UKIPT Brighton: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG4pm: Break time
Players are now on their first 20 minute break of the day. Join us in a new post shortly. -- NW

3.50pm: Final table re-dux?
There are a few players in the field who know what it's like to make a UKIPT final table here's how they've got on in the opening couple of levels:

• Dan Owston (7th UKIPT Manchester, Season 1) is up to 22,400 after making a nice river call with [10h]4♥ on a 5♣[10c]3♠8♥2♠ board facing two barrels of aggression from his opponent.

• Tim Bettingen (4th UKIPT Nottingham, Season 2) has 19,100 and a look of steely determination.

• Mike Hill (three time UKIPT final tablist) 16,500, sat to the right of Nick Wealthall who's currently involved in a heated discussion about the merits (or lack of ) of the latest Transformers movie.

• Chris Dowling (two time UKIPT final tablist) already doubled his stack to around 31,000.

• Paul Nash (6th UKIPT Manchester, Season 2) up to 16,400 after four-betting pre-flop.

Keep an eye on the chip counts page, we'll be updating it throughout the day. -- NW

3.39pm: Abou Risk on the warpath
When I spoke to double UKIPT winner Nick Abou Risk earlier he said he was a little disappointed to have busted the WSOP main event. Considering he not only holds a smattering of percentages of players in the WSOP main event who are well above average and has just doubled to 30,000 with kings to queens here in Brighton, things don't look too bad for him right now. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_nick abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk: Early double spells trouble

3.28pm: Vegas returns
Last year's UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland isn't here to defend his title as he's still in the WSOP main event. However, there are a few players in the field who are coming off the back of some solid WSOP results.

Warren Wooldridge finished third in a $1,000 event banking nearly $300,000 and Paul Nash (currently third in the UKIPT leaderboard) came fifth in a $1,500 event for over $120,000. -- NW

3.18pm: Bobby Big Head
Day 1A chip leader Chris O'Donnell was a bit of an unknown quantity for us yesterday. He seemed to know what he was doing but was he just a player that was running good? It seems not. EPT winner Toby Lewis told us that he's known Chris O'Donnell for a few years having met him in Southampton through poker a few years ago and also mentioned that he's usually called 'Bobby Big Head.' I'm not sure cash game grinder O'Donnell will thank his old housemate for disclosing that, but these things are best out in the open. - RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_chris odonnell.jpg

Big head? Chris O'Donnell playing yesterday

3.08pm: Tough draw
Opening table draws are an often overlooked factor of tournament variance. It may not have gone missing on Chris Dowling, Rupiner Bedi and Will Fry who are all sat within four seats of each other on table 17.


2.55pm: Lewis likes table draw
EPT Villamoura winner Toby Lewis has had a bit of run good already tweeting: "Just started UKIPT Brighton, table looks hilar soft obv! Don't recognise any1..." I expect there's another tweet floating around from someone saying: "Uh-oh Toby Lewis just sat at my table, day just got a bit tougher." -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_toby lewis.jpg

EPT winner Toby Lewis

2.45pm: Set over set
Another player to enjoy an early double up is Patrick Hennessey, eliminating a player in the process. He told me: "I flopped a set of fives, he turned a set of twos. I think he put me on ace-jack as there was a jack on the flop."

Five players have been knocked out in the opening 45 minutes, their seats are eagerly being taken by the alternates. -- NW

2.35pm: The stars come out
In a tournament with two starting days Day 1B will almost always attract more well known players than Day 1A. As well as the EPT champions already mentioned Toby Lewis is also here. There's a smattering of UKIPT champs in the field too with Femi Fakinle and Matthew McDerra looking to claim a second title.

And whilst Team PokerStars pro UK is still going strong in the WSOP main event in the shape of JP Kelly, Jude Ainsworth represents here in Brighton.

Add Michael Greco, Mickey Wernick, Charalambos Xanthos and current UKIPT leaderboard leader Chris Dowling (who has Rupinder Bedi two to his left) into the mix and it should be a fun day's play to cover. Stick with us. -- NW

2.30pm: Two early double ups
Mark Southwood and Spencer Lawrence have both enjoyed early double ups. Southwood value jammed aces after his three-bet squeeze was min-raised by the big blind. "He had to have aces or kings so I thought I should just get it in," said Southwood. Pocket kings snapped him off and an ace on the flop settled the matter.

Lawrence explained his own double up succinctly: "Set of queens versus a set of fives."

Another EPT winner, Will Fry, has just arrived, looking somewhat flustered. -- RD

2.15pm: Champs favouring late entry
In the last couple of minutes both EPT Prague champion Roberto Romanello and UKIPT double winner Nick Abou Risk have picked up their seat draw cards. That's a small drop in the field's tournament equity right there. Romanello is not alone, he's accompanied by a couple of clan members. My money's on Romanello senior. -- RD

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
It's looking like alternates are coming into play today and that means a lot of players, over 300. Confirmation of that when we get it. A lot of chips will be in play today and that should allow at least a couple of players to have a decent run at topping Chris O'Donnell's 180,500 Day 1A chip stack. -- RD

1.52pm: A tale of two main events
While all eyes are obviously on this main event in Brighton there's also the little matter of the WSOP main event in Las Vegas. If you read last night's Day 1A wrap you would have seen four UKIPT regulars mentioned: Jamie Burland, Chris Brammer, David Vamplew and Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly. All four are still in the Big One, now into Day 4. Good luck to them. -- RD

1.45pm: Players arriving
The tournament floor here in the Hilton Metropole, Brighton is a hive of activity. Players are exchanging their online registration forms for a seat draw card and with the tournament due to start in 15 minutes plenty of the tables are starting to fill. Yesterday saw 248 players condensed down to 63, we're likely to have more starters today. We'll give you final numbers after level 3 when registration comes to a close. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_brighton beach.jpg

Brighton in the summer time...

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (in order of proximity to the tournament floor right now): Rick Dacey (perched on edge of blogging station that has been overrun by floor staff) and Nick Wright (corner of the tournament room with a pair of binoculars, scouring the field for players to add to the chip count list). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT