UKIPT Cork: Day 3, level 24 & 25 updates, blinds (15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)


7.35pm: Dinner break
The players have gone off to carb-load have a light bite. Join us in one hour as we play down from four players to one hero. -- RD

7.25pm: Flynn doubles through Razavi
Jamie Flynn has just doubled through Sam Razavi to 2,250,000 with pocket aces to pocket fives. Razavi looking a bit annoyed for the first time, down to 2,500,000. The chip stacks have flattened out. -- RD

7.15pm: Quads for O'Connor
David O'Connor just took a chunky pot from Jamie Flynn. The latter made it 75,000 to go from under-the-gun and both O'Connor (SB) and Sam Razavi (BB) made the call. The flop was 2♦2♠[10h] and it checked to Flynn who bet 165,000, only O'Connor called. The turn was the [10c] and Flynn fired again, this time 250,000, again O'Connor called. The river checked through and O'Connor showed pocket twos for flopped quads.

The very next hand O'Connor took another pot off of Flynn. He opened on the button for 71,000, Flynn 3-bet to 200,000 and O'Connor moved all-in, forcing Flynn to fold. -- NW

7.09pm: McCauley out in 5th (€14,800)
Allen McCauley is out in 5th place after busting out to Martin Mulsow. McCauley's optimistic shove with [9][4] was picked off by Mulsow with A♦2♦. The board ran out 3♥Q♥7♦T♣A♠ and McCauley leaves with €14,800 in his pocket while Mulsow chips up to around 1,300,000. The German is very much back in the running. Four players left. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 1b_allen mccauley.jpg

Allen McCauley shakes hands Martin Mulsow, leaves in 5th

7pm: O'Connor takes one from Razavi
In a blind on blind battle David O'Connor raised to 72,000 and Sam Razavi made the call. On the flop of A♠3♣4♦ O'Connor c-bet 101,000 and Razavi called. The [10h] turn checked through, before O'Connor fired 205,000 on the K♣ river. After thinking for a while Razavi made the call and O'Connor showed [A][Q] to win the pot. -- NW

6.52pm: Adam Jaguscik out in 6th (€11,300)
Adam Jaguscik moved all-in with K♥Q♥ and was called by Jamie Flynn with Q♠Q♣. Jaguscik's over card didn't appear and neither did any straight or flush possibilities. The Polish pro bows out in 6th to add a €11,300 score to his live winnings. Five remain in Cork, Sam Razavi still a live chip leader. -- RD

ukipt cork_day 3_adam jagsucik.jpg

Adam Jaguscik

6.40pm: Chris Dowling eliminated in 7th place (€8,900)
Chris Dowling opened to 60,000 holding [10c][10s] and Sam Razavi three-bet from the small blind with J♦J♥, Dowling moved all-in and Razavi made the call. The board ran out 5♠7♣8♥K♦3♣ to send Dowling to the rail, Razavi meanwhile now has a massive 3.5m and is threatening to run away with it. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 3_chris dowling2.jpg

Chris Dowling

6.38pm: Razavi takes one from Mulsow
It's not been a good final table so far for Martin Mulsow, he just lost another pot, this time to Sam Razavi. The former opened to 60,000 and Razavi called from the big blind.

On the flop of 5♠A♥[10s] Razavi led for 50,000 and Mulsow called. On the Q♥ turn Razavi checked, Mulsow bet 120,000 and Razavi made the call. The river was the 4♣ and it checked through, with Razavi showing [A][10] to win the pot. -- NW

6.35pm: Still plenty of chips
We still have 300 big blinds in play at this final table so put up your feet, put on some relaxing music and fire up another couple of tables. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, ANTE 3,000

6.33pm: Dave O'Connor doubles through Chris Dowling
The action was started by Adam Jaguscik who opened to 50,000 from under-the-gun, next to act Dave O'Connor made it 121,000 total to play with pocket aces. It folded to Chris Dowling on the button and he made it 250,000 to go with pocket queens. Jaguscik got out the way, O'Connor then moved all-in for 653,000 total and Dowling called.

The board of 3♠5♣4♠6♣ gave Dowling some chop outs as well but the 5♦ completed the board and O'Connor took a big dent out of Dowling who now has in the region of 700,000. -- NW

6.25pm: Mulsow puts the hurt on Flynn this time
Martin Mulsow four-bet to 500,000 over Jamie Flynn's three-bet and the Irishman tank folded. Mulsow started chuckling as soon as the cards were in the muck. Expect some lively play if he makes it to heads up. -- RD

6.15pm: Jamie Flynn doubles through Martin Mulsow
From middle position Martin Mulsow raised to 53,000, Jamie Flynn called from the big blind. On the flop of 6♠2♥6♦ Flynn check-called a bet of 56,000. To the 4♠ turn where again Flynn check-called, this time the bet was 166,000. The 4♣ fell on the river and after Flynn checked again, Mulsow set him all-in for his last 484,000. The Irishman now tanked for at least three minutes. There was some banter between the two players - we were out of earshot and couldn't hear what was said - whether this helped Flynn make up his mind I don't know, but he did call showing [4][x] for fours full of sixes, whilst Mulsow had [A][Q]. So Flynn up to around 1.5m, whilst Mulsow slips to around 600,000. -- NW

ukipt cork_day 3_jamie flynn.jpg

Jamie Flynn is happy to chip up

6.12pm: Mulsow puts the hurt on O'Connor
Martin Mulsow just fired two button bullets at David O'Connor who had called pre-flop from the big blind. The German bet 65,000 into the J♣7♣Q♣ flop and 180,000 into the 2♠. O'Connor, temples throbbing, passed after a long dwell. Mulsow not a man to mess with. -- RD

6pm: Adam Jaguscik doubles through Martin Mulsow
Martin Mulsow opened to 55,000 and called Adam Jaguscik's 212,000 all-in bet. The German had pocket eights to Jaguscik's A♣6♣. The board though came J♣J♠9♣3♦9♠ to counterfeit Mulsow's pair and send the pot to Poland. -- NW

5.50pm: Chris Dowling doubles through Allen McCauley
In a pot worth around 1.3m Chris Dowling held pocket tens against Allen McCauley's A♥K♥. The flop of [10h]6♣3♠ connected nicely with Dowling's hand and the A♠9♥ turn and river kept him in front, McCauley is down to around 875,000. -- NW

5.45pm: Final table profiles
Want to know a bit more about those who made the final table? Course you do, click here to indulge. -- NW

5.30pm: The magnificent seven
The final magnificent seven return to the table with David O'Connor reprising the Yul Brynner role. You can fill in the rest in for yourself.

1 - Allen McCauley, Ireland, 1,528,000
3 - Martin Mulsow, Germany, PokerStars player, 1,674,000
4 - Adam Jaguscik, Poland, 342,000
5 - David O'Connnor, Ireland, 844,000
6 - Sam Razavi, United Kingdom, 2,734,000
7 - Jamie Flynn, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 856,000
8 - Chris Dowling, Ireland, 763,000

ukipt cork_day 3_david oconnor.jpg

David O'Connor chipping up nicely at the UKIPT Cork final table

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Cork (and their most ordered 'meal' this weekend): Rick Dacey (cheese, onion and ham toastie) and Nick Wright (cheese and pastrami melt). Photos by Neil Stoddart (also a cheese and pastrami melt fan).

Rick Dacey
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