UKIPT Nottingham: Day 3, levels 20&21 updates (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.40pm: Break time
And with that, we're on a 45-minute break. We've just taken a full chip count, which will appear on the chip count page in a moment. Sneak preview: Mark Aldridge has 1.4million and is leading. Oliver Schaffmann has 1,175,000 and is next. -- HS

6.30pm: Wing drowned
All of a sudden, we're down to 15. The latest to go is Simon Wing, who had such a short stack that when he was in the big blind, he was obliged to call Leon Lewis' raise with any two cards. Call he did, and turned over [10c]7♦. Lewis' K♦8♥ wasn't exactly a monster, but it was good enough to win this coup and send Wing home. -- HS

6.25pm: Aldridge loves aces
Darren Oldaker moved all-in under the gun for 228,000 and got a caller from Mark Aldridge who was to his immediate left, everyone else folded.

Oldaker: A♠Q♠
Schaffmann: A♣A♥

Oldaker's plea for lots of spades was not answered by the poker gods as the board was 9♠5♣8♣[10h]6♠. Aldridge re-gained the chip lead barely a hand after losing it. --NW

6.20pm: Schaffmann takes the chip lead...for barely a minute
Oliver Schaffmann has vaulted through the one million chip mark by knocking out Steven Brennan. Schaffmann recounted the hand: 'It was blind on blind, he raised to 40,000 and I called with A♣8♦. On the 3♦5♣8♠ flop he bet 80,000 and I called. On the 6♦ he moved all-in for about 290,000 and I called, he had [10s]7♣ and he missed the Q♥ river. It was a sick bet by him to be fair.' However no sooner had Schaffmann gained the chip lead then he lost it again. News on that coming right up.--NW

6.18pm: Mad Marty speaks
No shock there. But this time it was to our team of video bloggers:

6.15pm: Johnson's starts behind, stays there, is out
After losing the minimum when he ran into Parminder Kandola's set of kings, Keith Johnson moved all in from early position for his last 171,000.

Andros Spyrou asked for a count but called pretty swiftly, leaving Johnson to say: "You're probably ahead" as he turned over 9♦8♠. Yep, Spyrou was ahead with A♣K♦.


Andros Spyrou

Johnson was live, at least, but couldn't pull off the outdraw. The board came 5♦6♣5♣K♣Q♠ and out he went. -- HS

6.10pm: No new chip leader just yet
There are lots and lots of chips on chip leader Marc Aldridge's table. Both Graham Giles and Andrew Couldridge have big stacks and the two of them just played a sizeable pot.

Couldridge, who was on the button, raised to 51,000. Big blind Giles took his time and turned to Aldridge and said: "If me and him (Couldridge) get it all-in you won't be chip leader anymore. I'm just going to call."

The flop was 8♦[10s]6♥, Giles checked to Couldridge who bet 50,000. Giles made a quick call. The turn was the 4♠, again Giles checked and Couldridge continued the pattern, this time betting 100,000. Giles took longer to consider his action this time and as he did Couldridge pointed at the board and said, "I've got some of that."

Giles replied, 'Yeah, yeah,' before folding. Couldridge showed just the 8♥, Giles didn't reveal his hand but said, 'I know if I call the turn, I'm calling the river.' After this hand both players have around 750,000.

While this hand was playing out we lost Mickey Wernick from the tournament. --NW

6pm: Dalum downed
Well, that resurgence didn't last long. No sooner had Goran Dalum been congratulated below (see 5.55pm post) than he's been knocked out. Nicholas Gavriel's sneakily played aces accounted for the last Scandinavian in the field.

Dalum raised from under-the-gun and Gavriel flat called in the big blind. Then flop came 9♣4♦4♣ and Gavriel checked. Dalum bet 52,000; Gavriel raised to 104,000 and Dalum shoved for about 300,000.

Dalum called instantly and showed his all but invisible A♥A♦. Dalum had J♦J♣ and didn't catch up. Out goes Dalum. Good game. --HS

5.55pm: Dalum back from the dead
We're not sure exactly how he did it but Norwegian Goran Dalum has run his 40,000 stack up to close to 300,000 in the last 10 minutes. And sure enough whilst we were watching his table he was busy raising to 41,000 and winning the blinds and antes. He's back in it. --NW

5.50pm: Garvel gets Hoyes
James Hoyes moved his last 125,000 across the line from middle position and was looked up by big blind Nicholas Gavriel, although only after Gavriel had asked for a count. On their backs:

Hoyes: 3♦3♣
Gavriel: 7♥7♦

The board contained no crabs as it ran out A♣2♠J♥6♣Q♣. Hoyes exits in 22nd place and will take home £1,750 --NW

5.40pm: Majewski straightens out Charlton
Robert Charlton opened to 35,000 from under-the-gun and after Oliver Schaffmann called on the button, Pior Majewski was persuaded to call too from the big blind. It would prove profitable for the Pole.

The flop came 8♥[10c]K♥, which they all checked, and they also all checked the J♣. It all got a bit weird on the 4♠ river. Majewski bet 44,000 and Charlton announced: "Raise" but didn't put enough chips in the pot. After this was explained, he tried to shove in a huge tower of blue chips, which would have been more than the min-raise he was committed to, and the dealer cut a load out and gave them back. That meant it was a min-raise from Charlton and no more.

Schaffmann peered over to his two opponents, and asked for a count from Majewski. He was playing about 320,000 more. Schaffmann folded, but Majewski tossed out a quizzical call. Charlton showed: K♦J♦ for top two pair, but Majewski had Q♣9♠ for the low straight.

Both Schaffmann and Majewski agreed that Charlton looked like his was playing ace-ten for the top straight. But the pot went to the Pole. --HS

5.35pm: Kandola too slick for Dalum
Two below average stacks have just become one above stack and one very short stack. Parminder Kandola opened to 47,000 from middle position and it folded to Goran Dalum in the small blind who moved all-in for about 330,000. Kandola said, 'Go on then,' and made the call.

Kandola: A♦K♣
Dalum: 9♣9♠

Kandola wasn't made to wait as the board came K♣5♦J♦4♥Q♦. Kandola's stack was counted down and he had 277,000, Dalum had him covered by barely 50,000 and is now on fumes. --NW

BLINDS NOW 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ANTE IN LEVEL 22

5.30pm: Hoyes gets his hands on some more chips
Andras Spyrou got the action started by raising to 26,000 from under the gun, he picked up two customers in the shape of button, Keith Johnson and big blind James Hoyes. All three of them checked the flop of [10h]J♣K♣ before Hoyes moved all-in for 83,000 on the 7♣turn. That bet was enough to get both Spyrou and Johnson to fold. --NW

5.25pm: Wernick wounded
Mickey Wernick who has, as usual, been in grind mode for much of the tournament beckoned me over to tell me about a big pot he played against Keith Johnson. 'I've made it 50,000 from second position with ace-king,' he told me. 'He's shoved all-in in fourth position for 140,000 with pocket nines. I've called and first card out is a nine.' Wernick is down to about 75,000. More news from Mickey's table coming right up.--NW

5.20pm: Crushing
Ever wanted to know what a man might look like who is crushing day three of an inaugural UKIPT event at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

He'd look like this:


Mark Aldridge

5.15pm: More fallers
Anthony Cartwright and Rupinder Bedi are the latest names to be added to the prizewinners page. They're out, taking £1,750 apiece.

Tournament officials have announced that we'll be taking a dinner break at 6pm, giving these hardy survivors some sustenance for what could still be a long chase to the final nine. -- HS

5pm: Snowmen suit Swan
David Swan has knocked out Nishar Hassam. Hassam was all-in for 148,000 with K♠Q♥ and Swan had 8♦8♣ the board ran out [2s5♠K♥3♦5♦. --NW

4.55pm: One million chips
At the beginning of the level Marc Aldridge was our chip leader and John Burberry was second in chips. The two just tangled in our first million chip pot of the tournament. We didn't see the hand but Aldridge was happy to re-count the details: "He's in the small blind and he over-raises to 55,000. I'm in the big blind with ace-king and I just jam all-in covering him. He had about 550,000 and called me with pocket queens. I flopped a king."

Marc Aldridge now has about 1,200,000. He sits atop the recently updated chip counts. --NW

4.45pm: Schaffmann slips
Oliver Schaffmann has slipped a little further down the counts as he has lost 277,000 of his stack. The recipient was Owen Robinson. Schaffmann made it 27,000 from under the gun+1, Robinson three-bet to 70,000 from under the gun+2 and once it had folded round to Schaffmann he slid out a stack of the newly introduced 25,000 denomination chips to effectively set Robinson in. Robinson insta-called:

Robinson: A♠A♦
Schaffmann: Q♣Q♦

The board of [10c]9♠3♥5♠3♣ didn't even give Schaffmann a sweat, he sighed and said, 'nice hand' as he shipped Robinson the chips. Schaffmann still has around 525,000. --NW

4.30pm: Level 20
As we enter level 20, there are 28 players left. There's a significant chance that by the next time I write something like this, the level number will be higher than the players. Watch out for that landmark, trivia fans.

Anyhow, the news from right at the end of the last level was that John Eames went out in 29th. The action occurred away from our beady eyes, but he possibly looked something like this:


John Eames

At the other end of the chip ladder, Leon Louis is our probable chip leader. We'll confirm that momentarily when we have full counts. -- HS


Leon Louis

PokerStars Blog jumpers through hoops in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright.

Howard Swains
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