UKIPT Cork: Day 1A, level 9, 10 & 11 updates (blinds 600-1,200, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.25am: Play is done for the day
Play has ended for the day and the players are bagging their chips, Sam Macdonald is the overnight chip leader with 209,200 with a host of players hovering behind him, one of whom is Chris Dowling who bagged up 114,600. A full wrap of the days play to come. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 1a_chris dowling.jpg

Chris Dowling

3.05am: Three more hands
The tournament clock has been paused and players will play three more hands before bagging their chips.-- NW

2.55am: Two all-in and calls
I just saw an all-in and call at the same time on two adjacent tables:

Hand One:
Varga Attila doubled through Steven Anderson, with the former's pocket threes connecting rather nicely with the 3♦4♥6♣ flop start and stay ahead of Anderson's A♦K♥, Attila has around 38,000 now.

Hand two: From early position Charlie McCarthy raised to 3,200 with A♦Q♥ only for Sławomir Wójcik to move all-in for 29,300 with A♣9♣. Back on McCarthy and he dwelt for a couple of minutes before making what proved to be a very nice call. The board ran out J♥5♠4♠8♥K♣ to send the Polish PokerStars qualifier to the rail. -- NW

2.45am: Topkins near the top
Jason Tompkins has a stack of around 160.000 and just won a hand against Owen Robinson. From the cut-off Robinson raised to 2,400 and Tompkins called from the small blind and the big blind called too.
The flop aws 9♣K♠Q♥ and both players checked to Robinson who bet 5,100, only Tompkins called. The turn was the 3♦ and both players checked and the 5♦ rolled off on the river. After about 15 seconds thought Tompkins bet 16,000 and Robinson insta-folded. -- NW

2.30am: Collins cooked
Garry Collins has just been eliminated, he was down to 8,300 and shoved all-in from early position with K♦Q♣ and was flat called by Jean Nugent in the small blind with A♥K♣. Dominated and in trouble, Collins needed help but none was forthcoming on the 5♠4♦Js]2♣7♦ board. -- NW

2.20am: Back in their seats
The remaining players are back in their seats for the last level of the day.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200, ante 100

2am: O'Rourke fails to trap Gritans
Gavin O'Rourke gave Artis Gritans three chances to bluff at the 5♥7♣A♥8♥Q♥ board. He didn't take any of them. O'Rourke tabled A♦5♦ for a flopped two-pair and is sat with 90,000. Gritans a little larger with 110,000.

We're about to start the final level of the day, just a last 15-minute break first. -- RD

1.55am: Grass is greener for Gaudlitz as he eliminates Fields
I noticed that Luke Fields seat was empty and that Marc Gaudlitz had a newly aquired stack of around 200,000. My spidey senses told me that these two factors were related and Mick McCloskey joined the dots for me. It transpires that Gaudlitz had opened with 8♣9♣, Fields three-bet with [A][K], Gaudlitz four-bet to around 25,000, Fields five-bet all-in for about 25,000 more and a pot-comitted Gaudlitz had called and spike runner-runner flush to eliminate Fields. -- NW

1.43am: Power shortage, Burgoyne shining bright
Nicky Power has just stacked off to Andrew Burgoyne in a 130,000 pot. Power had opened under-the-gun for 2,200 and Burgoyne had three-bet to 6,600 from the cut-off. Power had made the call.

Burgoyne made a 11,000 c-bet into the wet T♣8♠J♣ flop and Power had quickly check-raised to 25,000. Burgoyne didn't looked thrilled at the prospect of doing so but moved all-in nonetheless for 32,900 on top. Power asked for a count, looked at the pot and grudgingly made the call.

Power: A♠Q♠
Burgoyne: K♦K♥

Power had some outs to his name; any ace, any nine or the two remaining kings (or running cards). None came and Burgoyne raked in a monster 130,000 pot. Power was left super short stacked with 7,000. -- RD

1.30am: Newport overpowered
Nicholas Newport is another late night casualty, he was down to around 12,000 and jammed with 8♣6♣ from the cut-off, John Power woke up with pocket nines and made the call and his pair held up.

ukipt cork_day 1a_nicholas newport.jpg

Nicholas Newport

1.25am: Chipcounts
Here's a few chip counts from around the room: William Mitchell (63,000), Nicholas Newport (12,200), Artis Gritans (75,000), Luke Fields (68,000), Nicky Power (66,000), Owen Robinson (22,800) and Chris Dowling (37,000). -- NW

1.20am: Nice river for Tompkins
Jason Tompkins had pushed out a large 23,000 bet into Alessandro Sestili on the river of a 5♥4♦K♦8♣3♠ board. Sestili had slowly made the call and was shown 3♦3♣ for a rivered set.

"Wow," mouthed Sestili, who was left with 65,000 after the hand.

Tompkins raked in the large pot to chip up to 100,000. I hadn't seen the action in the lead up to the river bet but Sestili must have been ahead up until then. -- RD

1.10am: Gone
Former chip leader Sergi Monferrer Trevejo and Dan Morgan are recent exits. Somewhere in the region of 110 players remain.-- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

12.51am: Vamplew up again (part two)
At risk of sounding like I'm writing the David Vamplew report I have to mention the EPT winner again. He's just doubled up to 110,000 taking out Michael Sullivan in the process. Sullivan had jammed the river of a 3♣7♦6♥7♣9♥ board and Vamplew had made the call with 5♣4♣ with the flopped straight. -- RD

12.42am: Landy felts Fardy
Richy Landy is up to just over 140,000 after eliminating Colin Fardy in a pot of around 60,000. The action was started by Dan Morgan who raised to 2,000 from early position, Landy then bumped it to 5,200 from the hi-jack before Fardy moved all-in from the button for around 28,000. It folded back round to Landy who made a swift call.

Fardy: K♦K♣
Landy: A♠A♥

The flop of A♣4♠2♠ left Fardy all but drawing dead and the [10h]5♥ turn and river didn't remedy the situation.

12.30pm: Vamplew up again
Some people seem too make pretty odd decisions when playing David Vamplew. Not that we're saying that Phil Smith made an odd decision... okay, we are saying that but he pretty much admitted as much himself.

Smith had opened to 3,200 from the hijack and Vamplew had three-bet to 8,700 from the small blind. Smith sprayed in the chips to call and they were off to the flop.With the 8♦3♥4♥ board barely dealt Vamplew announced that he was all-in for 17,300, just about covering Smith, who sat staring at the board. There was no snap call, but he wasn't prepared to fold just yet.

"I've only got 16,000, I'm probably behind," said Smith, who then, dare I say counter-intuitively, made the call.

He was correct, he was behind. Vamplew tabled A♠K♦ and Smith A♣Q♠. To be fair to Smith, whatever weakness or insecurity he may have sensed in Vamplew was correct, it just so happened his own ace-high was further behind. The T♣ turn and 6♣ river were blanks and Vamplew chipped up to 51,000. -- RD

12.25am: Starr stays alive
A shortstacked Eoin Starr has doubled through Michael O'Donoghue. Both held pocket pairs but Stars' pocket eights just pipped O'Donoghue's pocket sevens and stayed ahead all the way. -- NW

12.15am: Won't stay Sestili
Alessandro Sestili is up to around 115,000 having eliminated players on two consecutive hands.

Hand One: Dan Williams was down to around 3,000 and got it in with A♦9♦, Sestili found A♥K♠ and although the board of 6♣8♣7♥Q♦6♠ gave him hope, the Canadian's day is done.

Hand Two: Krzysztof Budka moved all-in for 9,600 with A♥[10c] and Sestili - holding K♥Q♥ slid out a stack of chips totalling around 50,000 to isolate the all-in, everyone else folded. The flop of J♥[10d]A♦ saw Sestili flop the joint and the board ran out 8♥Q♠ to eliminate Budka. -- NW

12am: Last three levels
As the clock chimes for midnight we begin the last three levels of the day. Sam MacDonald is the chip leader with 140,000. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1a_sam macdonald.jpg

Sam MacDonald

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (in order of meltdown at the realisation that there's still three levels left to cover): Rick Dacey (stumbled outside, drank a strong sweet coffee) and Nick Wright (shrugged, checked email). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT