UKIPT Cork: Rampant Razavi leads Day 2 final table charge


In a day that was better suited to gritty endurance poker it was the all-singing, all-dancing Michael Jackson impresario Sam Razavi who moonwalked his way through the 151-strong to end up chip leader going into the last pre-final table dance. Razavi bagged up 1,904,000 with the entertaining Martin Mulsow the closest of the ten players chasing Razavi for the UKIPT Cork title.

After nine-and-a-half levels of poker that saw UKIPT and EPT champions Kevin MacPhee, David Vamplew and Jamie Burland fall, the usual Rupinder Bedi boom-and-bust cycle and some maniacal laughter from the brilliant Martin Mulsow, it was Razavi that was left top of the heap - all glitter, showmanship and heaving chip stack - and the TV crew requesting that the day be brought to an end. To a collective sigh of relief.

ukipt cork_day 2_sam razavi.jpg

Treading and playing the boards, Sam Razavi leads the final 11

The day had started with 151 players, of which just 81 were to be paid. Players flew out the tournament room like a Spaghetti Western saloon brawl; we lost almost 20% of the field in the first level alone.

The bubble, which was a relatively short affair, was resolved with the €750 chop of 81st place between Nick Tate and Paul Mulvihill. Tate will be particularly irritated to have shared the payout after getting it in ahead with a dominating ace over Chris Dowling but was sent to the rail nonetheless. It was not the last time that Dowling was to get it in behind in big pots today, he later later knocked out Cathal Shine in 47th place catching a vital four outer after shoving into the nut straight. This is tournament poker and fortune does indeed favour the brave. Dowling made the UKIPT Nottingham final table and will be a danger again tomorrow.

ukipt cork_day 1b_chris dowlin.jpg

The relentless Chris Dowling

Today was a usual Day 2 for Rupinder Bedi. He started with some chips, attacked every pot, found himself with a monster stack and promptly lost it running queens into kings (against Peter Burnett) and the second nut flush draw into the nut flush draw. Glory will have to wait for another day for Bedi who chalks up his fifth UKIPT main event cash here. A hat tip to Paul Nash who records four from four cashes in the UKIPT this season. And while we're at it to Jason Tompkins too who managed a deep run (24th) as well as some great side event finishes.

ukipt cork_day 1b_rupinder bedi.jpg

Boom and bust for Rupinder 'George' Bedi

If you just gaze downriver a little further you can see the remaining eleven players in all their glory (top half of the table) and hope (bottom half). Razavi ran aces into the kings of Sam Macdonald late in the day for a monster pot that would make him hard to topple from the top. No-one could but grinning Mulsow always looked the most likely to catch him, despite the partisan cheers for Phil Baker.

Sam Razavi, United Kingdom, 1,904,000
Martin Mulsow, Germany, PokerStars player, 1,750,000
Adam Jaguscik, Ireland, 1,078,000
Chris Dowling, Ireland 1,077,000
Allen McCauley, Ireland, 766,000
Phil Baker, Ireland, 720,000
Peter Burnett, Ireland, 523,000
Jamie Flynn, PokerStars Qualifier - 522,000
David O'Connnor, Ireland, 209,000
Vincent O'Connor, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier - 179,000
Marc Gaudlitz, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier - 116,000

Players that didn't make it through the day include Sam Macdonald (14th), Jamie Burland (22nd), David Vamplew (29th), Gavin O'Rourke (41st), Alan Kelleher (54th) and Kevin MacPhee (just off the bubble). To see the full list of the fallen you can click here.

ukipt cork_day 2_sam macdonald.jpg

Sam Macdonald: out to a cooler in 14th

ukipt cork_day 2_kevin macphee.jpg

EPT winner Kevin MacPhee

Play starts again from 2pm tomorrow at which point they'll be a redraw. To check up on all the day's action click on the links below:

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Quote of the day: "You're all percentages and no craic."
- Irish player to Andrew Ferguson, courtesy of Jamie Burland

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT