UKIPT Cork: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200)


6.25pm: End of level
It's another break and the players are shuffling out of the tournament room. -- RD

6.20pm: Stacking up
There's a couple of larger stacks already emerging, two of which are at the same table, the one vacated by Chris Brammer. Jamie Flynn is up to 55,000, Mark MacDonnell is on close to 40,000 and Johnny Wilson a more modest 27,000.

All three of the aforementioned players were involved in the last hand. MacDonnell opened under-the-gun for 450 and was called, also in early position, by Flynn before Wilson three-bet to 1,700 from the big blind. Both called. Wilson c-bet 3,000 into the Q♥9♣A♣ flop and was quickly min-raised to 6,000 by MacDonnell. Flynn moved out the way and Wilson shoved. Quick fold from MacDonnell. -- RD

6.05pm: Exits
Recent exits include: Andrew Ferguson and UKIPT Manchester runner-up Mateusz Warowiec. -- NW

5.55pm: Play it again Kevin?
Kevin 'Lovejoy' O'Leary is down to 3,900 and told me, "I want to play Day 1B!" O'Leary often uses a plastic giraffe as a card protector and strangely enough two other players in the field - Luke Fields and Dan Morgan - are also using them today. "My lawyers will be in touch," said O'Leary. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_kevin o'leary.jpg

Kevin O'Leary: getting the lawyers in!

5.52pm: O'Rourke backs in
Gavin O'Rourke was a breakaway chip leader at the end of the first ever UKIPT Day 1 but had failed to convert that into a cash finish. He did, however, just manage to convert a nut flush draw into top pair with A♦T♦ on a 3♦7♥J♦J♣A♥ board. That 3,000 pot propped him back up to his starting stack. -- RD

5.45pm: Vamplew gets some back
Earlier we reported that EPT London winner David Vamplew was down to 2.600 after getting rivered in a large pot. He's got some back but is still grinding a short stack. I saw him move all-in for 2,075 into a pot of 2,300 with a board of 7♦[10s]J♦6♣ his lone opponent, Liz Kelly, gave it a good old think up before folding her hand. -- NW

5.35pm: King Kirby
An interesting hand just played out at table 17 with Owen Robinson a keen observer. From the hi-jack Anthony Lynch made it 400 to play and was flat called by Shirley Lacey on the button and Martin Kirby from the big blind.

All three players checked the flop of 5♥6♦2♠ and the A♣ fell on the turn. It was checked to Lacey who bet 400, Kirby called and Lynch then check-raised to 2,000 total, only Kirby called.

The river was the Q♠ and Kirby checked to Lynch to bet 2,200, a bet that Kirby check-raised to 6.125 total. After a minute or so in the tank Lynch folded 6♥5♠ face-up. -- NW


5.27pm: Docherty and his magic hat
David Docherty is a player I've seen at a lot of events and seems to be a player of quality, i.e. he talks the poker talk, has a solid smattering of credible results (including 4th in the UKIPT Nottingham high roller and 36th in the 2009 £10,000 WSOPE Main Event) and, perhaps the key element here, always wear a ludicrously large hat. One of those large brimmed baseball caps sported by most hip-hop stars and young American online players (see Chris Oliver, runner-up in the PCA main event).

Docherty is currently running low on 8,000 and that's after doubling through Iqbal Ahmed after shoving the river of a J♣7♥J♦K♣6♥ board with A♠J♥. Ahmed had tank-called spending a good 15 seconds staring directly at Docherty before realising that approach was a pointless venture and that perhaps just thinking about the hand was a better idea. That said, he called and lost. -- RD

5.13pm: Newport in trouble
We mentioned Nicholas Newport as being a player to watch. He still is, but now for different reasons. He's down to 6,000 having had the nut flush flopped against him. -- RD

5.03pm: Dowling dents Keating
Dubliner Chris Dowling already has one UKIPT final table to his name this season (Nottingham, sixth) and he's going well here in Cork. He opened to 400 from under-the-gun and was flat called by Gary Kelleher one seat along, before Simon Keating put in a three-bet to 1,400. Back to Dowling and he called but Kelleher got out the way.

The flop was 2♥8♦8♣ and Dowling check-called a bet of 1,600. The 2♦ turn double paired the board and Dowling check-called again, this time for 2,650. Both players checked the 7♣ river with Dowling showing pocket sixes and Keating A♣K♥. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_chris dowling.jpg

Chris Dowling

4.57pm: Brammer out
Chris Brammer, last year's UKIPT leader board champion, has taken an early fall after getting big slick in against Mark MacDonnell's A♥A♠. MacDonnell had three-bet an early position raiser to 1,150 and Brammer had cold four-bet to 2,825 from the big blind. The initial raiser side-stepped the action and MacDonnell shoved all-in. Brammer, a little reluctantly, made the call for his remaining 11,000 and quickly saw how thin he was drawing. Even thinner when an ace hit the flop.

"I've just missed the flight back, as well," said Brammer ruing the set-up.

What about the side events? "There's too much going on online at the moment," Brammer explained in reference to SCOOP.

Not even the €1,500 high roller? "I'm playing the SCOOP main event (€10,000 buy-in) on Sunday so, yeah, I've probably got time to win the high roller and the SCOOP," he said. There's confidence for you. -- RD

4.50pm: Mallin bashed by Baker
Trish Mallin, the runner-up at UKIPT Galway, is down to around 6,000 after losing a huge pot to Phil Baker who now has around 34,000. I missed the pre-flop action but all the chips flew in on a flop of 4♦3♠2♦ with Baker having 4♠3♣ and Mallin holding pocket aces. The turn was the 5♥ to give Mallin a straight, but Baker filled up on the 3♥ river. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_phil baker.jpg

Phil Baker standing up

4.40pm: All the way from Canada
Meet Dan Williams; a PokerStars qualifier who's come all the way from Canada to play this event. William's a Supernova on PokerStars where he mostly plays limit hold'em. "There's still a few of us dinosaurs left," he said. He won his seat to Cork in an FPP satellite and has also won a seat to the Estrellas Poker Tour event in Alicante. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_dan williams.jpg

From Canada to Cork

4.30pm: Chip counts
Players are back in their seats, here are the chip counts of some of the notables in the field today: JP Kelly (29,000), Mick McCloskey (14,100), Andrew Ferguson (9,025), Chris Brammer (16,100), Dan Morgan (18,000), Dan Williams (14,475), David Vamplew (2,600), Kevin O'Leary (13,800), Luke Fields (27,100), Nicky Power (16,700), Phil Baker (17,000) and Simon Deadman (9,000).

ukipt cork_day 1a_jp kelly.jpg

Kelly has nearly double the starting stack

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (in order of cups of tea drunk today): Nick Wright (three and a half) and Rick Dacey (two). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT