UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG8.40pm: Staggered dinner break
Half the field, those in the upstairs tournament room, have now gone on dinner break whilst the other half play level seven (updates in a new post). Here's the chip leaders from the portion now enjoying their dinner: Filip Dahlin has (84,000, chip leader), Callum Smith (59,150), Huy Hang (57,500), Alan Dillon (51,800) and Edgard Cabacas (47,800). -- NW

8.30pm: Bad news for Razavi
"Tried to run a bluff unsuccessfully. Out" That is the Twitter summary of Sam Razavi's tournament exit. That will be welcome news for Rupinder Bedi and Chris Dowling in the UKIPT Leaderboard race. -- RD

8.20pm: Lyko still ahead of the game
Matej Lyko is up to 60,000 and winning the battle of wills at that table with Fintan Gavin and Patric Hummerich. After winning two hands on the bounce Gavin said: "Is no-one going to stand up to this guy?"

There was no answer at the table but it seems likely that Gavin will be the one that looks Lyko up.

Breifne Earley is also on around 60,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_matous lyko.jpg

Matej Lyko is terrorising his table

8.10pm: Exits
Jamie Dale, Richie Lawlor and Gareth Cash are all out, 190 remain of the 285 who started. -- NW

8pm: Hand of the tour
I thought it'd be pretty hard to top the Martin Mulsow versus David O'Connor hand from UKIPT Cork (see 9.40 pm post) for hand of the tour but I think it's just been trumped.

Pre-flop Conor Smyth raised, Joe Baker moved all-in for 6,500, Alexandra Palievici flat called the 6,500 and so did Smyth.

The flop of Q♠A♣8♥ was checked through before Palievici moved all-in for 5,400 on the 8♣ turn, call from Smyth. On their backs:

Baker: 8♠8♦ for turned quads
Palievici: A♥A♦ for top full house
Smyth: Q♥Q♣ for an under-house

The dealer burned and turned the river and it was the...7♣ yeah this isn't Hollywood folks otherwise fifth street would've for sure been an ace or a queen. As it was though Baker trebled up, Pallevici was left with 10,200 and Smyth is down to 5,200. Standard. -- NW

7.44pm: Leaderboard excitement
The catalyst for this post was a social media prod from Rupinder Bedi who was keen to find out how his UKIPT Leaderboard rival Sam Razavi was doing (we don't always have time to respond but do leave comments and requests at the bottom of the page - they have to get a back office tick so have a little patience).

ukipt brighton_day 1a_sam razavi.jpg

Nick Wright Sam Razavi

Buckaroo Bedi will be pleased to know that Razavi is on just 13,500 - no big stack just yet. Bedi will play tomorrow and should they both score the same amount of points it may go to the wire at EPT London, the UKIPT Grand Final. The winner gets a UKIPT passport to next season's regular main events, which is worth a good few thousand (I'm not going get my calculator out now, suffice to say, it's pretty tasty). Incidentally Chris Dowling is at the table next to Sam Razavi and is on around 31,000. The Irishman has had a great season scoring two final tables.

Here are the scores on the doors:

1. Rupinder Bedi, 200.9
2. Sam Razavi, 200.35
3. Chris Dowling, 196.95
4. Nick Abou Risk, 172.3
5. Paul Nash, 164.7
6. Mike Hill , 158.8
7. Fintan Gavin, 157.5
8. Brett Angell, 149.75
9. Alex Ferguson, 146.65
10. Jamie Burland, 137.85
11. Richard Lawlor, 135.25
12. Dara Fitzgerald, 132.7
13. James Browning, 131.85
14. Gareth Walker, 129.9
15. Sam Macdonald, 123

George Clyde-Smith was keen to point out that he was now only €40 down on flop betting against Razavi (see 3.28pm: Betting on lucky eights) after he gave the UKIPT Cork champ 10-1 for €10 on the 2♣ appearing on the next flop. The flop was deuce free. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

7.30pm: Exits
It's an international tour is the UKIPT. It attracts players from all over the world and the latest batch of bust outs go some way to proving that. Recently left with a stack count of zero were Aurelijus Genevicius (Lithuania), Mathias Wessel (Germany), Domi Vennettilli (Italy) and Martinus Van Den Hoogen (Holland). -- NW

7.17pm: Talent in spades
After a raise to 875 and a flat call, Keith O'Brien moved all-in from the small blind for 7,075. Both players passed and the man with the nattiest and strangest hair cut in the field dragged the pot. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 1a_keith o'brien.jpg

O'Brien - spades of ability

7.15pm: Chip counts
Around 230 of the 285 runners who started are still in, Fintan Gavin is still going well on 37,000 he's been moved to his fourth table of the day and is a couple of seats to Rebecca McAdam's right, the poker journalist is on 18,225.

Two final tablists from Edinburgh are sharing the felt, Craig Brown (6th) has 8,975 whilst Kevin Letham (9th) is doing rather better on 24,900. Another of those to do well in Edinburgh was Jamie Dale (3rd) he's down to 8,975, while Richie Lawlor is grinding on 4,900.

"Nothing's gone my way so far," said the Irishman who has cashed in three UKIPT's so far this season. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 1a_rebecca mcadam.jpg

Rebecca McAdam

7pm: It's never easy
Jonas Lauck had put his last 5,900 in pre-flop with pocket nines and found a willing caller in the shape of William Mulrooney who held A♣J♥.

The flop of 3♥8♥K♥ kept Lauck in front but gave Mulrooney a lot of outs, "It's never easy," piped up Fintan Gavin who was looking on. The turn was the 4♦ and the river the 7♣ and Lauck visably exhaled as he had successfully dodged the hangman's noose. -- NW

6.50pm: Straight out of an advert into the chip lead
Callum Smith has stacked up to 55,000 and if he hasn't got the chip lead at the moment he must be pretty close to it.

Smith, who is sat with the arms of a striped rugby top crossed around his shoulders and neck as if he was in a Tommy Hilfiger advert, just won his most recent pot against irritated Portuguesa Duarte Moraes De Almeida Costa (try saying that five times over).

ukipt brighton_day 1a_callum smith.jpg

Callum Smith, straight out of the Hamptons

Smith had bet 1,050 on the 5♥A♣6♥ flop and been called before both players checked the 9♣ turn. It was Smith's time to call this time, 2,025 on the river. He showed A♦J♥ to beat Moraes De Almeida Costa's flopped two pair of 6♣5♣.

"Unbelievable," said Moraes De Almeida Costa, obviously irritated at the river card.

"You only bet one street," said Smith, rightfully pointing out that Moraes De Almeida Costa hadn't made any aggression action until the river allowing him to catch his larger two pair. -- RD

6.40pm: Exits
Amongst those free to play side events or take a tour of the Guinness brewery or Jameson distillery are Dan Williams, Miles Mckenzie, Tom Erik Eidebakk and UKIPT Edinburgh finalist Thomas Ward. -- NW

6.38pm: Play on
The players have returned to their seats to start level 5. Antes kick in at the end of this level so expect the aggression levels to up in about an hour. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1a_thomas ward.jpg

Thomas Ward, recently departed

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of vowels in their name): Rick Dacey (three) and Nick Wright (two). Photos by Mickey May (three, for what it's worth, she's all about pictures).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT