UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, levels 16&17 updates (3,000-6,000 500 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPGThat's the end of the level and players are taking a 15-minute break.

2pm: Spyrou sends Johnson tumbling
Mitchell Johnson is out, having just fallen foul of quite a sickener to Andros Spyrou. Spyrou raised to 19,500 from early position and Johnson moved all in for his last 71,500 from the cut off. It was folded back round to Spyrou, who did all the maths and then called from a stack of about 200,000.

Spyrou wasn't too happy when he saw the cards. His K♣Q♦ was well behind Johnson's A♠K♦, but the dealer destroyed Johnson's hopes card by card. The board ran 9♥J♦7♥3♠[10s] and Spyrou punched the table in celebration as he filled his straight.


Andros Spyrou

Out goes Johnson; Spyrou marches on. -- HS

1.55pm: A big, big pot
Two big stacks just collided leaving one very big stack and one player on the rail. Oliver Schaffmann recounted the hand to us. "I opened under the gun with K♦J♦," he said. "The big blind, Paul Ephremsen called. The flop was ace-queen-ten with two clubs, so I flop the nuts. He led out and I just called. The turn was an off-suit four, he leads again, I set him in, he's committed and calls. He'd flopped top two pair.'

Ephremsen is out, Schaffmann is now your runaway chip leader with around 735,000. --NW

1.50pm: Abela versus Burberry
Big hands don't come around that often but two just collided on table 11. Under the gun Peter Abela opened to 18,000. Next to act was John Burberry who re-raised to 45,000. It folded all the way round back to Abela who made the call. The flop was 3♣Q♦9♣. Abela, who had about 200,000 back and covered Burberry announced that he was all-in. Burberry made a quick call for his last 99,000 and turned over K♥K♠ which was ahead of Abela's [10c][10h]. The turn and river were 4♥Q♣. Small blind Maria Demetriou said, 'I folded ace-queen,' after that hand Abela has around 95,000 left and Burberry has 300,000. --NW

1.45pm: Cochrane v Kandola
As predicted, we have slowed down a touch. We're down to the last 50, but the rate of eliminations is not quite so breakneck.

Some of the big stacks are now starting to go after one another, including Daniel Cochrane and Parminder Kandola, on table 14. Cochrane, who has been opening a lot of pots, did so again from the button, making it 14,000 to go. Kandola called from the big blind.

The flop came J♠3♠A♠ and Kandola led for 27,000. Cochrane called. The turn was Q♦, which they both checked. But when Kandola bet about 65,000 on the 5♣ river, Cochrane insta-mucked. -- HS

1.30pm: Disaster for Demetriou
Maria Demetriou just shipped most of her stack over to Keith Johnson. On the turn of a J♠5♥4♥6♠ board Demetriou had fired out 70,000 after a dwell up Johnson moved all-in for 80,000 total. Demetriou clearly didn't like this turn of events but she sighed before saying, 'I've got nothing but I've got to call the 10,000.' On their backs:
Demetriou: [10d]8♠
Johnson: A♠J♣
Demetriou had outs to make a straight but the river the 2♦ was a total brick. Johnson climbs to 220,000, Demetriou slips to 50,000. --NW

1.20pm: Atwal ousts Hulme
Andrew Hulme started the day sixth in chips but he has dusted off his 276,000 in chips and is now out. 'I lost all my all-ins,' he told us ruefully. 'In my exit hand I moved all-in for 30 big blinds after Aman Atwal had opened for five big blinds, he'd been doing that a lot and folding. I had pocket sixes and he had pocket aces.' --NW


1.10pm: Atwal back in the lead
Overnight chip leader Aman Atwal was overtaken by Paul Ephremsen at the top of the chip counts only briefly. Atwal now has around 430,000 and told me. 'I've increased my stack despite losing yet another race. I had A-10 against his {Keith Johnson's} Q-3 and lost. It's sick how many races I've lost.'--NW

1.05pm: Television friendly poker
The major criticism of televised poker is that it focuses too much on all in pre-flop confrontations, giving rise to the idea that poker is just about getting big pairs to hold up against smaller ones, or winning races with ace-king. Although there's still a lot more subtlety than that in this tournament, this opening level of day three has been very television friendly.

The latest player out is Jan Bjoersland, who moved all in for about 75,000 from early position. Two players, John Connor and Tony Millan, thought about calling, before letting their hands go, but Steven Brennan in the small blind put his chips forward.

Brennan: K♥K♠
Bjoersland: J♥J♣

That was pretty straightforward, and the board brought no surprises. It came 2♠6♣A♣5♣6♦. With that Bjoersland bust and Brennan added another chunk of change to his stack. -- HS

12.55pm: The re-raise rules
On my last circuit of the card room a theme developed, few flops are being seen and a three-bet was forcing the original raiser to fold. Two examples: Piotr Majewski raised to 11,500 from the button but folded after the big blind James Hoyes made it 30,000 more. And Aman Atwal bet Keith Johnson off his hand by three-betting to 36,500 after Collins had opened to 12,500. --NW

12.50pm: Aces v queens
A cooler is a cooler at any stage of the tournament, and when one player has aces and another queens, there's a fair chance it's all going in on a seven-high flop, if not before.

This particular iteration featured Peter Seager with the queens and Zack Chesses with the aces. The full board ran 7♥3♠5♣7♦J♥ and Chesses doubled up. He now has about 260,000. -- HS


Zack Chesses

12.40pm: Video interlude
Here's all the day three opening action, video-blog style.

12.35pm: No blind hope for Kay
Dominic Kay is another early casualty, he told me about his exit hand. 'I only had seven big blinds coming back today, I pushed the last of my chips, about three big blinds, in without looking from the small blind and the big blind Kyriacos Dionysiou (Greek Jack) called me blind. I had jack-ten Greek Jack had queen-two and queen high held up. --NW

12.30pm: Falling thick and fast
As predicted there's been a flurry of exits. Tournament director Toby Stone has already had to break a table. Among the early exits were Lewis Jackson, Dale Garrad and Joe Foley. 62 players remain. --NW

12.25pm: Paul pads his stack
Heading into day two Paul Ephremsen was sitting second in chips, he's now your new chip leader having added Jason Gray's 46,500 to his stack. Ephremsen opened to 14,000 from the button and Gray moved in from the small blind. Big blind Oliver Schaffmann briefly considered re-raising with what he later said was a suited one gapper, but he elected to fold, Ephremsen made a quick call.

Ephremsen: K♠K♦
Gray: J♥J♠


Paul Ephremsen

The 4♠7♠3♣2♣[10c] did not improve Gray's hand and he's now out. Ephremsen is regularly Tweeting his progress in this tournament under the Twitter account @PaulEphremsen.--NW

12.15pm: Bedi dislikes his re-draw
I caught up with Rupinder Bedi just before play started. Bedi bubbled the UKIPT Coventry event, finished 22nd in the UKIPT Manchester event and is hoping for a deep run here in Nottingham. He told me, 'I'm a bit annoyed there's been a re-draw as my table was so soft.' Bedi is now sharing a table with George Kranios and John Eames. Elsewhere overnight chip leader Aman Atwal is still not in the building, still he can afford to lose a few blinds and antes from his 386,000 stack. --NW

12.10pm: Next one
Yep, here comes that rash of early eliminations. Moments after Zurr departed, Matt Heasman followed him. Although the action went unseen, it seemed that Owen Robinson flopped a set of jacks and took all of Heasman's overnight 28,000. -- HS

12.05pm: Zurr out of here
It's only taken five and a half minutes to lose our first player today. Shai Zurr opened to 12,500 from the cut-off and was three-bet to 33,000 by big blind Piotr Majewski. After a brief dwell, Zurr moved his remaining 100,000 into the middle, Majewski quickly called.

Zurr: A♣J♣
Majewski: Q♦Q♣

The 2♥K♠6♠3♠[10c] board did not improve Zurr's hand and he was whisked off to the cash desk to collect his £850. --NW

Noon: Action under way
Off we go then. This is the classic post-bubble period, where a lot of shorts stacks who clung on into the money will likely be shoving fairly light. Keep track of who busts and in what position on the prizewinners page. -- HS

11.50am: The longest day
Welcome back to Nottingham for day three of the UKIPT event here at Dusk Till Dawn. After a protracted bubble struggle last night, we entered the money, meaning that our 72 remaining players are all in the money, guaranteed £850 at least.

The target, however, is the final table of nine, and our day is due to end only when those players are decided. It's been a whirlwind so far but it could slow right down today. There's a chance we could be looking at 10 hours or so.

That said, it might not be that long. It could be done in a flash. That's just one of the vagaries of tournament poker, and I'm going to stop going round in circles with these predictions. Why not just strap in, follow the action here, and find out. -- HS


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