UKIPT Nottingham: Mighty McCormick blasts through day 1B field

ukiptthumb.JPGDay 1B at UKIPT Nottingham has now come to a close, and the sigh of satisfied relief around Dusk Till Dawn could blow over even this neighbourhood's most sturdy resident, Little John.

This was a breakout day for even this mighty successful young tour, with 394 merry men and women anting up £500 for a shot at the title. When you add those to yesterday's tally, we've produced a total field of 650, with a first prize of £80,000. That's a record number of players for this size of event in this country, and it made for a frenetic eight hours of action.


A packed tournament room on day 1B

When all settled at around 9pm, and the bagging and tagging process began, it was Joseph McCormick who was shoving the most chips into his sheathe of polythene. McCormick, an 18-year-old professional player from Liverpool, predominantly plays online, but thoroughly enjoyed this foray into the live arena. He flopped a set of tens in the first level and picked off Wayne Wassle bluffing at it, then won another big pot from Will Fry, when he flopped trips and improved to a boat.

All of this helped him increase his 15,000 starting stack to 113,000 in only one day, all the more remarkable because he shared a table for much of the evening with one of our other big stacks, Danny Cochrane, who finished with 98,600. Both will return tomorrow, when day one flights are consolidated, and we'll move another six hours closer to finding a winner.


Joseph McCormick: Leads after day 1B


Danny Cochrane: Closing in on 100,000

Also sleeping soundly tonight will be Mark Foggin (106,300), Mark Aldridge (93,500), Gareth Walker (86,000) and Mick McCloskey (81,700). They also occupy the top echelons.


Mark Foggin


Mick McCloskey

Meanwhile the Team PokerStars Pro Julian Thew can pop down the road to tell his family to cancel whatever plans they might have had for Friday. Thanks largely to a last-gasp double up, Thew finished this evening with 39,700 in chips and will be a threat heading into the weekend.


Julian Thew

No such fortune for Vicky Coren or JP Kelly. Despite facing potential elimination mid-afternoon when she was all in with low suited connectors, Coren actually won that pot and seemed to be set for a resurgent run into the weekend. However the wheels gradually came off and Coren was out about an hour before the end.

JP Kelly didn't even last that long. He was stranded in Spain, flew through the night, then bust within the first couple of levels. With SCOOP still going strong, it's unlikely Kelly will be away from the tables for long, but chasing these live titles is even more fun.

We also said hello then goodbye to Will Fry, Carlo Citrone, Chaz Chattha, Tony Cascarino, Rory Liffey, Joe Grech, Simon Trumper and Paul Zimbler. They were among the 160 fallers to leave us with only 159 at the end of the night.


Rory Liffey: Not smiling anymore. Out.

The survivors, and their counts, are on the chip count page, where they will be joined tomorrow by these 119 from day 1A.

That, though, will be then. And the following links offer a quick look back at today's full action:

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Also head to for all video blog action. (As a taster, why not meet Nikolaj Liljengren, a PokerStars qualifier in Nottingham:

That's all until tomorrow. Join us again.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in UKIPT