UKIPT Nottingham: Final table, levels 29&30 updates (50,000-100,000 10,000 ante)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.10pm: Andrew Couldridge wins UKIPT Nottingham and £80,000
Oliver Schaffmann out in second, winning £46,700

Oliver Schaffmann had won the first two hands of heads-up play but the third and decisive final hand did not go his way.

Andrew Couldridge limped from the small blind and Schaffmann made it 350,000 more, a bet Couldridge called. On the K♥K♣6♠ flop, Schaffmann led out for 600,000. Couldridge responded by raising to 3,500,000. After a minutes though Schaffmann moved all-in. It was just another couple of hundred thousand for Couldridge to call and his face suggested that he'd got his hand caught in the cookie jar. However he had no choice but to call.

Schaffmann: 9♠9♥
Couldridge: Q♠4♠

Turn: Q♦

Schaffmann had two outs.

River: Q♠

Andrew Couldridge is the UKIPT Nottingham champion winning £80,000. --NW

6pm: Two for it
It's these two:

Andrew Couldridge: 6,250,000
Oliver Schaffmann: 3,350,000

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 50,000-100,000 IN LEVEL 30

5.40pm: We're heads up; Andros Spyrou out in third winning £30,000
Oliver Schaffmann opened to 225,000 from the button and Andros Spyrou moved all-in for 1,350,000 total from the small blind.

Schaffmann stood up, counted out the call and how much he would have left if he lost the hand (about 600,000) and then announced call.  On their backs:

Spyrou: A♠[10d]
Schaffmann: Q♣8♠

The board: Q♦[10s]Q♥6♣8♦

Schaffmann flopped trips and improved to a full house on the river. Spyrou is collecting his £30,000 third place prize.

The players are now taking a break before heads-up play begins. Rough chip counts are:

Couldridge: 6,300,000
Schaffmann: 3,450,000


5.35pm: Six million chips
Two thirds of the chips in play now belong to one man: Andrew Couldridge. He opened to 225,000 from the button, the small blind Owen Robinson made it 600,000 total.

Couldridge, who had 3,400,000 in total moved all-in and Robinson who had 2,400,000 made the call.

Couldridge: 6♠6♥
Robinson: A♦K♣

The board: 2♦5♥Q♥5♣

Couldridge has won two massive pots, all but knocking out two players, and has a massive, massive stack. --NW


Andrew Couldridge, dominant chip leader


Owen Robinson: Out

5.25pm: Couldridge straight into the chip lead
Andrew Couldridge has just won the biggest pot of the tournament thus far. He opened to 250,000 from under the gun, Graham Giles moved all-in from the cut-off for 1,975,000. Coldridge leaned back in his chair, took a swig of his Corona, looked to the ceiling and

Giles: J♦9♦
Couldridge: A♠Q♥

Board: J♠K♠[10s][10d]Q♦

Couldridge flopped the nuts, Giles rivered the second nuts and was left with 90,000. The very next hand Giles was all-in and was eliminated when Andros Spyrou turned a straight. The PokerStars qualifier wins £16,500. We're down to four. --NW

5.15pm: Money
During the last break, the tournament area was rearranged slightly to allow for the money and trophy to be brought to a neighbouring table.

They're playing for £80,000 lest we forget, and in terms of Dusk Till Dawn chips it looks like the picture below. Of course, the winner also gets a £5,000 buy in into the London EPT next season, courtesy of PokerStars. (That's not picured.)


The money table in Nottingham

5pm: Monster for Couldridge
This is another monster pot, which doubles up Andrew Couldridge and puts him into second place. It was set up on the two previous hands, both of them raised to 180,000 by Oliver Schaffmann, both of them called in the big blind by Couldridge, first, and then Robinson, second.

Schaffmann ended up winning both of those, but the balance shifted on the third time he tried it.

So, Schaffmann raised to 180,000 and Couldridge, now on the button, moved all in. "I'm going to need a count," Schaffmann said, and the dealer told him that Couldridge was playing 1,065,000. Schaffmann called pretty much instantly from his 2 million stack.


Andrew Couldridge

So, on their backs:

Couldridge: 9♣9♥
Schaffmann: K♠J♠

Couldridge needed to win the race to survive - and win it he did. The board came 7♥Q♣5♠[10c] and he withstood the monster sweat when the 5♥ rivered.

Couldridge is up to about 2,300,000; Schaffmann is around about the million mark. -- HS

4.45pm: Race time
Piotr Majewski raised to 180,000 from the cut-off and small blind Owen Robinson moved all-in. After a think Majewski called all-in. The stacks were counted down and Majewski, with 1,120,000 was the at risk player.

Robinson: A♣6♣

Flop: K♣J♥9♣

Majewski had the lead, but Robinson had a lot of outs.


Piotr Majewski, right, waits to learn his fate

Turn: [10c]

Robinson turned the nut flush and Majewski was drawing dead. The 3♥ was the river. Five players remain and Owen Robinson is now your chip leader with 2,700,000. --NW

4.25pm: This is getting expensive
Welcome back to Nottingham, where we're entering level 29. The blinds here are 40,000-80,000 and the ante is a third of a starting stack all those days ago.

Six players remain, with the following counts:

Oliver Schaffmann - 2,210,000
Graham Giles - 1,805,000
Andros Spyrou - 1,515,000
Owen Robinson - 1,475,000
Piotr Majewski - 1,395,000
Andrew Couldridge - 1,255,000

They're very clustered if the short stack (Couldridge) doubled up he'd be chip leader. There are only 11.93 blinds separating first from last. Schaffmann, our leader, has a tattoo on his left arm that reads: "Que quivores en la vida" which translates as: "What do you want from life?" A UKIPT title presumably. -- HS


Oliver Schaffmann's tattoo

Words: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Pictures: Mickey May

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT