UKIPT Dublin: Day 1A, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.15am: Play done for the day
That's the end of the day, a full wrap of the day's play is on its way. -- NW

2am: Last seven hands
Just in case these ten one-hour levels had'nt been long enough for the 90 players remaining it's just been announced that we'll play seven more hands. That's the luck of the draw. Will a breakaway chip leader emerge from the pack? There's certainly time for that to happen now. -- RD

1.50am: Chip leaders
There's 15 minutes left in the day and there's no clear chip leader but a number are clustered around 100,000: Nik Kamal (115,000), Michael White (101,000), Damian Porebski (100,000), Tony Baitson (105,000), Breifne Earley (103,000) and Callum Smith (100,000).

Word is that Kamal got his chips by eliminating Nicholas Newport in a nasty hand where Newport held [A][K] and Baitson [K][3]. All the chips went in on a [A][K][3] flop, [7] on the turn, [3] on the river. -- NW

1.35am: More from the floor
There's about 35 minutes left in the day here's what's been happening:

- Chris O'Connor's slide continues he's down to around 70,000

- David Brady's stack is going the other way - up to 85,000

- Richard Haile is up to 52,000 he's sat to the left of Alex Ferguson the two of them are having a very good 'talk off' at the moment.

- Andrew Dwyer, Thomas Hall and Nicholas Newport are all out.

1.15am: More for Earley
Breifne Earley is up to almost 100,000 after eliminating Chris Fox. I only saw the turn action but on a board of 9♥[10c]3♣6♦ Fox check-raised all-in for 14,700 over what looked like a bet of 4,200.

After thinking it over for a while Earley made a somewhat reluctant looking call and showed Q♦9♦. "Your ahead," said Fox who showed A♥3♥. The 7♥ river was a blank and Fox said: "I didn't think he'd call," as he walked off. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000 ante 100

1.12am: Smith gets a big bluff through
Callum Smith is up to nearly 100,000 after shoving a large bluff into Alan Dillon. Dillon had opened the pot to 2,100 pre-flop and had been called by Smith in middle position before picking up one further caller who wilted away on the 3♣5♦J♠ flop. The c-bet was 4,100, Smith called.

The T♦ turn is where things started to look interesting when Dillon led for 9,400 and was just over min-raised to 20,100. Dillon made the call.

The 5♣ river was a relative blank and Dillon checked it to Smith who moved all-in for 42,200. Dillon stacked up his chips, he had around 51,000, and then passed. Smith quickly turned over 6♣6♠. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_callum smith.jpg

Callum Smith

1.02am: Porebski pushing it
One of the big stacks is Polish player Damian Porebski who's cashed in a number of PokerStars events including UKIPT Newcastle. He's approaching 100,000 after squeezing pre-flop to 7,800 after Aidan Mcintyre had made it 2,100 and been flat called by Dara O'Kearney. The both passed Mcintyre swiftly and O'Kearney only after he'd given Porebski a mean stare down. -- NW

12.55am: Schadenfreude
Robert Rohr just went and shot himself in the foot.

On a flop of A♣K♥7♣ and about 4,500 in the pot he pushed a pile of blue 5,000 chips into the middle, setting Mark Brearley all-in. The latter chewed in over saying: "I've got a weak ace," before making the call for his last 9,000 and showing A♠4♥.

"You're drawing dead," said Rohr as he flipped A♥7♠, the turn was the K♦. Hang on a minute this opened up a number of split pot scenarios and indeed the J♥ river did just that. "Nice hand," said Rohr as the dealer shuffled the deck for the next hand. -- NW

12.50am: Gavin gone
There will be no back-to-back UKIPT titles for Fintan Gavin who is out. We missed the hand but Rebecca McAdam told me that Gavin got it all in pre-flop with pocket sixes against Robert Rohr's pocket tens and didn't get there. -- NW

12.41am: O'Connor loses a big one
Chris O'Connor just lost a huge 58,000 pot, with the best hand no less, but is still sat on a large 130,000 stack. The Irishman had been in the big blind with kings when Ektor Strumi had three-bet all-in for 6,600 over a 2,000 open from Brendan Byrne and O'Connor three-bet up to 17,000.

Byrne was in no mood to fold and stuck his chips in, around 26,000 total. Call.

Byrne: T♠T♦
Strumi: A♣6♣
O'Connor: K♥K♦

Should O'Connor have won he would have been on the best part of 200,000. A ten on the flop all but ended those hopes. "Unlucky buddy," said Byrne. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_ektor strumi.jpg

Ektor Strumi ran into two big hands, busto

12.35am: Exits
Cian Dunne, Isak Eriksson, Alexandra Palievici, Adam Wiatrowski and Joe Baker -the man who made quads against two different sets earlier are all out.

12.30am: News in brief
- Mateusz Warowiec, runner-up at UKIPT Manchester, is still in and has 44,000.

- Thomas 'Bomber' Nolan is sat to the right of Warowiec he has 73,000 and seemingly has his foot to the floor, three-betting with abandon. Thomas Hall, who went deep in Brighton is also on that table, he has 12,000.

- Alex Ferguson is on 13,700. We assumed he was out, mainly because we couldn't hear him but he said: "It's been a struggle all day."

- Matej Lyko, who has been well stacked all day, is still going strong with a double the average 66,000.

- Keith O'Brien, the man with the PokerStars spade shaved in the back of his head, has 37,000. -- NW

12.15am: Scott out
Alex Scott is out after getting it in with queens to a set on a ten-high board. Goodbye. -- RD

12.05am: Exits
Of the 285 starters just 130 remain which makes the average stack 32,875. Some of those who have recently exited include: Sebastian Gallego, Adam Fallon, Vitalijs Polukejevs and the excellently named Duarte Moraes De Almeida Costa. -- NW

11.55pm: Next level
We're into level 9 and have two hours of play left. There are plenty of players approaching the push or fold stage including Alex Ferguson, who I think has his volume knob directly attached to the size of his chip stack. The more he has, the louder he is. He is currently pretty quiet on 20,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1a_alex ferguson.jpg

Alex Ferguson, still in the fight

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of how much they've vexed Mickey May): Rick Dacey ("I can feel my face burning up," said May staring at Dacey) and Nick Wright ("No more Danish candy for you," May huffed). Photos by Mickey May (now harumphing into her screen).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT