UKIPT Cork: Day 2, level 16 & 17 updates (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)


9.55pm: End of level
Full chip counts to come after the break. Join us in the next post in 15 minutes.

9.50pm: Gritans takes a walk
Artis Gritans had shoved into Ali Duncan and when called had assumed that he was behind with A♠T♠ on a 6♦3♥A♥J♥ board. He looked slightly taken aback when Duncan tabled K♥Q♠ for a draw and couldn't bear to watch the river. He wandered away from the table and couldn't bear to see the J♣ hit the river. Gritans doubles past 200,000. -- RD

9.40pm: Travers trucking along
We've had a couple of requests for an update on Amby Travers, he's still in and has a stack of around 155,000. He's seated two to the right of current chip leader Chris Dowling. -- NW

9.35pm: Dowling sucks out in monster pot, Shine goes
Cathal Shine looked absolutely dumbstruck. He sat staring at the Q♣ river that had just been dealt to the river. It was one of only four cards that would see him lose a large pot, well over 300,000, to Chris Dowling.

When I arrived at the table the action was on Dowling in the cut-off with 9♥J♦A♦7♠ on the board. Shine was in the small blind with a 60,000 bet in front of him and a little over 100,000 behind. Dowling put his hands behind a few stacks of yellow 1,000 chips and a large stacks of blue 5,000 chips and pushed them forwards, putting Shine all-in. It was an instant call with the nuts.

Shine: T♠8♠ for the straight
Dowling: K♣T♥ for a double belly buster

Shine was covered and stood to rake in a huge pot but it wasn't to be. The queen hit the river and Dowling is now ahead of the pack with 620,000. -- RD

9.30pm: Chip counts
Currently still in are: Paul Nash (100,000), "I just bluffed half of mine off," he told me as he made his way to the TV table. A smiley Martin Mulsow has 430,000, Gavin O'Rourke has around 80,000 and Artis Gritans has 130,000. -- NW

9.14pm: Vamplew doubles through Lawton
Ronald Lawton has been left short after doubling David Vamplew up to 185,000. Vamplew had A♥K♦ and Lawton Q♦Q♠. The hand simply played itself and with an ace dropping on the river the UKIPT Champion of Champions is back above average with 62 players left.

Lawton bust a couple of hands later to Vamplew with [q][t] to [a][2]. -- RD

9.10pm: Gaudlitz wins huge three-way pot
Sometimes hands just play themselves and this was one such time. On the button Marc Gaudlitz, who had around 110,000, picked up pocket kings, in the small blind Alan Kelleher (80,000) found pocket eights and David Vamplew, who covered both, had pocket queens. All the chips went in pre-flop and with the board coming 3♠4♣2♦K♠7♠, the German scored a huge near treble up, Kelleher was eliminated and Vamplew slipped to 85,000. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 2_david vamplew2.jpg

EPT London winner David Vamplew

9.05pm: Razavi (moon)walking it
Sam Razavi is up to, well, a lot. He's on the TV table so we can't access it. Yes, very annoying. From the pictures on the telly box it looked like he could have as much as 400,000 having run ace-king into ace-queen successfully. Cue Michael Jackson impersonation and little dance for the cameras.

I've since been informed that the holder of the ace-queen was Darragh Davey, thanks to Irish blogger Danny Maxwell for that titbit. -- RD

8.55pm: Coakley doubles up
Padraic Coakley has managed to double his micro stack up but is still in a very precarious position. He moved in for 27,900 after Jamie Flynn had opened to 9,600 and Flynn put in the extra. On their backs:

Flynn: A♣7♦
Coakley: K♣[10s]

The dealer made his wait till the very end on a board of 9♥7♥3♠2♥K♦ but Coakley his much needed double up. -- NW

8.50pm: Bedi down, Burnett up
Peter Burnett is up to 450,000 and being sat on the left of Rupinder Bedi, who is now down to 200,000, is the likely player to have taken his chips. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000, ante 500

8.45pm: Weiss is winning
Current chip leader appears to be Matthew Weiss, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, who has a stack of some 490,000. Other stacks include Jamie Burland (250,000), Phil Baker (230,000), Daniel Wilson (180,000) and Jamie Flynn (310,000). -- NW

8.37pm: Bedi table loaded with chips
Rupinder Bedi's table is absolutely heaving with chips. Bedi himself is packing around 450,000 with Jamie Flynn not far behind with 290,000. Richy Landy just tried to trap after catching top trips with Q♥5♣ but Zhi Wei Tan failed to bite. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1b_richy landy.jpg

Richy Landy: not thrilled that his trap failed to spring

8.30pm: Who's won what?
If you click on this link, it'll take you to the prizes and payouts page and you can see who's won what so far and what's left to play for. -- NW

8.15pm: Randall gets his coat
Simon Randall was putting his coast on before the cards went on their backs. The short stack had jammed in pre-flop and picked up two callers, one of which, Simon Drislane, had bet the turn of a 4♣T♥6♦A♠ board. Drislane showed A♦Q♠ and Randall was left with a few outs with K♥4♥. None came.

The bust outs so far and getting put through the blog now and we'll link to them once they're done. Rupinder Bedi looks to be our chip leader with 450,000. -- RD

8pm: Chip leaders
The top five stacks at the start of the level were: Rupinder Bedi (370,000), Chris Dowling (328,000), Sam Macdonald (311,900), Richy Landy (270,000) and Darragh Davey (249,000). -- NW

7.50pm: Dinner done, chip up
The final 69 players are back into it. We're playing 11 levels or to the final table. Play going eight-handed from now. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1b_chris dowlin.jpg

Chris Dowling hanging above the TV set

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (and dinner break activity): Rick Dacey (lay on bed, failed to sleep) and Nick Wright (tried to watch DVD, failed, fell asleep). Photos by Neil Stoddart (edited pictures, shot green screen).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT