UKIPT Brighton: Day 2, level 19, 20 & 21 updates (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.30am: Play is done for the day
That's the end of level 21 and the end of play for the night. A full wrap of the day's play and chip counts are on the way. -- NW

3.20am: Cooler on the last hand of the night
Players sometimes get it in a little light on the last hand of the night but two genuine premium hands collided in a hand here in Brighton.

Jeff Duvall made it 27,000 to play, David Rudling-Smith three-bet to 74,000 from the small blind, before Alex Ferguson made it 164,000 from the big blind. Back on Duvall he moved all-in for around 500,000 and Ferguson called. On their backs:

Duvall: A♥A♠
Ferguson: A♣A♦

The flop was 6♣7♣5♣ giving Ferguson a free roll but the turn and river were both blanks and they chopped the pot. -- NW

3.15am: Michael Kossov eliminated in 12th place (£2,900)
Alex Ferguson made it 24,000 to go and was flat called by Jaroslav Horak, Jeff Duvall and Michael Kossov, the latter was in the big blind and only had about 10 big blinds to start the hand.

As the dealer was preparing to spread the flop Kossov said: "Any part of it will do dealer," as the J♦3♥[10c] hit the table Kossov said: "That'll do dealer," and moved all-in, Ferguson quickly folded, Horak made the call and Duvall got out the way.

"Jack-nine any good?" said Kossov flipping J♠9♦ but it was behind Horak's A♥J♥ and it stayed that way on the 6♥ turn and 3♣ river. -- NW

3.10am: Four more hands
The clock has been halted and the two tables will play four more hands. -- RD

3am: Spencer Lawrence eliminated in 13th place (£2,900)
The impending final table hasn't slowed the action at all but Spencer Lawrence just got desperately unlucky to bust in 13th place.

Jaroslav Horak opened to 27,000 with A♦[10s], Lawrence three-bet to 100,000 with pocket jacks, Horak 4-bet to 246,000, Lawrence five-bet all-in to 570,000 total and Horak called it off.

The flop was 5♠9♥3♥ safe enough for Lawrence's pocket pair. The turn though was the A♠ giving Horak the lead and the Q♦ completed the board, eliminating Lawrence and giving Horak a stack of around 1,250,000 and the chip lead. -- NW

2.53am: Mohammed Ibrahim eliminated in 14th place (£2,350)
The action was started by Chris O'Donnell who raised to 26,000, next to act Neil Barron announced all-in and it folded to Mohammed Ibrahim in the big blind who asked for a count. The shove was for 371,000, Ibrahim had about 200,000 total and after getting the count announced that he too was all-in, O'Donnell swiftly folded.

Barron: A♥K♥
Ibrahim: [10d][10c]

The flop was 6♥2♥5♦ giving Barron a flush draw as well as the overs. The turn was the 3♠ giving Barron even more outs and one of them - the J♥ - duly arrived on the river. "Never in doubt Neil," shouted his rail.

Thirteen players remain and there's 20 minutes of play left, looks like we'll be just shy of reaching the final table tonight. -- NW

2.43am: Blame it on the sheet
"If you blog this, blame it on the sheet," said Mohammed Ibrahim.

Richard Hasancebi had led 40,000 into the 6♥4♠5♦ flop and Ibrahim had raised to 115,000. Hasancebi looked at the flop again and moved all-in for 447,000. Ibrahim had a decision on his hands. He got the stacks counted out and saw that he would be left with 150,000 if he lost and then consulted the payout sheet. The money up top persuaded him to gamble, "I call."

Hasancebi: 6♠7♦
Ibrahim: J♠7♠

Ibrahim didn't like seeing the seven in Hasancebi's hand, as it left with with just three clean outs. He didn't catch them and Hasancebi chipped up to 950,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_mohammed ibrahim.jpg

Brave call from Mohammed Ibrahim

2.41am: Scott Elsden eliminated in 15th place (£2,350)
Pre-flop David Rudling-Smith raised to 27,000 and both blinds called. On the flop o f J♠[J]6♠ Scott Elsden and Rudi Johnsen both checked to Ruddling-Smith who bet 35,000, both players made the call.

The turn was the [10h] it checked round and the 8♠ completed the board. At this point Elsden led for 100,000, Johnsen set him all-in, Ruddling-Smith got out the way and Elsden called all-in. Johnsen rolled over pocket eights for a rivered full house whilst Elsden showed pocket sixes for an underfull. After than hand Johnsen is now up to 800,000. -- NW

In other news Michael Kossov has moved to table two and Chris O'Donnell is now seated at table one. -- NW

2.29am: Chip counts from table two

Seat one: Rudi Johnsen - 400,000
Seat two: Spencer Lawrence - 570,000
Seat four: David Rudling-Smith - 540,000
Seat five: Alex Ferguson - 1,100,000
Seat six: Jaroslav Horak - 750,000
Seat seven: Jeff Duvall - 500,000
Seat eight: Scott Elsden - 320,000

2.24am: Chip counts from table one
Below is the seat draw and chip counts from table one:

Seat One: Michael Kossov, United Kingdom, 340,000
Seat Two: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 330,000
Seat Three: Mohammed Ibrahim, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 540,000

Seat Five: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 850,000
Seat Six: Andrew Miles, United Kingdom, 460,000
Seat Seven: Christopher O'Donnell, United Kingdom, 570,000
Seat Eight: David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 800,000
Seat Nine: Neil Barron, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 480,000

2.22am: Back from the break
Players are now back in their seats. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000

2.06am: Break time
Players are now on a 15 minute break

2.06am: Lawlor spun out
Richie Lawlor's comeback has been cut short by Jeff Duvall. Lawlor's pocket tens failed to beat Duvall's A♣K♣ and he's been sent to the rail in 16th. Duvall up to 450,000.

Break time, one last level to play. -- RD

12.37am: Lawlor spinning it up
Richie Lawlor was down to just a few big blinds and he's managed to spin that up to 210,000. His last double up was with A♠T♠ against Alex Ferguson's A♣5♦. - RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_richie lawlor.jpg

Richie Lawlor: courageous comeback

2.05am: Richie Lawlor trebles up
From early position Richie Lawlor moved in for 40,000, Rudi Johnsen then flat called before David Ruddling-Smith put in a small raise, forcing Johnsen out. On their backs:

Lawlor: J♥T♠
Ruddling-Smith: K♣4♣

The board ran 2♠6♠3♣5♠9♠ and Lawlor fist-pumped the river as he tripled up. He finished 28th in Newcastle and is making another deep run here. -- NW

2am: Beaumont out in 17th (£2,350)
Lynne Beaumont's three-bet shove with K♠Q♦ would have been a nice one in many situations but unfortunately she made that move into the pocket aces of Andrew Miles. She caught a queen on the turn but couldn't catch the river to suck out. Miles now up to 500,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_lynne beaumont2.jpg

Lynne Beaumont, out in 17th

1.55am: Clocking up the miles
After Dave Trigg had made it 26,500 to go from middle position Richard Hasancebi three-bet to 53,000 from the button and then Sinem Melin cold four-bet to 200,500 from the big blind.

Back on Trigg he began to tank and talk saying: "It might be a £70,000 flip," all three players were deep stacked with between 880,000 and 630,000. "I think this might be a 1,500,000 chip flip," said Trigg. He clearly was taking his time over a difficult decision and eventually Andy Miles decided to call the clock. As the seconds ticked down Trigg said: "I'll get you later," before folding his hand with about four seconds left, Hasancebi meanwhile took about four seconds total to muck his. -- NW

1.46am: Chip counts from table two

Seat one: Rudi Johnsen - 500,000
Seat two: Spencer Lawrence - 700,000
Seat three: Chris O'Donnell - 350,000
Seat four: David Rudling-Smith - 540,000
Seat five: Alex Ferguson - 1,000,000
Seat six: Richie Lawlor - 40,000
Seat seven: Jaroslav Horak - 780,000
Seat eight: Jeff Duvall - 270,000
Seat nine: Scott Elsden - 320,000

Elsden just doubled through Richie Lawlor in a flip. The Irishman looked pretty gutted, he's down to fumes. -- RD

1.40am: Chip counts from table one
Below is the seat draw and chip counts from table one:

Seat One: Michael Kossov, United Kingdom, 290,000
Seat Two: Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 630,000
Seat Three: Mohammed Ibrahim, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 530,000
Seat Four: Empty
Seat Five: Sinem Melin, United Kingdom, 960,000
Seat Six: Andrew Miles, United Kingdom, 290,000
Seat Seven: Lynne Beaumont, United Kingdom, 380,000
Seat Eight: David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 770,000
Seat Nine: Neil Barron, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 450,000

1.30am: Parvis Tafreshi eliminated in 18th place (£1,850)
I only saw the action on the turn but with the board reading 4♦9♠3♥A♥ and around 180,000 in the pot, Parvis Tafreshi moved all-in for about 160,000 over the top of a bet from Richard Hasancebi, the latter snap called and showed A♥A♣, Tafreshi was way behind although not drawing dead with pocket fives.

The river was low but it was the 6♦ and Tafreshi is the first player out since the players combined to two tables. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_parvis tafreshi.jpg

Parivs Tafreshi - 18th place finisher

1.25am: Horvak holds to bust Shaw
Jaroslav Horak just won a chunky flip to knock out Mike Shaw, pocket tens to ace-queen. Horak kept muttering hold under his breath, it seemed to work.

A few hands later Spencer Lawrence pushed Antonino Milioti out the tournament with pocket tens rivering a set to beat Milioti's ace-king. Both Horak and Lawrence up to around 700,000. -- RD

1.20am: Two more exits
Two all-in and calls occurred at the same time, both saw the shortstack eliminated.

Hand One: Patrick Thompson shoved 150,000 from the small blind with 9♥3♥ only for David Trigg to wake up with A♠A♥. The board of A♣2♥8♦8♠4♥ ensuring there was no Faraz Jaka style suck out, Trigg is up to 800,000.

Hand two: Pre-flop Daren Lury moved all-in for his last 130,000 with A♠J♣ and one spot to his left Alex Ferguson woke up with A♥K♦ and held. The latter is the first to break the million chip mark, he has 1,100,000. -- NW

1.14am: Chip counts from table two
Going clockwise from seat one: Rudi Johnsen (610,000), Spencer Lawrence (490,000), Chris O'Donnell (250,000), David Rudling-Smith (530,000), Mike Shaw (235,000), Jaroslav Horak (630,000) and Jeff Duvall (340,000).

Ruddling-Smith in particular has been up and down like a yo-yo today. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_david ruddling-smith.jpg

David Ruddling-Smith

1.09am: Just when I thought I was out...
Fabio Esposito was up out of his chair and ready to leave the tournament. He had just lost all but 20,000 of his stack in a 250,000 pot to Andrew Miles after his ace-king had lost out pre-flop to king queen.

The Italian tossed his last 20,000 in from the button and was looked up by two players, including Miles, and promptly trebled through with Q♥3♥. Esposito has just six big blinds with 60,000. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ANTE 1,000

1.00am: More for Ferguson
With the elimination of Mark Smith, chip leader Alex Ferguson has been moved to table three in the name of balancing. He's to the direct right of fellow big stack Sinem Melin but he wasted little time in getting into the action.

He min-raised with A♦K♦ and then called when Tom Hall shoved his last 12 big blinds in with [10s][10c]. A board of A♣J♥2♥4♠6♣ bounced Hall from the tournament and Ferguson said: "I'm running good." He's up to 930,000. -- NW

12.55am: Smith eliminated by Melin
I didn't see the action but Daren Lury told me that Mark Smith had jammed the river of a [A][Q][5][5][X] board and Sinem Melin, who had Smith covered had called with [A][Q]. Smith, who started the hand with 180,000 didn't show his hand though the table speculated that he must've had [A][K]. After that hand Melin is up to 760,000. - NW

12.50am: More gone
Just 25 remain and it looks like Mark Smith may be on his way out too.

26th: Alex Zeligman, United Kingdom, PokerStars players, £1,400
27th: Ross Mcmahon, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,400

28th: Dom Coleman, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,200
29th: Tom Drew, United Kingdom, £1,200
30th: Casper Kyhl, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, £1,200

Just three tables remain as we play through the ninth one-hour level of the day. -- RD

12.45am: Beware the Barron
A huge pot was just shipped in the direction of Neil Barron. I joined the action to see a flop of 2♥J♠4♥, Parvis Tafreshi had led for 42,000, Barron had moved all-in for 230,000 and Mohammed Ibrahim had moved all-in over the top covering both players.

The action was now on Tafreshi who had about 200,000 back, eventually he passed what he said was A♥[10h] and it was time for the reveal:

Barron: J♣J♥
Ibrahim: 2♣2♥

It was a set over set cooler, the 3♥ turn would've given the pot to Tafreshi had he stayed in as the Q♦ completed the board. After that hand Barron has around 550,000 whilst Ibrahim slips to 220,000. -- NW

12.37am: Smith cracks Zeligman
Mark Smith called a short stack shove from Alex Zeligman with pocket eights and flopped a set to crack Zeligman's pocket jacks. Smith up to 300,000, Zeligman out. -- RD

12.35am: Trigg takes another scalp
The chip stack of David Trigg continues to trend upwards... from the small blind Ross Mcmahon made it 18,000 from a stack of 190,000 and Trigg defended from the big. The flop was 7♥6♠Q♣ and Mcmahon led, Trigg set him in and Mcmahon made the call.

Trigg: Q♠7♠
Mcmahon: A♦A♠

Turn: 5♠
River: K♠

Even though he didn't need it Trigg rivered a spade to flush Mcmahon out of the tournament. There are 25 players left. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 2_ross mcmahon.jpg

Ross McMahon: "Who flops two-pair there?"

12.30pm: Coleman doesn't pass mustard
After a raise to 18,000 from Patrick Thompson and a flat call from David Rudling-Smith, Dominc Coleman moved all-in for 77,500 total. After Thompson had folded Rudling-Smith made a quick call:

Rudling-Smith: K♦J♦
Coleman: Q♣J♦

The flop of [10c]9♠[10d] was about as good as it could get for Coleman without him actually connecting. But the 2♠ turn and 2♥ river kept Rudling-Smith in the lead and he's now up to 500,000. -- NW

12.20am: Snippets of action

- David Rudling-Smith is up to 400,000 after four flushing the nut flush.

- Michael Kossov wins perhaps the minimum against Neil Barron with flopped trips in a battle of the blinds. Barron holds A♥K♦ on a 9♠9♥4♠A♠7♥ board, Kossov holds 9♣5♦ and just calls Barron's 28,000 lead on the river.

- Rudi Johnsen limps. That is news in of itself, it's the first time I've seen him do that. -- RD

12.15am: Chip counts
Click right here to get the current chip counts of all 28 remaining players, below for your delectation are the current top five:

Alex Ferguson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 800000
Rudi Johnsen, Norway, PokerStars Qualifier, 680000
David Trigg, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 605000
Jaroslav Horak, Czech Republic, PokerStars Qualifier, 540000
Richard Hasancebi, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 525000

Play will continue until we reach the final table (eight players) or until the end of level 21. It'll be close. -- NW

12am: Big money on the horizon
One of these last few players will be winning £71,000 tomorrow and claiming the UKIPT Brighton title. Let's get back into it. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_Rudi Johnsen.jpg

Rudi Johnsen is among the chip leaders

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Brighton (and their randomly generated superhero name): Rick Dacey (The Super-Intelligent Albino) and Nick Wright (The Charismatic Worm). Photos by Mickey May (The Radioactive Squirrel).

Rick Dacey
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