gavriel thought for over three minutes before releasing his hand, Schaffmann showed 8♣5♣.--NW

7.35pm: Quick-fire double ups
Moments after the break ended, two players were all in simultaneously. On one table, Raymond Chan took his short stack and K♥K♠ up against Oliver Schaffmann's 5♣5♠. The kings held.

On the other table, Robert Charlton had the short stack and Q♠Q♥. David Swan had 9♣9♥ and the queens held there. That's two quick double ups. -- HS

7.30pm: The old suck and re-suck
It didn't take Kieran Appleby long to get his last five big blinds in after the dinner break. His all-in was for 86,000 and he was looked up by Owen Robinson.
Appleby: J♣[10h]
Robinson: A♣J♦

Flop: [10d]8♠Q♠ (suck)
Turn: 8♣
River: K♣ (re-suck)

Robinson now has 590,000. --NW

7.25pm: Back to it - the final stretch?
And after stuffing faces full of food, we're back to the action. There are 15 players left and we need to lose six more before we hit our final table. This might not take long.

During the dinner break, Nick Wright caught up with the current chip leader Mark Aldridge and found out all about our big stack. He's 21 and is a final year sociology student at Leicester University. He's got no plans to pursue poker full-time and is hopeful of obtaining a place on a graduate trainee scheme.

He's been playing poker for three years and until recently was a poker dealer at a casino in Leicester and wasn't actually allowed to play at any casino within a 25 mile radius, which included Dusk Till Dawn. He's also a keen football player and he's in hot water with his team as they had a cup semi-final today, but due to his deep run he had to skip it.

He says his biggest win so far is $4,000 he's already locked up £2,200 here and will be hoping for much more.

One final thing: he looks like this:


Mark Aldridge

And he's got lots of these:


PokerStars Blog trained chimps in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT