UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 21 & 22 updates (blinds 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000)


8.42pm: Dinner break
It's a one hour dinner break. Seventeen players remain, nine more players to lose before the final table is set. -- RD

8.40pm: Docherty takes one from Silver
With a finished board of 4♣J♦5♥6♣Q♦ on the felt and around 180,000 in the pot, David Docherty bet 144,000 and action was on Max Silver. He took his time running over the possible hands out loud before eventually announcing call, Docherty showed K♥Q♥.

"Nice bet," Silver said as he mucked his hand.. -- NW

8.39pm: Perennial short stack White doubles
Michael White has just doubled through Damian Porebski, he's back up to 240,000. Ace-king into ace-jack holding up. -- RD

8.32pm: Hammond out in 18th, Docherty chip leader
Down to 240,000 Colin Hammond moved all-in from the button and after getting a count David Docherty made the call from the big blind, on their backs:

Docherty: K♠[10s]
Hammond: J♣[10c]

The flop of A♠5♥8♣ was safe enough the 2♣ turn prompted Max Silver to say, "It's never easy," and the 8♠ completed the board, Hammond takes home € 2,050 for his efforts in Dublin. With around 1,200,000 David Docherty has the chip lead. -- NW

8.25pm: Muldoon eliminated in three way all-in
Down to just 82,000 Colin Hammond moved all-in with K♦2♥, he was flat called by David Docherty who had A♣Q♦ before Mark Muldoon then moved all-in for about 200,000 total with A♠J♠, Docherty made the call to put both players at risk.

The flop of 2♠2♣8♣ was pretty much gin for Hammond and the board ran out 9♠4♦ to treble him up to 250,000, eliminate Muldoon and give Docherty a small profit of the hand of about 40,000 as he took the side pot. 18 players left. -- NW

8.21pm: Blain crippled by quads
Rhys Jones was the player at risk with his 372,000 stack all-in against Dermot Blain. Jones held 7♦7♥ against Blain's A♣K♠.

Flop? 7♠7♣Q♥. Quads for Rhyss and he's up to 750,000, Blain short on 60,000. -- RD

*He doubled shortly after with ace-king to Charles Fabian's ace-queen up to 110,000.

8.15pm: Mullin out in 20th
Emmet Mullin has just busted in 20th place, never recovering from losing that million-chip pot to Jason Tompkins.

It was two hands in a row that did for him. In the first he moved all-in from the button for 232,000 with K♦[10h], Daniel Henderson , who had 219,000 called from the small blind with pocket jacks and held.

With just 13,000 left Mullin moved all-in the next hand with 9♥5♥, Henderson re-raised to 39,000 but passed when Dominick Hever made it 98,000 with A♠K♦. No help for either on the board, Mullin collects €2,050 for his efforts. -- NW

8.12pm: Fabian in full flow
Charles Fabian has been quietly dominating the TV table with lots of controlled small pots. The American is looking calm and doesn't seem like the kind of player to blow up. Looks like a shoe-in for the final table. -- RD

8.02pm: Dinner break news
If more than 10 players are left at the end of this level then there will be a dinner break. -- RD

8.01pm: Tompkins applying the pressure
Chip leader Jason Tompkins is putting his foot to the metal, he's three-bet the last two pots forcing first Rory Curtis and then Daniel Henderson to lay their hand down. He's up to 1,200,000. -- NW

8pm: Lucey busts in 21st (€2,050)
Paul Lucey jammed 6♣6♥ over a A♣T♦ open from Charles Fabian who called the 167,000 shove. Fabian hit top pair on the flop and Lucey was sent to the rail. -- RD

7.52pm: Emmet Mullin doubles through Jason Tompkins
Emmet Mullin just got a portion of his chips back from Jason Tompkins. The latter opened to 33,000 from middle position with pocket queens, Mullin jammed 111,000 from the big blind with K♦[10c]. A board of 7♠K♣3♣2♦6♦ gave him a much needed double up. -- NW

7.45pm: Outer table chip counts
Table 2
Colin Hammond 290,000
Joeri Zandvliet 700,000
David Docherty 480,000
Paul Campbell 360,000
Mark Muldoon 241,000
Max Silver 850,000
Jason Barton 600,000

Table 3
Rory Curtis 380,000
Robert Csire 580,000
Stig Thomassen 140,000
Emmet Mullin 120,000
Daniel Henderson 330,000
Dominick Hever 640,000
Jason Tompkins 1,025,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ANTE 2,000

7.38pm: Jason Tompkins wins million chip pot
I've just witnessed the biggest pot of the tournament so far and the first million chip pot to boot.

Emmet Mullin opened to 25,000, Jason Tompkins three-bet to 61,000 from the button, Mullin then four-bet to 112,000, Tompkins five-bet to 210,000, Mullin moved all-in for an effective 507,000 and Tompkins called.

Mullin: A♥K♣
Tompkins: Q♠Q♦

The flop of A♦6♥5♠ gave Mullin the lead, the 8♠ turn kept him there, but the Q♥ hit the river and Tompkins doubled to 1,025,000 whilst Mullin was left with around 125,000. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 3_jason tompkins.jpg

Jason Tompkins, up over a million

7.32pm: Smith out in 22nd (€1,750)
Callum Smith busted from the outer tables after three-bet jamming queens into Jason Barton's aces. Unfortunate for Smith who has played a good game, Barton now well chipped. -- RD

7.28pm: Fabian cagey against Lucey
Charles Fabian just won a cagey 180,000 pot against Paul Lucey. Fabian opened to 26,000 and was called by Noel O'Brian on the button before Lucey squeezed to 72,000. Fabian made the call.

The K♦K♣3♥6♠4♣ board was checked all the way and Lucey's A♥Q♥ lost out to Fabian's pocket jacks. Fabian up to 500,000. -- RD

7.20pm: Dave Maudlin eliminated in 23rd place (€1,750)
We just lost Dave Maudlin in 23rd place, eliminated by Max Silver who now has 830,000. I only caught the tail end of the hand but I was told that the majority of the money went in on the turn, the complete board was 3♦9♥8♠6♦Q♥, Silver had 9♠6♠, Maudlin J♥8♥. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 3_dave maudlin.jpg

Dave Maudlin

7.18pm: Rory Curtis doubles through Callum Smith
I didn't see exactly how but all the money went in on the turn of a [8][9][6][10] board with Curtis holding Q♣J♣ whilst Smith had [K][10], the river was a blank. Smith did not look happy with his play as he handed over the vast majority of his stack to Curtis who is up to 625,000, Smith down to 100,000. -- NW

7.14pm: David Mutch eliminated in 24th place (€1,750)
The one man wrecking crew that is Joeri Zandvliet shows no signs of slowing down. Just a couple of hands after he eliminated Ciaran Furey, he did for David Mutch.

Zandvliet held pocket kings against Mutch's pocket sixes and the board of 5♥A♠7♠5♠2♠ gave Zandvliet the nut flush. He's up to about 800,000 now. -- NW

7.10pm: Ciaran Furey eliminated in 25th place
It folded to Joeri Zandvliet on the button and he raised to 25,000 with A♣9♣, from the small blind Ciaran Furey moved all-in for 220,000 with [Kd[10d] and Zandvliet made the call.

The board ran out 5♣5♥2♣9♠Q♥ and with that elimintion we're down to three tables. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 3_ciaran furey.jpg

Ciaran Furey

7.02pm: Campbell takes a chunk of Jones
Paul Campbell is up to 800,000 after bashing up Rhys Jones on a J♦4♦4♣ T♦7♣ board. Campbell fired 175,000 on the turn and shoved the river. Jones made a crying fold (you can have those too, right?) but is still healthy on 500,000. _-- RD

7pm: Battle of the youngsters
David Docherty and Daniel Henderson are both young and fearless, or if they aren't they do a good job of looking like they are. You know, all hats, hoodies and re-raises. They just clashed in a pot, Docherty opened to 25,000, Henderson three-bet to 67,000, Docherty four-bet to 167,000 and Henderson with about 300,000 back made a sigh and then folded.

Round one to Docherty. -- NW

6.52pm: Thomas McCaul eliminated in 26th place (€1,750)
After doubling up Mark Muldoon the previous hand Thomas McCaul was left with about 15 big blinds and he moved all-in with A♥3♠ over the top of a raise from Emmet Mullin who called it off with K♥[10d]. A board of [10c]K♣2♥[10d]K♠ gave Mullin a full house and eliminated McCaul. -- NW

6.48pm: TV table
The TV table is as follows:

1. Paul Campbell, 527000
2. Damian Porebski, 430,000
3. Ryhs Jones, 698,000
4. Charles Fabian, 295,000
5. Michael White, 300,000
6. Dermot Blain, 750,000

Michael White just doubled through Dermot Blain up to 300,000 with a pre-flop shoves from the button. He's up to 300,000. -- RD

6.42pm: Mark Muldoon doubles through Thomas McCaul
From under-the gun Thomas McCaul raised to 23,000 - an under raise - so he was obliged to put the extra 1,000 in to make ith the legal minimum raise. Action passed to Mark Muldoon on the button who raised all-in for 230,000 total.

It passed round to McCaul who tanked before calling with K♥J♣ which was behind Muldoon's A♥J♦, the board ran K♦A♦5♠8♥9♠, McCaul is down to 180,000. -- NW

6.30pm: Blazing Blain
Dermot Blain is currently second in chips and is certainly a player that is dangerous with a big stack. The Irishman has $776,915 in live winnings and will be playing to win. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_dermot blain.jpg

Dermot Blain

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (and what they're now coveringx): Rick Dacey (the TV table) and Nick Wright (the outer tables). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
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