UKIPT Dublin: Final table, level 27 & 28 updates (30,000-60,000, ante 5,000)


5.58pm: Csire feeling the pressure, Zandvliet turning the screw
"They're some really professional players," Robert Csire said to our photographer Mickey May as that last hand went on. This final table is a major deal for Csire and he's wearing that pressure on his face. The Hungarian is now guaranteed a minimum of €30,700.

Joeri Zandvliet is now a large chip leader with 6,845,000 and might pound Casire and Chuck Fabian in the run up to the heads up. If Zandvliet wins the next major confrontation we may as well get the engraver to work on his trophy.

It's a 20-minute break, join us in a new post then. -- RD

5.50pm: Max Silver eliminated in fourth place (€22,650)
From under-the-gun Joeri Zandvliet made it 125,000 to go, Max Silver then three-bet to 315,00 from the small blind. Back on Zandvliet he four-bet to 585,000 in total, Silver considered his options for about 20 seconds then announced all-in for 3,015,000 total, quick call from Zandvliet who had 3,100,000 just covering Silver by the slimmest of margins.

Silver: 8♥4♥
Zandvliet: A♦K♦

Both players were giggling like schoolboys, as the dealer spread a flop of J♦7♦J♠, Silver was now drawing thin. The turn was the 9♥ giving him a few more outs as he adden a gutshot straight draw to the non diamond eight and fours that could win him the hand. The river though was the 6♦ and Silver passed his chips and his lucky gorilla to Zandvliet.

It was a sterling defence of his title by Max Silver but ultimately he's come up just short in his quest to win a second UKIPT title, Zandvliet meanwhile now has over half the chips in play and is looking good to win his second title. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 4_max silver.jpg

"I've got eight-high. No, seriously."

ukipt dublin_day 4_joeri zandvliet.jpg

"My premium hand managed to hold against Max? I don't believe it."

5.41pm: Chips
The final four players are fairly tight with Joeri Zandvliet and Max Silver just ahead of Robert Csire. Charles Fabian is at the back of the pack with just over 30 big blinds.

1. Max Silver, 3,000,000
2. Chuck Fabian, 1,900,000
3. Joeri Zandvliet, 3,300,000
4. Robert Csire, 2,400,000

A big clash between any two of these players could create a pull away chip leader. It's tense but the players certainly haven't nitted up so far. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_chuck fabian and joeri zandvliet.jpg

Chuck Fabian (left) and Joeri Zandvliet

5.32pm: Fabian plunders Silver
Chuck Fabian has taken a nice wedge from Max Silver after the reigning champ opened for 155,000 from the small blind. Fabian called before opening up on the 9♥K♣4♣ flop. Silver had c-bet 115,000 and Fabian raised to 300,000. Silver called and checked the J♣ turn card over to Fabian.

The American pushed out 350,000 and Silver said: "Ahhhh, I hate this." He didn't look like calling, he didn't. -- RD

5.23pm: Max Silver wins a big pot
From under-the-gun Chuck Fabian made it 120,000 to go, Joeri Zadvliet made the call on the button, Robert Csire got out the way but Max Silver called from the big blind.

So three to a flop of J♠A♦Q♠, it checked to Zandvliet who bet 165,000, call from Silver and then Fabian check-raised to 350,000 total, quick fold from Zandvliet, considered call from Silver.

The turn was the Q♦ and both players checked to see the 3♠ complete the board. It was Silver who was first to act and he counted out a bet of 355,000 and pushed it over the line. Fabian took his time, cutting out the calling chips pretty swiftly, never really considering raising by the looks of it, but equally he didn't look like he particularly wanted to call. After a couple of minutes he pushed his cards face down towards the dealer, conceding the pot to Silver who's now up to 3,200,000. -- NW

5.15pm: Three small hands
A few small hands for you:

1) Joeri Zandvliet takes a small pot from Robert Csire.
2) Max Silver steals Chuck Fabian's big blind.
3) Max Silver steals Joeri Zandvliet's big blind.

There seems to be a lot of goodwill among this final four, it's certainly very chatty with Zandvliet and Silver particularly loud. They are both still on for their second UKIPT title, Silver on to retain his UKIPT Dublin title. -- RD

5.07pm: Zandvliet extends chip lead
On the first hand of four handed play it folded to Chuck Fabian in the small blind and he made it 135,000 to play, call from Joeri Zandvliet in the big blind. The flop was 7♦7♣6♠, check from Fabian, bet of 130,000 from Zandvliet, call from Fabian. The turn was the [10d], Fabian checked again and Zadvliet fired a bet of 280,000 which was enough to take the pot. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000 ante 5,000

5.03pm: Small break
After a small break the final four have sat back down to play through to the heads up. -- RD

4.55pm: Jason Tompkins eliminated in fifth place (€17,600)
It folded to Jason Tompkins on the button and he made it 105,000 to play, Max Silver folded the small blind and Chuck Fabian then moved all-in for 1,200,000. Back on Tompkins he looked pained, genuinely not sure of the right move.

He riffled a stack of chips whilst starring downwards and eventually announced, 'call':

Tompkins: A♥6♥
Fabian: A♠K♠

The stacks of the two players were counted down and it was established that both had exactly 1,200,000 so they were both at risk of elimination.

The flop of 2♠8♣J♣ helped neither, the 7♥ turn card left Tompkins down to three outs and he couldn't catch one on the K♣ river. As Tompkins collected his things and walked away from the table he looked absolutely gutted to have been knocked out.

He's highly rated in the Irish poker scene and tipped by many to be a future superstar, hopefully we'll see him at another UKIPT final table next season. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 4_ jason tompkins2.jpg

Tompkins gutted to bust in fifth

4.50pm: Heard the one about an Englishman and Irishman and a Dutchman?
And throw in an American and a Hungarian too for good measure. With five players left there are five different nationalities represented. Current chip counts look like this:

Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 3,600,000,
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 2,700, 000
Robert Csire, Hungary, 2,200,000
Jason Tompkins, Ireland, PokerStars Player, 1,200,000
Charles Fabian, USA, 1,200,000

4.45pm: Csire flops big, Tompkins gets away (semi) cheap
Joeri Zandvliet opened to 105,000 and was called by Robert Csire on the button before Jason Tompkins three-bet to 270,000 out of the small. Zandvliet passed, Csire did not.

Tompkins led 270,000 into the J♣3♠3♣ and Csire raised - unfortunately they cut away on the TV feed so we don't know by how much or whether it was all-in - and Tompkins passed. Csire showed pocket jacks for a flopped full house. -- RD

4.35pm: Noel O'Brien eliminated in sixth place (€13,950)
It folded to Max Silver who raised to 100,000 straight, Noel O'Brien then moved all-in for 480,000 total. Back on Silver, there was no insta-call, Silver asking for a count first, thinking for 30 seconds and then eventually announcing call:

Silver: Q♠[10d]
O'Brien: K♣2♣

The flop of J♦Q♥[10h] gave Silver two pair, but O'Brien and up and down straight draw. The [10s] fell on the turn and left O'Brien drawing dead, Silver now up to 2,700,000. -- NW

ukipt dublin_day 4_noel obrien.jpg

Noel O'Brien

4.27pm: Tompkins takes one
From the button Noel O'Brien limped, Robet Csire folded the small blind and Jason Tompkins checked his option in the big blind. The two players checked the {4h]7♦8♦3♠7♥ board all the way to the river, Tompkins firing 85,000 on fifth street, after a brief dwell O'Brien called and Tompkins showed [10][3] to win the pot. -- NW

4.24pm: Curtis out in 7th (€10,450)
Rory Curtis has been knocked out by Robert Csire to take the play down to the final six players.

Curtis had shoved 470,000 from the cut-off and had been tank-called in the big blind by Robert Csire - a bit of a nit-roll perhaps? - who tabled A♥T♦ against the short stack's K♣Q♥. The 7♠7♦2♦3♦3♥ board missed both players to send Curtis to the rail in 7th place for €10,450. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_rory curtis.jpg

Rory Curtis, out in 8th

4.16pm: Chuck cheesed off
Chuck Fabian said: "Let's see what happens," and raised to 105,000 from the small blind into Joeri Zandvliet.

The Dutchman moved 1,000,000 across the line. That's what happens, Chuck, when you mess with a big stack Dutchman. Fabian passed and is on around a million himself. -- RD

4.13pm: Poor ol' O'Brien
Noel O'Brien is looking quite demoralised after losing that spiked river to Max Silver. He's just lost a small pot to Jason Tompkins, who himself is starting to look zoned in again. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_noel obrien.jpg

Noel O'Brien

4.05pm: Max Silver doubles through Noel O'Brien
From under-the-gun+1 Max Silver moved all-in fro 1,090,000 it folded to Noel O'Brien in the small blind who announced call, Robert Csire folded the big blind, on their backs:

Silver: K♦Q♠
O'Brien: [10c][10d]

The flop of J♠5♥2♥ was no help for Silver, nor was the 8♠ turn. The defending champion had just six outs on the river and lo and behold the Q♣ popped out to give him the pot. "They made me sweat," quipped Silver to his friends on the rail. After that hand Silver is up to 2,200,000 whilst O'Brien slips to 1,200,000. Silver is now second in chips. -- NW

4pm: Silver three-bet shoves (again)
Max Silver just three-bet jammed from his big blind into the 110,000 button raise of Robert Csire. Silver's monkey card protector went in first, the chips next and they were followed by Csire's hole cards.

Silver now up to 1,150,000. He's picked up a spectacular amount of dead money at this final table. -- RD

3.55pm: What they're playing for
Here's what's still to play for:

1st €83,500
2nd €49,600
3rd €30,700
4th €22,650
5th €17,600
6th €13,950
7th €10,450

Using an ICM calculator we estimate Joeri Zandvliet's stack to be worth €49,663 at the moment, more than second place money - not bad! -- NW

3.57pm: Tompkins looking frustrated, Zandvliet continuing to chip up
Jason Tompkins opened to 100,000 and was three-bet shoved on by Joeri Zandvliet from the big blind. Tompkins mucked his hand with disdain, he's looking increasingly irritated.

Rory Curtis shoved to chip up to 600,000 the next hand and Zandvliet scooped the blinds the hand after that. Zandvliet is up to 3,600,000. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_jason tompkins.jpg

Jason Curtis

3.50pm: Silver shoves
First hand back from the break it folded to Max Silver in the small blind and he moved all-in for 810,000, in the big blind Rory Curtis, who had less than Silver, folded his hand, Silver showed the A♦ as he took the pot.

The defending champion repeated the trick next hand, shoving from the button and getting no takers, he's up to exactly 1,000,000. -- NW

3.45pm: Players returning to the final table
Joeri Zandvliet is leading this final table with 3,442,000 and is giving himself every chance to become the second UKIPT double winner. Rory Curtis is the player at risk with 571,000. Full chip counts can be found by clicking here. -- RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_rory curtis.jpg

Rory Curtis

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (in order of ham and cheese products eaten today): Rick Dacey (four) and Nick Wright (zero, he's a lean, mean... hold on, he's had two croissants). Photos by Mickey May.

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