UKIPT Brighton: Day 1A, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)


4pm: End of level
That's the first break of UKIPT Brighton. Join us in 20 minutes. -- RD

3.50pm: Martin missing chips, Worley-Roberts raking them in
Alex Martin is down to just under 10,000 he told me: "She (Deborah Worley-Roberts) has been crushing me. "

As he was regaling his tale of woe I saw Worley-Roberts show down A♣J♥ on a board of 2♠[10h]3♦7♥3♠ to win a small pot, Martin cheekily saying: "Pairs, ace-jack, you can't help but win can you?" After that hand Worley-Roberts is up to about 24,000. -- NW

Deborah Worley-Roberts

3.38pm: LeBrucey bonus
Scotsman Ian LeBruce is sat with a pair of give-away black Beats by Dr Dre headphones nestling around his neck. Give-away in terms of what it says about him, not that they were free.

What they say to me is that he's a young online player who holds a masters in particle physics, that he finished 8th in the £100 six-max last night and has played in the same home game as EPT London winner and UKIPT Champion of Champions David Vamplew's home game for the last five years. It's incredible the information you can get from a casual glance at a shiny audio device. LeBruce's stack doesn't look much changed from its 15,000 start. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_ian lebruce.jpg

Ian LeBruce and his magical headphones

3.22pm: News in brief
We're still awaiting a seat draw from the powers that be so are a little hamstrung in what we can report as we don't have names for all the faces. But here's what I saw on my last lap of the room.

• From the button, Michael Piper bet 525 into a pot of 1,200 on a flop of Q♣9♣K♦ and his opponent folded, Piper up to about 17,000.

• Mateusz Warowiec wasting little time getting into the action, raising to 250 and getting more folds than an origami expert to win the pot uncontested.

• On a flop of K♠6♠6♥ a player moved all-in for 6,425 over the top of a bet of 3,200. It seemed impossible that the other player could find a fold but find a fold he did and the all-in player showed 6♣6♦ for quads.

• Also a total of four players have exited in the opening 90 minutes. -- NW

3.02pm: Fashionably late
Level one is in the books and around 223 players are currently in their seats. Players are still continuing to register and UKIPT 2 Manchester runner-up Mateusz Warowiec is one of the late comers. Many tables are still playing six handed or less. -- NW


2.55pm: Jarvis rollercoastering
Ross Jarvis wandered over to media row desk and knowing his aggressive nature we asked if he was out already. "No but I nearly was," was his reply. "Go on," was ours," so he did. "I lost 5,000 on the first hand when I missed a straight flush draw and then doubled up the next hand with the nut flush. Both against the same guy, I've got 20,000." -- NW

2.45pm: Mason doubles, man overboard
Jen Mason has all but doubled up to 30,000 and eliminated a player in the process. With a flop of [6][6][2] there was a bet of around 5,000 in front of her opponent and Mason had moved all-in. After a dwell her opponent called all-in and showed pocket kings, but Mason had him pipped with pocket aces for a level one cooler. An ace on the turn sealed the deal and vaulted her into an early chip lead. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1a_jen mason.jpg

Jen Mason: early double up with aces through kings

2.42pm: Multilingual Schaffmann
Season one UKIPT Nottingham runner-up Oliver Schaffmann may well be German but he seems to have a fine grasp on both English and poker text speak. He's off to a fine start according to his Twitter account: "Lol booom landed some sicko table, fishmans deluxe. 2 orbits in 19k lolaments."

The direct translation for that is: "Ha ha hurray! I've been seated at a wild table, ripe with bad players and chips to be won. After two revolutions of play I am up to 19,000. What a crazy game poker is." -- RD

2.35pm: Amongst the headphones and hoodies
The first sweep of the room has unearthed a few familiar faces amongst the 'randoms'. There's WSOP bracelet winner and UK poker legend Willie Tann, EPT San Remo final tablist Michael Piper (without the tache) and Alex Martin who's fresh off a WSOP final table. And sat side by side are poker players/journalists Jen Mason and Ross Jarvis. More familiar names will no doubt take their seats as the tables continue to fill up. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1a_jen mason and ross jarvis.jpg

Jen Mason and Ross Jarvis

2.25pm: Level confirmation
We've just had it confirmed (for now) that we'll be playing ten levels and that insinuates a dinner break around the end of level six. -- RD

2.16pm: Starting stacks
We're doing a sweep of the room to get some names and notables into the chip counts but a quick surmise of today's tournament: we've got one hour levels and a 15,000 starting stack starting at the 25-50 level for 300 big blinds. Plenty of play but no doubt there'll still be some atrocious moves to bust those big starting stacks. -- RD

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
Well amazingly given the scene some 15 minutes ago the tournament has started on time. Many of the tables are playing very short handed. In fact Ollie Schaffmann is playing someone heads-up on table three at the moment. -- NW

1.15pm: Welcome to Brighton
Las Vegas has got nothing on Brighton. You can keep your fancy restaurants, we've got fish and chips. Forget about the rides at the Stratosophere, there are amusement arcades galore on the seafront. Whatever Vegas can do, Brighton can do better (and we'll keep telling ourselves that for the next four days).

The UKIPT Brighton main event carries a £500 buy-in and is set to start at 2pm. The chances of it starting at two on the dot? Approximately zero, but we will keep you up to speed. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_carousel.jpg

Play set to start shortly

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of times woken up by fire alarms last night): Rick Dacey (twice, didn't bother getting out of bed the second time) and Nick Wright (zero, was still awake playing poker). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT