UKIPT Cork: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 50)

ukiptthumb.JPG11.50pm: Breaktime
That's eight levels in the books, three more to go. Sam Macdonald, a PokerStars qualifier, appears to have seized the chip lead as he has a stack of 140,000. A lot of his chips appear to have come from former chipleader Sergi Monferrer Trevejo who is to his immediate right and is down to 30,000. -- NW

11.40pm: Another big stack emerges
There are a few big stacks creeping up towards that 100,000 mark but none are yet to pass it, Alessandro Sestili has snuck up 90,000. "Are there any greater?" he asked. Nope, not in size or grandeur. -- RD

11.30pm: Lots of chips
The table the David Vamplew finds himself on is well and truly chipped up. The EPT London champion is back down to his starting stack (again) and is sandwiched between two big stacks. To his right sits Nicky Power (58,000) and to his left sits Jamie Flynn (90,000). Also on that table is Steven Anderson who has 50,000. -- NW

11.15pm: Some chip counts
A few chip counts from around the room: Phil Baker (28,000), Simon Deadman (15,300), Dan Morgan (43,000), Dan Williams (11,500), Luke Fields (10,800), Nicky Power (58,000) and Owen Robinson (40,000). Keep an eye on the chipcounts page as chip counts will be updated throughout. -- NW

11.05pm: Up and comers
Canadian Supernova Dan Williams just doubled through with 7♠7♥ to A♣Q♦ on a 6♠2♣7♣3♠8♠ board. As Williams raked the pot in the dealer advised him to keep his stacks the right side of the line. "It's not a problem," said Williams with a smile, "I have no chips."

That statement isn't 100% true but he is still fairly short with 11,500. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_dan williams.jpg

Dan Williams: chip up for Canada

10.55pm: Up and comers
There's a saying about how the cream rises to the top, isn't there? Both Nicholas Newport (proven) and Artis Gritans (speculative) are getting well chipped. Newport was short very early on but is now up to 38,000. Gritans, a player I spotted who seemed to have some game, as well as some very suspect East European shades, is up past 65,000. The current chip average is 28,000 so both are safely past that spot. -- RD

10.45pm: Newport gets value
I arrived at the table to see a board of 2♥8♠2♣3♠ and Nicholas Newport betting 1,700 into a pot of around 4,700. His lone opponent - Charles Mcintyre - made the call. The river was the Q♦ and Newport fired again, betting 5,925, McIntyre mulled it over and eventually made the call, Newport showed pocket jacks to win the pot. -- NW


10.25pm: Big stacks on break
I whipped round the tables that contained the stacks of the players on dinner break and these players appear to be the big stacks.

Charlie Mccarthy - 89,000
Jamie Flynn -73,000
William Mitchell - 65,000
Neil Smiley - 64,300
Michael McCloskey - 59,000

ukipt cork_day 1a_mick mccloskey.jpg

Mick McCloskey

10.10pm: Lose them, get them back
Dan Morgan is a familiar face at UKIPT events and he just played a couple of hands in quick succession.

Hand One: With the board reading 6♠Q♥2♣J♣2♦ Colin Fardy bet 2,000 and Morgan riffled a stack of chips for around 45 seconds before making the call. Fardy showed K♥Q♦ and Morgan mucked

Hand two: From middle position Michael Rossiter made it 1,500 to play, it folded to Morgan on the button and he popped it to 4,400 total. It folded back round to Rossiter and he mulled it over before electing to fold. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_dan morgan.jpg

Dan Morgan

9.55pm: Carson gets shove through
From mid-position Susan Lehane raised to 1,025 and then next to act Barry Carson moved all-in for 5,200. Everyone else got out the way sharpish and it folded back to Lehane. She tanked for about 15 seconds before releasing her hand. -- NW

9.45pm: Switcheroo
The half of the field that have just completed level seven are now on dinner break and those just back from dinner break are playing level seven, so blinds still 200-400, ante 50.

9.30pm: Akindele saved
Oluwashola Akindele was up out of her chair and ready to leave the room. Her pocket nines had been outdrawn by A♦4♦ on a A♣6♠K♦ flop. The 5♥ turn card was no help but the 9♥ arrived on the river with a collective 'Ooooo' at the table. She sits back down with 16,000, a slight gain on her starting stack. -- RD

9.20pm: Moving up in tandem
Both Ross Johnson and Sergi Monferrer Trevejo are up to 70,000. After Johnson picked off that bluff from the Spaniard earlier the pair seem to be taking turns to win pots. -- RD

9.10pm: Vamplew resurgence continues
We at the PokerStars Blog are an unbiased lot. We're rigorous in our presentation of the facts as they are (usually) and a well-presented professional bunch (bar Marc Convey). Our one weakness is spotting players reading the blog at the table (for this, few beat ironman Alex Kravchenko who follows it on an iPad from behind mirrored shades). I've just spotted David Vamplew reading along, following his own tournament resurrection from less than 3,000 chips after getting a set in against a draw and losing. For that, Vamplew, we salute you. Now, enough of that nonsense, how did you get up to close to some 27,000?

"There was a limped pot and I completed in the small blind with [k][8]. The flop was a flushing [t][6][x], I bet the turn which was an off-suit king and jammed a brick on the river," Vamplew explained. That was his double through from around 10,000.

The next hand, he claimed, was 7♦6♦ in a battle of the blinds where he flopped a gutshot and flush draw, caught the flush on the turn and raised his opponent off his hand on the river. Whether he was telling the truth or not, it's quite some comeback over the last four hours. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_david vamplew.jpg

EPT winner David Vamplew

8.50pm: Welcome to level seven, part one
The lower half of the field - by table number, not chip count or poker ability - has left to the buffet while the remaining players keep battling for a further 60 minutes. Then they'll swap and we'll run through level seven for a second time. That all sorted? Good, then let us continue. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_jp kelly.jpg

JP Kelly has just busted out the main event

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (in order of dinner break run): Nick Wright (first dinner break) and Rick Dacey (second dinner break). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT