Fintan Gavin leads charge to UKIPT Edinburgh final table

Irish pro Fintan Gavin holds the chip lead of UKIPT Edinburgh at the end of Day 2 with just 11 players between him and his first major title. Gavin finished second to German powerhouse and Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg at EPT Barcelona in 2008 and will be loathe to let this opportunity slip through his grasp. Gavin's lead is convincing, he bagged up a quarter of the chips in play (1,900,000) to set him well ahead of his closest rival Thomas Ward. The Scotsman sits behind him with 1,288,000 - the only other player to finish play with over a million chips.

Day 2 started with 147 players and after eleven one-hour levels we had just 12 players left, not quite the right number for the final table, but not far off. Those merry men will return tomorrow to play all the way through to the trophy and £61,500 first prize payout.

ukipt brighton_day 2_fintan gavin.jpg

Fintan Gavin, Irish legend

Gavin may well be the chip leader but that's certainly no guarantee of greatness, you can ask Sam Macdonald about that - he started the day as the biggest Day 2 stack for the third time this season and busted out in 51st. Harsh but true. Here are the overnight chip counts as they stand:

Fintan Gavin, Ireland, 1,900,000
Thomas Ward, United Kingdom, 1,288,000
Robert Swindells, United Kingdom, 903,000
Craig Brown, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 753,000
Jamie Dale, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 690,000

Kevin Letham, United Kingdom, 471,000
Andrew Hawksby, United Kingdom, 430,000
Antonis Poulengeris, United Kingdom, 409000
Alan Kirk, United Kingdom, 262,000
Alexander Wanner, Germany, 245,000
George Clyde-Smith, United Kingdom, 195,000
George Devine, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, 151,000

These final few have had to navigate a solid field to get this far. Two EPT champions cashed and fell in the shape of Julian Thew (58th) and David Vamplew (34th) while the domestic champions enjoyed a more varied success; Sam Razavi bust in (36th) but neither defending champion Nick Abou Risk nor Max Silver managed to make it to the money stages. No shame it that, gents, even Team PokerStars Pro and WSOP legend Chris Moneymaker couldn't quite get past the bubble. A short stacked Moneymaker was knocked out by Stephen Dunnett who gets to add a prized feather to his cap. A mention should also be made for Rupinder 'Buckaroo' Bedi who finished in 30th to mark a record seventh UKIPT cash.

ukipt brighton_day 2_chris moneymaker.jpg

Chris Moneymaker, bust just before the money

To catch up on all the day's action click on the links below and to see who busted where and for how much then click here. The fight for the final table starts at noon tomorrow. Join us then.

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