UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1A, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2.30pm: End of the level
The players have started and ended their first break of the day. Updates for level three can be found in a new post. -- NW

2.30pm: Internet problems
Apologies for the lack of updates I promise we didn't just mooch off to McDonalds for an hour although we might have well as. The internet went down about 1pm and has just come back on. The men with spanners tell us the ISP when down and it effected surrounding businesses as well as us.

We're back on now (hopefully for the duration) and we'll be backfilling with the updates we managed to gather in the past hour. -- NW

1.50pm: Chip counts
I took a wander round the room and here's the chip counts of some of the names and notables.

Trending upwards are: Jon Spinks (21,000), Paul Nash (19,000), David Vamplew (30,000), Mike Hill (22,000), Jeff Duvall (27,000), Ash Mason (25,000), Joe Roberts (29,000), Gareth Walker (18,700), Kevin Williams (24,000) and Chris Moneymaker (25,700).

Treading water are: Ollie Schaffmann (16,000), Ian LeBruce (14,000), Jack Ellwood (16,300), Liv Boeree (15,700), Paul McTaggart (13,600) and Jake Cody (17,700)

Spiraling downwards are: Alex Ferguson (11,800), Brett Angell (8,000), Andrew Ferguson (6,800), Rachael Costa (8,500), Chris Brammer (8,400), Keith Hawkins (11,000).

1.30pm: Table mates
There's a few tasty tables out there. Seated together are David Vamplew and Andrew Ferguson, Jack Ellwood and Ian Bruce and UKIPT final tablists Alex Ferguson and Paul Nash are sat side by side and having a good natter. -- NW

1.05pm: Early double for Vamplew
At UKIPT Cork David Vamplew was down to just 3,000 after the first level before rallying and eventually finishing xxth. The variance is leveling itself out as the EPT London champion has doubled up in the first hour. He tweeted: "Doubled in first level UKIPT edin, set vs aces ez game." - NW


12.50pm: Two early exits
There have been two exits already here in Edinburgh. I didn't catch either first hand so in the absence of a table draw can't bring you the names of the players eliminated but I can tell you who won the pot and how they happened.

Exit number one: Craig Brown (not the ex-Scotland manager) who had pocket kings and one opponent saw a flop of [A][A][K], bet from Brown, call from opponent. The turn was the case king and both players checked. The river was a blank and a flurry of bets saw all the chips go in, Brown's opponent holidng [A][J] for aces full.

Exit number two: Four players including Jost Beifuhs saw a nine high flop, which connected rather nicely with Beifuhs pocket nines. The button who had squeezed pre-flop bet and Beifuhs check-raised with top set, call from the button.

The turn was a [6] and Beifuhs bet the turn, call from the button. The river was a [Q] and Beifuhs shoved and got a call from the button who had pocket aces. -- NW

12.40pm: I can see quite clearly
The media balcony gives a great view over the tournament floor, as you can see from the image below. Unfortunately it also gives us a long stairwell to traverse each time we go to the floor. Now if we can just get the internet connection to work for more than two minutes we'll get you some updates here... -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1A_tournament floor.jpg

Let battle commence

12.30pm: Numbers game
We've just got word that there are now over 240 runners today and that players will play ten levels. Late registration is open for the first three levels. -- NW

12.15pm: Heroes
The Day 1A field appears to be unusually stacked there are a lot of heroes playing today. As well as the two Team PokerStars Pros we've got (deep breath) UKIPT heroes like: Jamie Burland, David Vamplew, Mike Hill, Chris Brammer, Owen Robinson, Ollie Schaffmann and Brett Angell.

Then there are your WSOP heroes like Jon Spinks, Paul Nash and November Niner Sam Holden. And if that wasn't enough there are a mix of legends and bright young things like Keith Hawkins, Jeff Duvall, Rory Matthews, Jack Ellwood, David Docherty and Craig McCorkell.

Could get tasty. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1A_sam holden.jpg

Gotta know when to Holden

12.05pm: Cards in the air
Play in underway, most tables are eight-handed to start with. -- NW

11.45am: Welcome to UKIPT Edinburgh
Welcome to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, for this season's Scottish stop of the UKIPT. Last season Nick Abou Risk beat a field of 401 to claim his first UKIPT title and he'll be back to defend his title (tomorrow).

This festival of poker takes place at the Corn Exchange and is running alongside a more famous festival - The Fringe. That event is famous for attracting a lot of American visitors and the UKIPT has picked up a tourist too, none other than WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker. The Team PokerStars Pro is in town to play this event as part of his Chris Moneymaker tour (more on that later).

Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree will also take to the felt today alongside a field of over 200 players, usual UKIPT structure of 15,000 starting stack and one hour levels. Play is set to start at 12pm.

ukipt edinburgh_day 1A_external shot.jpg

Welcome to Scotland

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of knitwear worn) : Nick Wright (one, purple jumper) and Rick Dacey (zero, never). Photos by Mickey May (all the time in her summerhouse, but none today).

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT