UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, levels 18&19 updates (4,000-8,000, 500 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPGThat's the end of the level. Players are taking a 15-minute break.

4.15pm: New tricks
Mickey Wernick has a unsurpassable reputation as king of the grinders. He's been rocking the short stack since before most of his current adversaries were born. But Wernick's glittering poker resume, dating right back to the earliest days of hold 'em poker, suggests he can't always be playing the nuts.

So it proved. He has just been spotted moving all in with nought but a flush draw - and it was enough to get both Piotr Majewski and Nishar Hassam to fold.

The board read K♠3♦8♠ and Hassam bet 15,500. Majewski called and that prompted Wernick to shove for 205,000. Hassam asked for a count and folded. Majewski asked for a count and folded too.


Mickey Wernick

Wernick showed Q♠J♠ and Hassam put head in hands, suggesting he might have had the bigger draw, or at least a queen. -- HS

4.10pm: Spyrou dents Dalum
Goran Dalum raised it up pre-flop to 25,000 from under the gun+2. He was flat called by both the button, Stuart Hilton, and the small blind, Andros Spyrou.  

On the flop of A♠2♠6♣ Dalum bet 41,500. Hilton folded what he later told me was pocket kings, Spyrou was not so quick to act though. He asked the dealer to spread the pot (it was about 90,000) and he made the call. They both checked the J♥ turn and Spyrou checked the draw completing 6♠ to Dalum who fired out 50,500.

Spyrou insta-called and showed 8♠4♠ which had rivered Dalum's A♥Q♣. --NW

4.05pm: Aldridge wins a small pot
It seems Marc Aldridge can do no wrong at present. He put a stop to David Iftakhar's recovery when his pocket tens bested Iftakhar's pocket fives in a pot of around 140,000. Iftakhar departs in 31st place. --NW

4pm: Connectors don't connect; Walker doesn't walk
All things considered, if you're going to run into pocket aces, you're better off doing it with mid suited connectors than any other hand. But that still doesn't mean you'll win.

Matthew Wadham just took his 7♦6♦ up against Gareth Walker's A♥A♣ - and this time the aces held.

Wadham, a short stack before the hand, leaves us in 32nd, and wins £1,450. Walker continues the fight. -- HS


Gareth Walker

3.55pm: Aldridge wins a big pot
I joined the action to see Marc Aldridge, the small blind, betting 85,000 of his remaining 315,000 on the river with the board reading [10c]Q♥8♦A♥J♣, his lone opponent in the hand was the button, John Burrberry who had about 420,000 in total left. There was already 220,000 in the pot before Aldridge's bet, suggesting there had been some heavy action down the streets. Eventually Burberry folded and Aldridge nonchalantly tossed K♠4♣ onto the table. --NW

3.50pm: Short stacks surviving
Stephen Holloway has seemingly been permanently short stacked all day. He's currently got 60,000 - only six big blinds - but is smiling. Also smiling is David Iftakhar who has double up his micro stack of 37,500 through John Eames. Iftakhar had A♥6♥ and Eames had A♦7♣. However Iftakhar connected pretty soundly with the  3♥5♥2♥ flop. --NW

3.45pm: Flanders falls
Although the women's event at Dusk Till Dawn is still going strong, the Main Event has lost its last female player. After Oliver Schaffmann opened for 25,000, Phillipa Flanders (for it was she) moved all in for 210,000. Schaffmann tank-called, showing pocket jacks. Flanders had tens. The board bricked and Flanders hit the rail. -- HS


Pippa Flanders

3.40pm: Blind on blind cooler
Small blind Dave Swan and big blind David Iftakhar got it all-in pre-flop for Swan's last 132,000 and it wasn't hard to see why.

Swan: [10d][10s]
Iftakhar: A♦A♠

The board a brutal 4♦7♥8♣[10c]6♠

Iftakhar was left with less than 30,000 after the hand. --NW

3.30pm: Majewski trades pen for chips
Anyone who has worked on the EPT in the past couple of seasons, will have grown to know Piotr Majewski. He is responsible for updating the whole of Poland on the latest action from the premier tour in Europe.

He decided, however, to give his playing a whirl here in Nottingham and, having qualified for the event on PokerStars, popped over to the UK for this event. Good decision. Majewski is among the chip leaders - and has every right to smile. -- HS


Piotr Majewski

3.20pm: Schaffmann is mortal shock
Oliver Schaffmann hasn't had much go against him today, but he just lost about 150,000 of his stack by coming out on the wrong side of a flip.

He opened for about 19,000 from early and Robert Charlton moved all in for 150,000-approx. Schaffmann paused for thought but made the call and they went to the races:

Schaffmann: A♠Q♥
Charlton: 9♠9♣

The flop was great for Charlton: 6♦9♥Q♠ and his flopped set could withstand even the Q♦ on the turn. The 3♠ river ended it.


Oliver Schaffmann

Schaffmann "dips" to 480,000. -- HS

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 5,000-10,000 IN LEVEL 19

3.10pm: David Iftakhar doubles through John Eames
Some hands just play themselves. David Iftakhar moved all-in for his last 75,000 from the hi-jack and next to act John Eames moved all-in over the top for 180,000 total, everyone else let those two battle it out. On their backs:

Iftakhar: K♣[10s]
Eames: A♦K♥

The final board looked like this, J♥[10h]6♣3♠8♣. Eames is left with around 100,000. --NW

3.05pm: Oh Atwal
Amandeep Atwal, the man who led day one and led day two, is going to need a huge comeback to lead day three. He is down to a micro-stack after what he'll probably come to regard as a mistimed shove.

Piotr Majewski opened from under-the-gun, making it 18,000, and Atwal called on the button. Andrew Couldridge, in the small blind, made it 49,000 and Majewski folded (pocket tens, he later said). Atwal wasn't quite so circumspect and he moved all in, covering Couldridge. But Couldridge was going nowhere and insta-called.

Here's why: Couldridge had A♦A♣ and was way ahead of Atwal's Q♦3♦.


Aman Atwal


Andrew Couldridge

The flop gave quite a sweat to Couldridge, however. It came 5♥6♦2♦, but the J♣Q♥ turn and river were blanks, doubling up Couldridge and leaving Atwal with very few indeed. -- HS


Aman Atwal and Andrew Couldridge

3pm: Burberry has lots of checks
John Burberry just eliminated Peter Charalambous and in the process has vaulted up the chip counts. Charlambous opened from the button to 20,000. Burberry, in the big blind, made it 54,000 total, Charalambous made the call. On a flop of 5♣6♠K♥ Burberry fired out a bet of 55,000. After a brief think Charalambous moved all-in for 146,000 more. Burberry counted his chips and he had Charalambous covered, but barely. He elected to call.

Burberry: A♥K♣
Charalambous: J♥[10h]

The 7♣ turn left Charalambous drawing dead and he had rapped the table and wished the remaining players luck before the meaningless 2♦ came on the river. Burberry now has approaching 600,000. --NW

2.45pm: Kranios krunched
George Kranios, who spent much of yesterday as the tournament chip leader, is now out. He moved all in for what was about 140,000 and Raymond Chan, to his immediate left, moved in over the top. Chan didn't have all that much more, but no one else fancied tangling, and it was just the two of them, with Kranios in trouble.

Kranios: A♣[10h]
Chan: J♣J♠

The flop, turn and river were all blank - 2♠6♠7♦4♣4♥ - and Kranios departs. Chan all but doubles up. -- HS

2.30pm: Tank folding
The price of poker has just gone up and as players bust the prizes are also gradually increasing too. With so much at stake it's been noticeable that the players are taking a long time considering their action in key situations.

I witnessed two such incidents. Firstly David Swan made it 20,000 to go from under the gun+2 with about 115,000 behind. Next to act David Iftakhar smooth called, leaving himself roughly 95,000 back.

On a flop of 4♠6♣8♣ Swan made a 30,000 chip bet and Iftakhar went into the tank, for a while. It was clear he wasn't thinking of calling more of whether to shove or fold, he eventually opted for the latter.

Then a very similar situation played out between Leon Louis and Nicholas Gavriel. With 57,000 in the pot come the flop of J♦J♥6♥, Louis, who was in middle position, bet 28,000, with about 150,000 back. Gavriel who covered Louis smooth called.

On the 5♦ turn Louis checked it to Gavriel who bet 44,000 into a pot that had now ballooned to 115,000. Louis rested his hand on his chin and gave Gavriel a good stare down and then cut out the call from his stack and counted what he would have left if he just called. Eventually after another few minutes he reluctantly folded. --NW

2.20pm: Rivered!
Maria Demetriou is the latest player to be busted here in Nottingham. She moved her last 50,000 in from middle position. Next to act Tom Middleton moved all-in over the top for 88,000, everyone else folded. Demetriou had ace-seven and was up against Middleton's king-jack. Middleton flopped a jack, but Demetriou flopped an ace, however a king on the river sent Middleton from the outhouse to the penthouse and Demetriou to the rail. --NW

2.15pm: Chasing Schaffmann
Here we go again, with 45 players remaining. Remember, we play down to a final nine today.

After knocking out Paul Ephremsen, Oliver Schaffmann is crushing in Nottingham. He is the chip leader with about 715,000. Piotr Majewski, who is over here from Poland as a PokerStars qualifier, is his closest challenger. Majewski has about 500,000.


Oliver Schaffmann

PokerStars Blog dancing bears in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

Howard Swains
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