UKIPT Dublin: Day 3, level 23, 24 & 25 updates (blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.50am: End of day chip counts and re-draw
Here's how the final eight will stack up when the final table starts at 1pm tomorrow.

Seat One: Jason Tompkins, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 2, 388,000
Seat Two: Max Silver, United Kingdom, 699,000
Seat Three: Rory Curtis, United Kingdom, 725,000
Seat Four: Charles Fabian, USA, 1,023,000
Seat Five: Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,835,000
Seat Six: David Docherty, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 958,000

Seat Seven: Noel O'Brian, Ireland, 1,991,000
Seat Eight: Robert Csire, Hungary, 1,145,000

Defending champion Max Silver is still in it, he'll start the final day as the short stack, albeit with 23 big blinds.

A full wrap of the day's play is on the way. -- NW

0.40am: Michael White eliminated in ninth place (€5,565)
On the first hand on nine handed player Michael White moved all-in for 201,000 with K♦6♦ and Noel O'Brian called with A♠J♠.

The flop of 6♦K♠4♠ gave White the lead, but O'Brian had a lot of outs. The 9♠ turn was one of those and it left White drawing dead.

Players are now bagging and tagging their chips, we'll bring you the final eight re-draw and chip counts as soon as possible. -- NW

0.30am: Re-draw still going on
Once the table is settled we'll post seats and chips. -- RD

0.15am: Daniel Henderson busts first hand back, out in 10th (€3,850)
Daniel Henderson shoved all-in for 199,000 with Q♦J♥ and was looked up by Robert Csire with A♣3♥. An ace on the flop settled it to knock out Henderson and complete a stunning comeback for Csire who is up from 27,000 to over a million in a couple of levels.

Final table re-draw taking place now. -- RD

0.15am: Play resumes
We're back into it. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000

11.55pm: Break
The break is about to begin with Rory Curtis doubling up through David Docherty on the last hand. -- RD

11.52pm: Old guys can play too
Whilst neither Charles Fabian or Noel O'Brian will be drawin their pension anytime soon they're old enough to remember the last time that say, Liverpool won the English title, unlike the rest of their table.

They've not been shy and pulling out some fancy moves John Barnes style either, getting involved in plenty of pots, usually against each other. No fireworks yet but you can feel them brewing. -- NW

11.45pm: Tompkins adds more to his stack
This time last year UKIPT Dublin was already over, Max Silver holding the trophy aloft. He's making a sterling defence of his title but just lost some chips to Jason Tompkins.

It folded to Tompkins on the button and he made it 48,000 to go, Silver three-bet to 132,000 from the small blind, Tompkins then four-bet to 277,000 and Silver, who had about 560,000 back, released his hand. -- NW

11.35pm: Dominick Hever eliminated in 11th place (€3,850)
It folded round to Dominick Hever in the small blind and he raised to 52,000, call from the great wall of China that is Jason Tompkins.

The flop fell 4♥5♣Q♦ and Hever led for 66,000, call from Tompkins. To fourth street, which was the 8♥. Again Hever fired, 99,000 this time, Tompkins 'click-raised' making it 198,000 total.

Hever now tanked hard, the most 'in the tank' I'd seen anyone thus far at this event. After perhaps four or five minutes of thinking he announced all-in, for roughly 475,000 total, Tompkins snap called and showed 8♥4♦ which had turned two pair against Hever's Q♥[10d]. The river was the K♦ and Tompkins now has over two million and is running away with it at the outer table. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 3_dominick hever.jpg

Dominick Hever, out in 11th

11.30pm: Silver busts!
Ahhh, no he hasn't. He's just being moved from the TV table to the outer table, which must mean there's been a bust out there. Nick Wright on the case (hopefully). -- RD

11.20pm: Csire doubles again
Robert Csire has doubled yet again and is back up to 360,000. The others at the table are Daniel Henderson (500,000), Joeri Zandvliet (1,800,000), David Docherty (1,300,000), Rory Curtis (750,000) and Max Silver (900,000).

Eleven players remain. -- RD

11.12pm: Fabian takes some from O'Brian
Charles Fabian just won a 400,000 chip pot from Noel O'Brian. The former check-called a bet of 125,000 on a 6♠Q♥A♠ flop, the two of them then checked down the 9♣6♦ turn and river with O'Brian showing pocket fives, Fabian A♣5♦.-- NW

11.08pm: Pole-axed; Porebski out in 12th
From the cut-off Jason Tompkins made it 48,000 to play, next to act Damian Porebski moved all-in for 400,000 total, Tompkins made the call.

Porebski: A♠J♣
Tompkins: 9♠9♦

The flop of 3♣K♦9♣ was pretty conclusive and the J♠ turn sealed the deal, with the Q♣ completing the board.

It's been another solid showing by Porebski who had gone deep at UKIPT Newcastle and also made the final two tables on three other PokerStars tours this year. -- NW

11pm: Campbell out in 13th (€3,150)
Paul Campbell is out. It was a standard short stack shove and call. Good game. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

10.53pm: Barton out in 14th (€2,600)
Jason Barton is the next to go. He got it in against Robert Csire (who was all-in again) and couldn't get his A♣T♣ to beat K♠Q♣. Csire back up to 380,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_jason barton.jpg

Jason Barton, out in 14th

10.50pm: Csireous comeback
Robert Csire has just won back to back all-ins to claw his way back to 200,000. Impressive, he's back in with a chance. -- RD

10.42pm: Rhys Jones eliminated in 15th place (€2,600)
Rhys Jones has just been semi-coolered out of this tournament by Noel O'Brian. Pre-flop Jones made it 42,000 to go from under-the-gun+1 and O'Brian called from the button.

The two of them saw a flop of A♠K♦3♦ and they both checked to see the 5♦ fall on the turn. This turn of events prompted Jones to lead 57,000, a bet that was swiftly raised to 200,000 total by O'Brian. After about five seconds thought Jones moved all-in for around 500,000 total and O'Brian snap called.

Jones: A♠3♠ for two pair
O'Brian: 5♠5♣ for a turned set

The river was the 2♣ to send Jones to the rail and send O'Brian's stack over the million mark. -- NW

10.40pm: Silver doubles
Max Silver has doubled through Robert Csire up to 700,000 leaving the Czeh very short with just over 30,000. Silver held A♦K♦ over a smaller ace. -- RD

10.32pm: Barton fighting back
Jason Barton doubled once through Daniel Henderson rivering a straight with 8♠9♠ over J♥Q♥ to chip back up to 180,000. Another shove and he's over 200,000. -- RD

10.27pm: Zandvliet coolers Barton, joins chip lead
Joeri Zandvliet has just coolered Jason Barton with A♣A♦ to A♠K♣ for a 1,400,000 pot. The board gave some sweats as it ran out J♠Q♥9♠3♠2♥. Barton was left with less than 40,000 and managed to double through Max Silver shortly after.

Zandvliet is now similarly stacked to Docherty, but the cat in the hat has position. - RD

10.28pm: Blaine busts in 16th (€2,050)
Dermot Blaine bust a little earlier running J♠K♠ into ace-king. We missed the details, it slipped through the net. Rest assured that we will flog ourselves severely later. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_dermot blaine.jpg

Dermot Blaine

10.25pm: Hever takes one from O'Brian
From the cut off Noel O'Brian made it 65, 000 to go and then called Dominick Hever's three-bet of 150,000.

On the flop of Q♥9♣3♦ O'Brian led for 225,000 and after taking for a couple of minutes Hever announced all-in, a bet of around 450,000 in total, after thinking it over O'Brian folded his hand, he's down to 600,000, Hever up to 875,000. -- NW

10.20pm: Outer table chip counts
Dominick Hever, Ireland, 550,000
Jason Tompkins , Ireland, PokerStars Player, 1,000,000
Damian Porebski, Poland, PokerStars Qualifier, 385,000
Rhys Jones, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 480,000
Charles Fabian, USA, 1,075,000
Michael White, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 350,000
Rory Curtis, United Kingdom, 975,000
Noel O'Brian, Ireland, 975,000

10.15pm: TV table
The TV table is as follows:

Daniel Henderson, 500,000
Joeri Zandvliet, 650,000
David Docherty, 1,400,000
Paul Campbell, 500,000
Robert Csire, 280,000
Max Silver, 325,000
Jason Barton, 650,000

Docherty ruling the roost with a huge stack at the moment. -- RD

10.05pm: Stig Thomassen eliminated in 17th place (€2,050)
The Norwegian had been getting visibly frustrated at a lack of spots or hands with which to get his chips in, eventually though he found one. It folded to him and he moved all-in for 130,000 (six and a half big blinds), from the small blind Daniel Henderson re-raised all-in and Dominick Hever folded from the big blind.

Thomassen: 5♦2♦
Henderson: K♣Q♣

The flop of 7♥K♠7♠ left Thomassen needing runner-runner and it didn't appear as the J♣ and 4♥ completed the board.

There are now 16 players left and they'll be a brief pause whilst three tables become two. -- NW

10pm: Five handed TV table
We have five players at the TV table and they are:

1. Joeri Zandvliet
2. David Docherty
3. Paul Campbell
4. Max Silver
5. Jason Barton

There's a whole of banter at the TV table and short stacked Joeri Zandvliet is getting his stack in a lot: "I love it when poker's easy," said the Dutchman. -- RD

9.56pm: Little action as of yet
Perhaps the players on the outer table and in a carb induced coma, who knows? Although what I do know is that there's been no action of note in the opening ten minutes of this level on the outer tables. Michael White has shoved all-in a couple of times, that's about it really. -- NW

9.52pm: Zandvliet all-in...
...but gets no caller after shoving on David Docherty for 350,000. Zandvliet up to 400,000. -- RD

9.45pm: Dinner done, level 23 begins
Seventeen players return to the UKIPT Dublin main event and both Max Silver and Joeri Zandvliet are on course for their third final table and, possibly, their second UKIPT title. It's quite an achievement, particulalry given that Silver is the reigning champion here in Dublin.

Chip counts are up to date. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 3_joeri zandvliet.jpg

Joeri Zandvliet is on course for a second title

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (and their dinner options): Rick Dacey (bangers!) and Nick Wright (more bangers!). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT