UKIPT Dublin: Day 1B, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.30am: Play has ended
It looks as if Max Silver with 195,600 is chip leader, with Kevin Williams (167,800) his nearest challenger. Around 140 players made it through today. A full wrap of today's play is on the way. -- NW

2.10am: Maudlin wins monster
Dave Maudlin is now up to 140,000 after winning a monster pot. Pre-flop Maudlin made it 2,500 to play and called when Robert Murphy bumped it to 7,000. The flop fell [10d]J♥A♠ and Maudlin check-called a bet of 9,000. The turn was the 9♠ and Maudlin check-called once more, this time the price was 17,000.

The river was the 8♣ and Maudlin changed tact moving all-in for an effective 17,000 (as he had Murphy covered) it was a quick call from the latter, Maudlin showed pocket queens for the rivered straight which had got there against Murphy's flopped set of jacks. -- NW

1.57am: Jones has heart
Rhys Jones has just doubled his stack taking chips from Emmet Mullin to do so. Pre-flop Jones made it 2,600 to play from the cut-off, Mullin three-bet to 7,500 and Jones made the call.

The flop fell [10s]5♥4♥ and Mullin checked to Jones who bet 7,500, call from Mullin. Both players checked the Q♦ turn to see the K♥ complete the board. It was checked to Jones who moved all-in for 28,100 and Mullin made the call, Jones showed A♥3♥ for the rivered flush, whilst Mullin had [10d][10h] for a slow played set. -- NW

1.50am: Silver stretches his lead
Max Silver is now on around 180,000 after winning a three way all-in with [A][K] against [A][J] and pocket nines, Silver spiked an ace to get it done. -- NW

1.40am: Exits
A total of 140 players remain, amongst the recent exits were: Paul Lecky, James Browning, Giovanny Saelens and Owen Shiels. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000 ante 100

1.31am: Silver is golden
Max Silver is now up to 135,000 and is now somewhere around the chip lead. He tweeted, "Someone 4bet shoved huge into my aces and I held, set it up by 3 betting him a ton. 135k."

1.30am: Carr's chips gone in a flash
Former chip leader Paul Carr is now down to about 40,000, not bad but not the 120,000 he once had.

First he lost a chunk to Rajesh Paul 'Blackflash' Gupta, with Gupta raising pre-flop, betting the 2♥Q♠J♠ flop and then overshoving the 2♣ turn for 43,000 total. After a few minutes in the tank Carr showed the Q♣ and folded.

A little while later he lost with pocket jacks against ace-king. -- NW

1.24am: Boeree gets a boost
"Aaand my twitter whining pays off. Doubled to 39k." So said Liv Boeree who is, fingers crossed, going to make her first Day 2. -- RD

1.20am: Zandvliet ramping it up
UKIPT Manchester champ Joeri Zandvliet is up to 80,000 and he's not the only player to make a late charge towards the 100,000 mark. Aonghus Farrel is also on 90,000, just one seat on from the Belgian, while on the next table along Michael Trimble is up to 96,000.

Others, of course, are moving the wrong direction, such as Jamie Flynn who is now down 38,000. -- RD

1.10am: I feel like Nick Abou Risk
Not a strange menu order from Max Silver, more a cheeky comment on how blessed he felt to now have a stack of 70,000.

"I got it in bad," explained the defending champion, " I had [A][10] against pocket kings but the board came [9][9][9][9][x]. And I just knew it was coming on the turn, I felt like Nick Abou Risk!" Had Silver lost that hand he'd have been down to 8,000.

Meanwhile on Abou Risk's table...

The two time UKIPT champion was busy raising to 1,800 from under-the-gun, getting one caller. On the flop of 6♣5♣[10d] he c-bet 3,300 and was flat called. The turn was the Q♦ and Abou Risk fired again, this time 6,500 which was enough to win the pot. That win boosted his stack to 51,000, as he stacked his chips he showed pocket sixes for a flopped set, hmmm maybe Silver has a point. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 1b_ silver abou risk .jpg

Silver may have two arms but Abou Risk has two titles

0.55am: Final table, baby!
We've broken the last table in the upstairs annex but not before a big bun fight kicked off between a shoeless Callum Stewart and Emmet Mullin in the big blind. Stewart opened from early position to 1,900 and was three-bet by Mullin in the big blind to 4,500. Stewart made the call.

The T♥Q♠2♣ flop was checked by both players before Stewart fired 7,900 into the 6♣. Mullin made the call. Stewart was perturbed by the 3♣ river and blasted out a large chunk of his remaining chips, some 18,000 into the river. Mullin didn't look like calling but really, really didn't look like he wanted to be bluffed off the hand. He passed and showed top pair and Stewart was gentlemanly enough to show that he had rivered the nuts with A♣K♣ - quite a surprise for a man with no shoes or socks on.

Mullin on 65,000, Stewart up to around 64,000. -- RD

0.48am: MacPhee busts
Kevin MacPhee has just bust out, failing to win with ace-king to pocket sevens. -- RD

0.45am: Boeree wants a Day 2
During the break Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree wandered into the press room, she's up to 21,000 but has chip leader Stuart Samuels to her direct left. She hasn't had the kindest run in UKIPT main events so far, failing to make a day two thus far. She's determined to put that right here in Dublin and has just two more levels to negotiate. She's exited the press room with a hot cup of Barry's tea which can only help. -- NW

12.30am: Black out
Andy Black busted at the end of the last level after jamming short for two hands on the bounce. He first doubled with [j][8] through [a][k] before losing out with A♥4♦ to a raggy king the next hand. It's a shame to see the Irishman go, a tournament in Dublin just isn't the same without him so we bid adieu to him with the following 'faces of Black' photo montage. Choose whichever music you like as you scroll through them. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 1b_andy black.jpg

Andy Black...

ukipt dublin_day 1b_andy black.jpg

Andy Black...

ukipt dublin_day 1b_andy black.jpg

That's Andy Black

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of how funny they found Mickey May's attempt at a posh British accent): Rick Dacey (hilarious, wanted to record it) and Nick Wright (meh, shoulder shrug). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT