UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 17 & 18 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, ante 500)


3.46pm: Break
That's the end of the level and a 20-minute break. Full chip counts to come. -- RD

3.45pm: Big hands for Kamal and Fabian
"They're dropping like flies," said big stack Callum Smith.

They have been, but not over these last two hands. Players at risk Nik Kamal and Charles Fabian both enjoyed double ups putting their opponents on the likely-to-bust-next list.

Kamal got it all-in for a pot of around 300,000 against Thomas Corcoran with queens against nines on a seven-high flop leaving Corcoran with around 100,000.

Fabian had flatted a 13,000 raise from Colin Hammond and the ensuing 23,000 three-bet from Thomas 'Bomber' Nolan. Fabian shoved the 7♦J♠8♠ flop and Nolan called.

Nolan: 5♥6♥
Fabian: 8♦8♣

Blank 2♥J♦ turn and river cards pushed Fabian up to close to 300,000 and Nolan down to 80,000. -- RD

3.40pm: Chip leaders
The three chip leaders appear to be Callum Smith, Rhys Jones and Robert Csire all of whom have around the 625,000 mark. We'll get full counts on the first break which is in five minutes. -- NW

3.35pm: Miles of smiles
Andrew Miles just doubled through Ciaran Furey on the TV table, A♦K♦ holding against A♠Q♠, Miles up to 215,000. -- NW

3.30pm: Docherty doubles
In a flush over flush coup David Docherty just doubled through Thomas Nolan. The latter opened from under-the-gun to 18,5000 with J♣8♣ and Docherty then three-bet on the button to 42,000 with A♣Q♣.

The flop was a tasty looking 7♣6♣5♣, both players checked to see the 7♥ pair the board on the turn. At this point Nolan simply open jammed and Docherty, who started the hand with 167,000, made the call. The river didn't give Nolan the straight flush he needed and he slips to 200,000, Docherty's roller-coaster continues he's back up to 340,000. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 3_david docherty.jpg

David Docherty

3.28pm: Another table breaks
We're down to five tables now, one of which is under the glare of the TV cameras with the two remaining UKIPT champions on.

The table which just broke included Dermot Blain, Nik Kamal and Mark Muldoon, the latter winning a small pot against Artur Olczyk after check calling a 2♣Q♠7♥ flop with a small pocket pair and scaring the Pole off from any further action. It's a break in 15 minutes; a full chip count will be collected then. -- RD

3.20pm: Jones takes out two on same hand
From under-the-gun+1 Robert Bain raised to 18,000, a couple of seats along Declan O'Connell moved all-in for 39,000 and then Rhys Jones re-raised from the big blind to 115,000 which was enough to set Bain all-in. The latter went into the tank and emerged with the word call! On their backs:

Jones: A♠J♠
Bain: A♥K♣
O'Connell: 9♠9♥

The flop of A♦J♣8♠ sent Jones into the lead and he stayed there on the 6♣ turn and improved on the J♥ river, Jones now up to 650,000 and likely the chip lead. -- NW

3.15pm: The words of an Angell
UKIPT Season 2 runner-up Brett Angell is keeping a keen eye on the feature table as his friend Dave Maudlin resides there currently. He told me that Dave is up a bit today having four-bet Max Silver once and also from taking a few pots uncontested. -- NW

3.08pm: Corcoran foxes Foxall
The cards were already on their backs when I arrived but Andrew Foxall was all-in with A♠7♠ and Thomas Corcoran had A♥K♠. The board ran Q♦J♣Q♠7♣K♦ to eliminate Foxall, Corcoran has about 370,000. He's sharing a table with, amongst others, Rhys Jones (520,000) and Damian Porebski (140,000). -- NW

3.03pm: Cushnie falls
Greig Cushnie was down to his last 9,500 when he shoved in and he stood the chance to quadruple up after getting action from Jason Tompkins and Thomas Nolan. Tompkins had made a small raise to 13,500, Nolan had called. David Docherty passed his big blind.

Both players checked the J♠A♦3♦ flop but Tompkins fired the 6♣ turn pushing Nolan out of the pot.

Cushnie: Q♥T♦
Tompkins: K♥8♥

The river blanked and Cushnie was sent to the rail. Tompkins stacking up again. -- RD

3pm: Aces versus kings
It was a short stacked Daniel Henderson who came out on top in the ultimate pre-flop cooler. He had the pocket aces against Adam Kallenberg's pocket kings. No help for either on the board and Henderson doubled up to 115,000 whilst Kallenberg slipped to 230,000. -- NW

2.55pm: Silver on the up
Max Silver is on the TV feature table so we're not sure exactly how but we do know that he is now on around 300,000, up from the 113,500 he started the day with. Meanwhile on the same table Joeri Zandvliet appears to be down to around 240,000 from the 344,000 he started with. -- NW

2.50pm: Two more exits
Out in 54th was Brendan Byrne and Jan Bjorsland, who started the day with just 12 big blinds, exited in 53rd. Both pick up €1,110 for their efforts. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000 ante 500

2.45pm: Viva la France!
Kevin Martinet, a Frenchman, just got a near double up without going to showdown. I joined the action to see a flop of 6♥J♦4♦ and Martinet betting 13,000 into a pot of around 35,000, his lone opponent, Noel O'Brian, then check-raised to 33,000 total, Martinet made the call.

The turn was the A♠ and O'Brian led for 40,000, Martinet quickly moved all-in for 82,500 total and O'Brian made a quick fold despite the generous odds. -- NW

2.40pm: Blank page
Short stacked Thomas Page has just been knocked out after getting it in good against Colin Hammond.

Hammond had opened to 11,000 from middle position and Page had shoved from the small blind for 19,000. Auto-call.

Page: A♦T♠
Hammond: A♣9♠

The flop was grim reading for Page: 9♣9♦T♦, Running kings filled Hammond up and Page was sent to the rail. -- RD

2.30pm: Two early exits
Down to 54 already with two exits in the first couple of hands:

Emmet Mullin added to his chip stack when his J♥[10s] took out short stack Henry Port who had got it in with A♠6♠; the board coming 4♣8♠4♠[10d][10h] to knock Port out.

And Rebecca McAdam is also out, Damian Porebski opened from under-the-gun, Rhys Jones three-bet with [A][K], McAdam then jammed for 107,000 with [A][Q] and Jones called. There was an ace on the flop but no queen or straight materialised for McAdam. -- NW

2.25pm: Play is underway
After a bit of a delay play is underway here in Dublin. Unsurprisingly the TV feature table is the one that contains Max Silver and Joeri Zandvliet, both of whom are going for a second UKIPT title. The full start of Day 3 seat draw can be viewed here. -- NW

2pm: Divided field fighting for the title
Of the remaining 56 players a large chunk, some 23, are Irish players, all of whom will be keen to keep the title on home soil snatching it away from defending champion Max Silver (who is still in and short stacked with 113,500).

Ciaran Furey is one such Irishman. He has 311,500 and is in the top ten starting stack today. Play set to start shortly, TV feature table getting ready to go at the moment. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_ciaran furey.jpg

Ciaran Furey

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of their proximity to the action): Nick Wright (on the tournament floor) and Rick Dacey (in the press room getting this post set up). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT