UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 25 & 26 updates (blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG3.26pm: Break time
Players are now on a 20 minute break, we'll get 100% accurate counts during the recess. You'll find level 27 updates here. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 4_ noel o'brien.jpg

Noel O'Brien - second in chips

3.25pm: More for Zandvliet
The Dutchman is flying right now, it passed to him on the button and he raised to 82,000, Robert Csire made the call from the big blind.

The two of them saw a flop of 4♥4♣3♦ c-bet of 88,000 from Zandvliet, call from Csire. Both checked the 8♦ turn to see the 3♥ double pair the board on the river. Again Csire checked to Zandvliet and he bet 166,000, but Csire was not done with the hand, he check-raised to 400,000 in total.

Back on Zandvliet he thought it over, blinking rapidly as he did so, before sliding out the call, Csire mucked and Zandvliet took the pot, best of all he didn't even have to show his hand to do so, did he make a call with ace-high, an overpair or something else? We'll have to wait till it's on TV to find out. The Dutchman has over three million now. -- NW

3.16pm: Zandvliet punishes Silver (again)
Silver keeping trying to beat up on Joeri Zandvliet, but it's just not working. Zandvliet opened under-the-gun for 82,000 and Silver three-bet his button up to 172,000. Zandvliet responded by setting him in with two large 500,000 stacks.

For the second time today Silver said to Zandvliet: "Okay, you got it," and passed.

Zandvliet up to 2,800,000, Silver down to 800,000 (I think, it can be tricky counts stacks from the TV feed). -- RD

3.10pm: Shove, shove, shove
Rory Curtis has shoved his way back up to about 600,000 after being as low as 350,000 at one point.

His latest all-in move came from the big blind, he'd called a pre-flop raise of 84,000 from Chuck Fabian (under-the-gun) and then moved all-in for around 400,000 on the J♠7♠2♥ flop, Fabian got a count but it was too rich for his blood and he passed his hand. -- NW

3pm: Zandvliet punishes Silver
Max Silver opened to 80,000 from the cut-off and Joeri Zandvliet three-bet to 183,000 out of the small blind. Silver looked serious, he cut out some chips and... passed. "You had it," said Silver. -- RD

2.55pm: Zandvliet extends chip lead
Joeri Zandvliet - the smiling Dutchman - just three-bet to 171,000 after Chuck Fabian had opened to 81,000 from under-the-gun, Fabian passed. Zandvliet in first with 2,600,000, Noel O'Brien second with 2,200,000, Rory Curtis the definite short stack with about 500,000, the rest bunched between 1,100,000 and 1,700,000, full chip counts here. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 4_joeri zandvliet.jpg

Joeri Zandvliet

2.50pm: Curtis cripples himself, no showdown
Rory Curtis is down to around 380,000 after three-betting Jason Tompkins for 225,000 and getting called by Robert Csire. Curtis check, check-folded the 7♦T♥T♠9♥ board to Csire's turn shove.

Curtis moved all-in next hand to move up to 450,000. -- RD

2.40pm: Robert Csire doubles through Jason Tompkins
From under-the-gun Robert Csire limped, next to act Jason Tompkins made it 109,000 total to go. It folded back to Csire who re-raised all-in for 754,000 total. Back on Tompkins he tanked, suspicious of the under-the-gun limp re-raise all-in.

Eventually though he announced call and showed 9♠9♣ but he said "Wow," when he saw Csire's hand which was K♥K♣, the board ran 2♣6♥8♣4♣4♥ and Csire doubled whilst Tompkins is down to 1,400,000. -- NW

2.35pm: Docherty out in 8th (€8,000)
David Docherty is out in 8th after losing a flip against Joeri Zandvliet. The Dutchman had opened to 82,000 and Docherty had moved all-in for around 660,000. The action passed around and Zandvliet made the call.

Zandvliet: 8♥8♠
Docherty: A♥J♣

It wasn't a good flop for Docherty: 9♠6♦9♥. The Q♣ turn gave a few extra outs but the 7♥ river card sent Docherty to the rail. Commendable performance by Docherty and not the last we'll see of him.

Zandvliet has probably pipped Noel O'Brien for the chip lead with around 2,500,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_david docherty.jpg

David Docherty, out in 8th (€8,000)

2.25pm: Silver shoves
It was a good first level for Max Silver he's almost doubled his stack without going to showdown. On the last hand of the level it folded to Robert Csire on the button and he raised to 65,000, Silver made it 157,000 from the big blind, Csire four-bet to 305,000 only for Silver to move all-in for 801,000.

Csire got a count, tanked and then folded, cheers and whoops broke out from Silver's rail, he's up to 1,100,000, Csire down to 900,000. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000, ANTE 4,000

2.22pm: Tompkins damages Docherty
Jason Tompkins has taken a large slice of David Dochety's stack. Tompkins had opened from early position and had been called by Rory Curtis, Docherty (button) and Noel O'Brien.

The Q♣7♠4♠ flop was c-bet by Tompkins for 180,000, which only Docherty called.

Tompkins bet 244,000 into the K♦ turn and Docherty called. The river card was the 8♥ and Tompkins moved all-in covering Docherty's 680,000 stack. He passed. -- RD

2.10pm: Chop it up
From middle position Jason Tompkins made it 62,000 to play, Chuck Fabian called on the button and David Docherty did likewise from the big blind.

So three to a flop of 9♥A♣[10s], connecting cards, an ace, action heavy surely? Nope all three checked to see the 8♥ fall on fourth street. It checked to Tompkins who bet 87,000, Fabian the only caller. The 8♣ completed the board, Tompkins check-called a bet of 130,000 from Fabian, they showed down [J][10] and [K][10] respectively to chop the pot. -- NW

2.05pm: Small ticks for Silver and Docherty
Silver shoves the small blind and Rory Curtis tank folds showing an ace - no doubt making Silver a happy man.

David Docherty wins the next pot, c-betting a 9♠6♠7♦ flop to push Chuck Fabian off of his big blind. -- RD

2pm: O'Brien takes the chip lead
If there's one thing we've learnt about Noel O'Brien these past few days apart from the fact that he's travelled the globe playing handball, it's that he's not afraid play big pots. It didn't take him long to show that at the final table.

He raised from the cut off to 65,000, Jason Tompkins three-bet to 158,000 from the small blind and O'Brien made the call. On the flop of 7♣2♥9♣ Tompkins gave up the lead in the pot, check-calling a bet of 250,000 from O'Brien. The turn was the 6♥, check, 375,000 from O'Brien, call from Tompkins, there was now around 1,600,000 in the pot.

The river was the 3♠, Tompkins checked again and O'Brien moved all-in for 792,000. Tompkins now went into the tank for over five minutes, puffing out his cheeks at various points, silent apart from to tell O'Brien that he had a big hand. Eventually though he passed his hand, dropping to 1,500,000, O'Brien is up to 2,400,000. -- NW

1.46pm: Fabian takes a chunk out of O'Brien
Robert Csire opened under-the-gun to 60,000 and Chuck Fabian (cut-off) and Noel O'Brien (big blind) made the call.

O'Brien led 125,000 into the 8♠9♦4♠ flop and Fabian called. O'Brien fired another 125,000 at the 7♥ turn and Fabian min-raised to 250,000. Call. The K♣ river was checked by O'Brien and Fabian opted to check behind. O'Brien showed [9][t] and Fabian a set of eights to win the hand. Cagey river play from Fabian. Both players are on around 1,500,000 now. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_chuck fabian.jpg

Chuck Fabian

1.40pm: Silver getting active
Max Silver has taken another couple of pots uncontested to add 66,000 each time to his stack and David Docherty was given a walk when he was in the big blind. No fireworks just yet. -- NW

1.37pm: Silver shows down kings
After a quick hand where Noel O'Brien took the blinds the action passed to Max Silver in the small blind. The defending champ raised to 75,000 and Rory Curtis passed. Silver showed K♠K♣. -- RD

1.30pm: Hungary for pots
In the first hand it folded to Robert Csire in the small blind and he completed, Jason Tompkins checked his option, first hand, first flop!

The dealer spread A♦9♠6♦ on the felt, Csire checked to Tompkins who bet 34,000, Csire check-raised to 80,000 total and Tompkins made the call. The turn was the Q♥, Csire fired out a bet of 130,000 and Tompkins folded. -- NW

1.27pm: Play begins
A little delayed - TV, who would have thought it - but we're off. Jason Tompkins is in the big blind. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_ final table .jpg

The elite eight

1.22pm: Chips, no players
The TV feed into the press room is showing chip stacks and empty chairs... hold on, that's David Dochety. The players are getting in their seats. Strap yourself in lads, I think we're gonna need a bigger boat. -- RD

1.20pm: Final table profiles
If you're just itching to know what David Docherty wanted to be when he was younger or what's Max Silver's dream is then click here and read the final table profiles in all their glory. -- NW

1.12pm: Players getting seated
The final table players are getting ready for the final push.

12.50pm: Tompkins on top, final table set to start
Jason Tompkins is the chip leader going into Day 4 of UKIPT Dublin. The final table is set to start at 1pm, but we think that may be a touch optimistic at the moment. Expect a start close to quarter past the hour.

Seat one: Jason Tompkins, Ireland, PokerStars player, 2,388,000
Seat two: Max Silver, United Kingdom, 699,000
Seat three: Rory Curtis, United Kingdom, 725,000
Seat four: Charles Fabian, USA, 1,023,000
Seat five: Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 1,835,000
Seat six: David Docherty, United Kingdom, 958,000
Seat seven: Noel O'Brien, Ireland, 1,991,000
Seat eight: Robert Csire, Hungary, 1,145,000

We'd only just started level 25 when Michael White bust out in 9th place so they'll be the best part of an hour of 15,000-30,000 blinds when we start. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_jason tompkins.jpg

Jason Tompkins, the man to beat

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (and their favourite mythology): Rick Dacey (Norse) and Nick Wright ("what? I got woken up by someone banging on the wall" - abject confusion). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
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