UKIPT Cork: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)


8.45pm: End of level, dinner break split begins
That's the end of the level of the first half of the field departs for the buffet, the second half continues to play. -- RD

8.40pm: Bluff picked off
Sergi Monferrer Trevejo - yes, he that just despatched JP Kelly - just missed out on another large pot after his opponent, Ross Johnson, picked off a bluff on the river of a 7♦9♦2♦7♠4♣ board.

Monferrer Trevejo had three-bet to 2,650 over Johnson's cut-off raise to 725 and Johnson has made the call. The Spaniard c-bet 2,600 into the flop, Johnson called. Bothe players checked the turn before Monferrer Trevejo pushed out 6,700 into that 4♣ river. Johnson took his time but eventually made the call with 9♣5♣ beating the ace-high A♦K♣ of Monferrer Trevejo. Both players finished the hand with 60,000. -- RD

8.30pm: JP Kelly eliminated
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has been eliminated and Sergi Monferrer Trevejo now has a huge stack. I didn't catch the action first hand but the action was relayed to me by another player at the table. Down to just 5,000 Kelly moved all-in with pocket fours ove the top of a limp and got two callers Port and another player.

Both active players checked the J♦9♦8♦ flop before both players moved all-in on the [10s] turn. Sergi Monferrer Trevejo showed [K][Q] for a king high straight, whilst his opponent had [A][Q]. The river was the J♠ and Sergi Monferrer Trevejo now has 60,000 and eliminated two players in one hand. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_jp kelly.jpg

JP Kelly (left) and Sergi Monferrer Trevejo

8.23pm: Never celebrate early, Slater
Tim Slater just committed the cardinal of celebrating too early. That will only anger the poker Gods, they don't like to be taken for granted as Slater just found out.

In a four-way flop Slater had fired 2,200 into a T♣9♣5♥ flop and Derrick Wall had raised to 4,700. Slater wasted no time in shoving and Wall, well covered by Slater, quickly made the call.

Slater: 8♣7♣ for an open-ended straight flush draw
Wall: 9♥9♠ for middle set

The A♣ hit the turn and Slater celebrated by banging the table. Too soon, Timothy, too soon. The T♥ filled Wall's house and saw the pot switch directions.

"Oh (something) (something)," wailed Slater. Quite.Slater still over 20,000 but missed out on a large stack ahead of the split dinner break. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_.tim slaterjpg

Tim Slater, one card away from a big stack

8.15pm: Three bet then c-bet
That's a tactic that just worked out pretty well for Jason Tompkins. From under-the-gun+1 Donal O'Connor made it 625 to go and was flat called by Phil Baker in middle position before Tompkins made it 2,175 to go from the small blind. The initial raiser made a quick call, Baker took his time, getting a rough count of Tompkins stack (16,000) before he too made the call.

The flop was J♥5♠Q♦ and a c-bet of 2,950 from Topkins was enough to earn him the pot. -- NW

8pm: 'Live poker is rigged'
So said Luke Fields when faced with a tricky river decision. I joined the action to see a full board of [10s]8♥J♥6♥6♣, there was approximately 12,000 in the pot and Fields put out a bet of 10,975. After thinking for a minute or so, his lone opponent, Mark Baxter, moved all-in for 24,000 total. Fields shook his head, counted out the call, shook his head some more and eventually folded his hand, but not before showing it to Baxter. The rest of the table asked Fields what he had and he had folded and he said, "Flush." -- NW

7.55pm: Vamplew rail on the up
David Vamplew's table is right next to the bar, which is increasingly becoming the place to be, particularly with players that Vamplew seems to know (Andrew Ferguson, for instance, has been there ever since his knock-out.

UKIPT winner Jamie Burland, another player with a new haircut, watched on as Vamplew opened the cut-off for 600 and then shipped in his 8,000 to a three-bet from Jamie Flynn on the button. Flynn didn't seem very interested playing for that much and passed his hand.

"Wiiiiiii," said Burland excitedly, pint in hand. Not necessarily the best preparation before Day 1B, Jamie. That said, Guinness has plenty of iron in it, I hear. -- RD

7.50pm: Power play
I've updated the chip counts page, currently up with the chip leaders is Nicky Power who has 40,000. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_nicky power.jpg

Nicky Power

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.35pm: Smoking Gritans
Artis Gritans is a player that looks likely to be lively. I've twice since him limp punish with a pre-flop raise and fire a spray of chips at the flop. It's worked both times and unless anyone does anything to stop him I doubt he'll stop doing it.

We've had the player numbers (semi) confirmed as being 320 entrants today. It should make for a large prize pool. -- RD

7.25pm: O'Donovan takes one from Kelly
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly isn't having it all his own way as Dave O'Donovan just made a nice call to take a pot from the two time bracelet winner.

Kelly got the action started by raising to 700 from under-the-gun, O'Donovan (small blind) was the only caller. The flop fell 8♣8♦2♥ and O'Donovan led for 1,100, Kelly made the call. Both players checked the J♣ turn and the Q♥ completed the board. Again O'Donovan checked, Kelly bet 3,700, O'Donovan called and showed K♦Q♦. Kelly tapped the table and mucked his hand. -- NW

7.17pm: Vamplew moves, continues to survive
David Vamplew has managed to grind his way back up to 7,500 from a low point of 2,600. His table recently broke and shifted him to a seat sandwiched between two big stacks, Jamie Flynn and Mark MacDonnell. Should the EPT winner double up again he'll be in a great position to stack up given that the table is relatively flush with chips (considering the current stage of play anyway). -- RD

7.10pm: Bet and take
Oluwashola Akindele made a deep run at the Nottingham UKIPT but fell just short of the money. She's got about 12,500 at the moment and just took down a small pot. She raised to 650 pre-flop and picked up two callers. A c-bet of 1,150 on the 2♣9♥4♦ flop was enough to earn her the pot. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_oluwashola akindele.jpg

Oluwashola Akindele

7.05pm: Chipcounts
We had a request for some chipcounts on the UKIPT Facebook page well here they are: Ben Martin (14,950), Phil Smith (23,500), David Doherty (5,000) - last seen shoving all-in from the button and winning the pot uncontested. -- NW

6.50pm: Players return
Registration has finally closed and we should have final number of Day 1A runners shortly. Antes haven't started yet, but will come the beginning of the next level. Then the real fun starts.

We're sat a yard and a half away from the PA speaker and each time an announcement is made it feels as if your head is being put in a vice. It keeps you on your toes at least. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_tournament room.jpg

Excuse me, I think we asked for some large branding?

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (in order of who we think would win in a fight between JP Kelly and Liv Boeree): Nick Wright (Boeree, she'd have the red mist) and Rick Dacey (dead heat, Kelly would refuse to swing back but wouldn't hit the canvas). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT