UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (100-200)


6.20pm: Break
We've just had the day's numbers confirmed as the play ends for the end of level four. A grand ol' total of 285 players bought/satellited/nipped their way into this €500 main event. Good luck to them all, even the ones that have been knocked out. -- RD

6.15pm: Gavin bossing it
Fintan Gavin has taken his fine run of form from UKIPT Edinburgh (which he won) into this event. He's the current chip captain with 37,000. -- RD

6.10pm: Hummerich still at it
Patric Hummerich is refusing to still hostilities against Matej Lyko.

"You had a one outer," said Hummerich, and then repeated it for good measure as Lyko raked in another pot.

While the German may be winning the word, and possibly the moral, offensive he's not ahead in chips. Hummerich is on 23,000 whereas Lyko has chipped up to 33,000. -- RD

5.58pm: King Kearney
Dara O'Kearney is a player with pedigree and $287,000 in lifetime winnings. The player who's nicknamed 'Doke' is always smartly turned out and usually wears a tie at the table as he is today.

I just saw him take down a sizeable pot against Eamon O'Reilly, on the turn with the board reading K♣9♦6♦2♥ O'Reilly check-called a bet of 2,500 from O'Kearney to make a total pot of 11,300 before the 3♣ completed the board.

Once more O'Reilly checked and this time O'Kearney fired a bet of 4,200. After thinking it over for a moment O'Reilly made the call, O'Kearney showed K♥K♠ and O'Reilly said: "I knew you had pocket kings," and flung A♥A♠ face-up on the felt, O'Kearney up to 23,800. -- NW

5.50pm: Tom Kitt out
The headline may sound like a Thai soup (Nick Wright's claim) but it also highlights the fact that Tom Kitt that he been knocked out. Word on the street is that Kitt ran kings into aces and aces and failed to catch one of his two outs. The other hand that crippled him was a set of tens into the nut straight. Kitt made the final table here in Dublin last year but was unable to halt Max Silver from taking the title. Kitt finished third for €26,400. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_tom kitt.jpg

Tom Kitt

5.40pm: Floating
"I was floating," said Kevin Corr as he stacked chips, little consolation to Hamid Baneh who had a face that looked like he'd just been told he'd have to watch just the bloke from The Corr's in concert.

In the hand in question Corr had raised to 500 on the button, Baneh had three-bet to 1,300 from the small blind and Corr made the call. On the flop of 5♥J♠5♠ a c-bet of 1,500 from Baneh was called by Corr.

The turn was the K♠ and both players checked to see the 2♦ complete the board, Baneh fired out a bet of 2,000 and Corr made a quick call. The former showed pocket queens, but Corr had K♦[10s]. -- NW


5.25pm: Spinks out
Jon Spinks has busted so we may never get to know if he was the one tilting Richie Lawlor (we suspect so).

"Bustooo, had to fold 99 in huge pot on QT9TQ board, then get it in AK vs A7hh on J24hh and lose :("
- @JonSpinks, Twitter

Back to the WCOOP, of which you can read write-ups, reports and other things that start with an 'r' sound. You can also listen to Radio WCOOP, which features UKIPT host Nick Wealthall, that's right, TV's Mr Smiles.-- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_jon spinks.jpg

Jon Spinks

5.12pm: Life is sweet for Milk Tray man
Back in May at UKIPT Cork, Peter Burnett finished eighth and was rather unkindly nicknamed 'The Milk Tray man' by some railers. He's playing in Dublin and is wearing the exact same outfit today as he was that day.

He's down to 13,800 here despite wining a pot of just under 3,000 with J♠9♠ on a 5♠4♦9♥3♠8♣ board. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 1a_peter burnett.jpg

Peter Burnett

5.05pm: The nationality tell
"What country are you from?" asked Gareth Cash as he faced a bet of 7,100 on the river. "Are you from Spain?" he added, perhaps he was more willing to make the call if his opponent hailed from Costa Del Somehwere. His opponent, Filip Dahlin, sat stoically poker face on, quiet as a ratón.

After eyeing up the 6♥5♥7♥K♥[10s] board for long enough that the clock was called. Cash decided to give back his cards to the dealer and mucked his hand. "I'm from Sweden," said Dahlin as he took the pot. -- NW

4.50pm: Cross border barging
Czech Matthew Lyko* and German Patric Hümmerich have started early manoeuvres that may spark an all-out war.

"That was the best card for you," said Hümmerich, with no little amount of spite, "I bet every other river."

The card in question was the 4♥. Let's go back and look at the action.

Hümmerich had opened to 350 from early position and had been called by Rebecca McAdam on the cut-off, Lyko on the button and the two blinds, Matthieu Doux and Leandro Cannizzaro.

The 9♦4♦K♥ flop had been checked all the way around and was in danger of doing so for a second time on the A♥ turn. Lyko took the option to stab 1,000 at the pot from the button and Hümmerich check-raised to 2,500. Call. The 4♥ river card fell and Hummerich checked it over to Lyko who bet 3,225, Hummerich passed and the Czech PokerStars qualifier proudly tabled 7♣6♣ for the bluff.

"I had jack-high," said Hummerich, obviously not wanting Lyko to think that he'd passed a hand. More pushing and shoving to come, no doubt. -- RD

*Matthew is the English equivalent of his first name.

4.38pm: Exits
There's been a truck load of exits in the last level and a half, amongst those who've hit the rail are: Gary Clarke, Paddy Hicks and Sean Molloy. Roughly 20 players have exited and the board is showing 270 players started the tournament. -- NW

4.20pm: Play resumes
UKIPT Edinburgh champion Fintan Gavin has got off to a good start and is definitely the type of player that could steamroller his way through this Day 1A field. The Irishman won £61,500 for his first place finish in Scotland just a few weeks ago and is looking to follow in Nick Abou Risk's footsteps in scoring a second UKIPT title. Abou Risk plays tomorrow (we believe). -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_nicky power and fintan gavin.jpg

Nicky Power displaying his poker face over Fintan Gavin's shoulder

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of min-cashes scored in last night's six-max side event): Rick Dacey (one, don't get him started) and Nick Wright (zero, missed registration, was probably asleep). Photos by Mickey May (zero, was in bar).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT