UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600 ante 75)


11.50pm: Break
That's the end of play for level eight. Two more levels to go. Find the next post here. -- RD

11.48pm: Three streets with eight-high
Edvinas Urbonas showed no doubt shoving in his final 12,000 into the A♣J♥9♣5♥3♥ board. Would his opponent call?

Let's look at the facts. There was around 45,000 in the middle and Urbonas had three-bet to 8,000 from the button and had been called by Adam Kallenberg who had check-called 5,200 on the flop and 7,000 on the turn.

Surely, he'd call the third barrel on that river card? No, he passed. Urbonas threw down 8♠4♠ with an angry pride (I'd witnessed him kicking a chair after getting busted from a different tournament). He's up to 67,000. Kallenberg was left looking shame-faced. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_edvinas urbonas.jpg

Edvinas Urbonas

11.40pm: Chip counts
Here's a smattering of chip counts of some of the players we've been tracking: Rebecca McAdam (20,800), Fintan Gavin (21,000), Dermot Blain (44,000), Nicholas Newport (44,500), Peter Burnett (14,500), Alex Scott (29.000), Damian Porebski (70,000), Dara O'Kearney (28,000) and Amanda Sidark (73,000). -- NW

11.30pm: Booted out
I noticed Gerard Harraghy was on the rail talking to Richie Lawlor and guessed he was out, and so it proved. "I had about 20,000 and four-bet jammed sevens into aces," explained the Irishman. "He was young looking so I'm calling it a cooler!" -- NW

11.23pm: Powering on
Earlier I reported that Nicky Power was out, he's not! He's still in and has 27,000. -- NW

11.16pm: Dahlin
Filip Dahlin is your typical young aggressive Swede and we've had a photo request for him. So here you go. He's lost quite a few chips over the last hour. I'm pretty sure he sucked out on me yesterday in the six-max. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_filip dahlin.jpg

Filip Dahlin (we're pretty sure)

11.08pm: Silver set to defend his title
Max Silver was playing elsewhere today and it wasn't looking sure that he would get the chance to play this tournament. We've had it confirmed that the young Englishman, who lives in Dublin (or did anyway), has busted that one for a decent score and is winging his way back to the Emerald Isle to fight for his title. Will that deep run give him form or fatigue? Tomorrow will show. -- RD

10.55pm: O'Connor gets more
Chris O'Connor is a runaway train at the moment. His table has just been moved from the upstairs down (as all have) and he didn't even have a chance to fully empty bag, so to speak, before busting out another player calling a shove with A♥Q♠ against A♦9♥. The current chip average with 150 players remaining is around 30,000, O'Connor has 155,000. It's a phenomenal stack. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_chris oconnor.jpg

Chris O'Connor, happy to have chip stacking issues


10.40pm: O'Connor smashes his way into the lead
Chris O'Connor is up to 150,000 and has quickly made himself the man to beat. The Irishman is sat behind a huge stack of chips, photo to come, and gained most of them in two keys pots; one big call and one monster clash. Or as O'Connor explained it: "Donking."

O'Connor's first pot came when he called a 23,000 shove into a 8,000 pot on a [4][5][j] flop with pocket sixes. His opponent tabled ace-king and failed to catch. Then followed the cooler, a set of tens on a ten-high board against pocket kings. His stack is monstrous and well above average, it's an online big stack. -- RD

10.25pm: Chips!
Here are some of the current big stacks, some at break, others playing:

Matej Lyko, 80,000
Filip Dahlin, 78,000
Chris O'Connor, 73,000
Breifne Earley, 68,500
Callum Smith, 60,000

Let's get back into it. -- RD

10.15pm: Dowling and Blain
Chris Dowling and Dermot Blain are two Irish players that have proved themselves with a string of live results. Dowling has made two final table cashes this year and... hold on, Chris Dowling has just walked into the press room and looks absolutely gutted.

"I don't want to tell you," he said a one part embarrassed to two points frustrated, but it sounds like a cooler of sorts, a set that got crushed by a runner-runner. Good players are toughest on themselves when the play badly, not when they get unlucky. Not great for his leaderboard efforts but at least Sam Razavi has bust. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_chris dowling.jpg

Chris Dowling

10.05pm: Swedish aggression
Young Swede Filip Dahlin is one of the players that has returned from the dinner break and he has sat down behind a 78,000 stack. Must be nice. All eyes at his table appear to be fearful so I wouldn't be surprised if he's the first to break the 100,000 mark. -- RD

9.55pm: All change
The two halves of the tournament field have swapped ends, one of which are now seated at the tables and the other in line for the fine looking carvery in the Dubliner pub (the hotel bar). -- RD

9.50pm: Chip counts
Here are a few of the chip leaders from the 'main room' of players who've just gone on break and therefore completed level seven: Matej Lyko (75,800), Breifne Earley (69,600), Thomas Nolan (68,750 - must've won another big hand just before the break), Andrew Grimason (58,025) and Paul Campbell (54,000). Also in the portion who're now on break are Fintan Gavin (23,500) and Rebecca McAdam (28,600). --NW

9.35pm: Extended break time
They've extended the break of the players who were first to go on break by 20 minutes as not everyone had managed to get through the dinner buffet in time. Level seven is over for those who weren't on break and they've now gone on break meaning there's a lull in play currently. -- NW

9.20pm: Top bombing
I missed the pre-flop action but with about 4,000 in the pot and the board showing 8♥J♦K♣ Thomas Hall bet 1,550, Thomas 'Bomber' Nolan flat called and Gary Coulahan then check-raised to 4,500 total.

This caused Hall to fold, but Nolan moved all-in for 24,175 total. There was no instant action of any kind from Coulahan, just a dwell, during which Nolan stood up and said: "I think I'm in front now." After another minutes think Coulahan released his hand and Nolan showed 5♦4♠ as he took the pot. -- NW

9.05pm: News in brief
Here's some news in brief from the downstairs tournament room:

- There's just seven tables left in action in the 'main' tournament room.

- Nicky Power is missing presumed out, "He was very short and I can't see him," said Fintan Gavin

- The aforementioned Gavin is still going well, he's on 39,050

- UKIPT Season 2 Manchester runner-up Mateusz Warowiec has 22,700

- Dara O'Kearney is down to 18,000, I saw him c-bet 1,200 on a 4♠6♥8♦ flop but have to fold to a check-raise of 3,200 total from Jane Topkin. -- NW

8.50pm: Dowling drags one
The last hand before any break can often add an extra dynamic to a hand as players minds are sometimes elsewhere and it's generally seen as an easy hand to win meaning savvy players can sometimes get into a leveling war where they both think the other player is at it.

One such big pot played out at Chris Dowling's table, there was a raise to 700, Dowling three-bet to 1,750 from the cut-off before Vytautas Milbutas then cold four-bet to 4,100 from the big blind. After the original raiser folded, Dowling made the call.

The flop of 8♠2♦[10c] elicited a c-bet of 5,100 from Milbutas and a call from Dowling. Both players checked the 3♠ turn and the 4♠ river with Dowling rolling over pocket queens to win the pot and Milbutas claiming [K][10]. "I thought about betting," Dowling but I can't think of a hand I beat that's calling."

As if to confirm this theory Milbutas said: "I wasn't calling a bet," Dowling up to 38,900. -- NW

8.42pm: Rolling on
No break for the half of the field that aren't going on dinner break yet. They play on. Within that number is Cardplayer journalist Rebecca McAdam who was last seen with a stack of around 23,000 and is holding her own against the big stacks of Fintan Gavin and Matous Lyko. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_rebecca mcadam.jpg

Rebecca McAdam at UKIPT Dublin

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (and their popcorn preference): Rick Dacey (salt and sweet, winning combo) and Nick Wright (just salted, popcorn purest). Photos by Mickey May (she don't eat no stupid popcorn because her mouth is full of foul tasting Danish liquorice).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT