UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1A, level 9 & 10 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

ukiptthumb.JPG12.20am: Play is done
Play is over for the day and players have bagged and tagged their chips. We lost Brett Angell on one of the last hands of the night. Overnight chip leader appears to be Colin Wu who has 138,500. A full wrap of the day's action to come. Full chip counts will be available soon too. Day 1B starts at midday. -- NW

11.45pm: Last few hands
The last few hands have been called and it looks like Colin Wu has made a late dash into the chip lead with 150,000. Bagging and tagging will take place shortly. Stay with us and we'll get you overnight chip counts and a full wrap of the day's action.-- RD

11.35pm: News in brief
With around 30 minutes left in the night here's some news in brief. Bong:

- There are 81 players left

- Average stack is 45,500

- Kevin Ayow appears to be chip leader with 150,000, Jamie Dale (96,000) and Craig Brown (98,000) are still going strong.

- There's a 'fun' table containing Jake Cody, Joe Roberts (68,000), Jamie Burland, Ian Lebruce and Rob Swindells.

- Keith Hawkins has completed his comeback and is up to 49,000, he told me he won a few small pots to get to his peak for the day. -- NW

11.23pm: Recent exits
Recent exits include Thomas Hall, Ash Mason and Ben Dobson. -- NW

11.12pm: Chip counts
We've just done another batch of chip counts here they are: Ian Lebruce (36,500), David Docherty (14,000), Mike Hill (44,325), Andrew Hawksby (30,000), Jake Cody (56,000), David Vamplew (134,000), Brett Angell (23,800), Gareth Walker (45,000 won kings against queens all-in pre-flop) and Jamie Burland (43,000). -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ante 100

11.02pm: Moneymaker's sound advice
"I just want to go to bed," said Daniel Dibden after doubling through to 54,000 with two black aces.

"Sleep's overrated," drawled Moneymaker, "drink more."

Moneymaaker doesn't seem to have any drinks to hand but does have a lot of chips and has a very good chance of finishing the day as chip leader. He must be close to 100,000 now. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1A_chris moneymaker.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker

10.55pm: Vamplew versus Ayow round one
The two co-chip leaders - David Vamplew and Kevin Ayow - are sat side by side, they're more dipping their toe in the pond against each other rather than diving in head first.

From middle positon Christian Palm made it 1,700 to play, Vamplew flatted from the button, but before Ayow (small blind) could act, Adam Henriksson made the call from the big blind.

The floor was called and it was ruled that Ayow's hand was live and if the action changed before it got to Henriksson he had the option to pull back the extra 900 he had put in. So action on Ayow and he three-bet to 5,500; a quick fold from Henriksson, brief think and fold from Palm and a reluctant fold from Vamplew gave the pot to Ayow. -- NW

10.47pm: Chips!
We've done a quick whip round of some of the big stacks and big names. Click on chip counts to see how it's going on. -- RD

10.42pm: Keighley busts in incredible fashion
Paul Keighley has just busted out in an absolutely fascinating hand. He had ten big blinds and was under-the-gun. He peeked down at one card, it was an ace. It was good enough and his stack went in. He was quickly isolated with an ace-jack shove.

Keighley looked at his other card. It was an eight. He lost.

Okay, it wasn't strictly an exciting hand, but at least you got to enjoy a moment of tension. Keighley, along with a number of other players including Jamie Burland, Nick Abou Risk and Ian LeBruce, is a shareholder in Sam Holden's WSOP adventure so he hasn't got much to moan about! -- RD

10.35pm: Robinson busts, Ayow massive
It's all gone wrong for Owen Robinson. The Irishman was moved to the table containing David Vamplew and had a stack of 40,000, but within two hands he was bust.

On the first hand he had pocket queens cracked by pocket fours. As for the second it was a doozy, rug up it's about to get chilly.

Robinson opened A♣K♣ was flat called by Kevin Ayow ,who had pocket kings, and Adam Henriksson before Jost Beifuhs cold four-bet from the big blind. Robinson said: "I think I can get away from it at this point but with so much in the middle and with ace-king suited I moved all-in."

Robinson soon had cause to regret this move as Ayow insta-shoved behind him, Henriksson tank-folded what he said was pocket queens and Beifuhs made the call too, as you would with pocket aces.

So that's aces, kings, queens and ace-king on the same hand, but the fun and games had just begun. A king on the turn gave the pot to Ayow and the Canadian who is sat to the direct left of Vamplew now has 125,000, Robinson was eliminated and Beifuhs is down to around 30,000.

There are a lot of chips on that table and if Vamplew and Ayow get involved one of them could end up with a 200,000 stack before the day is out. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1A_vamplew and ayow .jpg

David Vamplew (left) takes on Kevin Ayow

10.25pm: Hawkins doubles up
Down to just 9,100 and holding pocket jacks Keith Hawkins shoved all-in over the top of a 1,600 open from Jamie Dale. The big stacked Dale called the extra and turned over K♦J♦.

The flop of 6♦7♠8♦ saw Hawkins elicit a wry smile as Dale's outs increased. The 9♠ added some chop outs into the mix but the Q♠ kept Hawkins in front. -- NW

10.22pm: Boeree busts
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree has just busted after the restart three-betting jamming into Jake Cody.

"I had twenty big blinds and Jake Cody opened in mid-late position. I jammed with ace-jack and he had ace-queen," said Boeree.

A simple tale of three-bet shoving and calling range woe. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1A_liv boeree.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree: sent to the rail by Jake Cody

10.15pm: Biggest fish in the pond
No-one wins a tournament on the first day but here are some of the players doing their best to do so; John Wallace (78,000), Craig Brown (102,000), Colin Gillon (75,000), Chris Moneymaker (96,000), Lewis Labham (80,000) and David Vamplew (125,000). -- RD

10.05pm: Eliminations
Players to have fallen in the last level include Kevin Williams, Alan Andrew, Gary Smillie, Andrew Melvin, Neil Kerr, Gerard Smith, Ben Jenkins and Alex Payne.

There are a whole host of player that are going into the double or bust phase of their tournament, such as Paul Keighley who beat November Niner Sam Holden on the way up here in a Top Gear style challenge. Keighley's plane from Kent beat Holden's overland rail. - RD

10pm: News in brief
As level nine gets underway here's some news in brief:

- David Vamplew is, we think, the current chip leader with 125,000 he told me: "I won a 100k flip with jacks against Ben Jenkins who had ace-king. Tournament staff have done chip counts of the chip leader of each table during the break, that information will be transmitted imminently.

- The other two UKIPT champs left in the field are Gareth Walker who has 31,000 and Jamie Burland who's on 50,000, the latter winning a small pot against Ian LeBruce on the last hand before the break

- Brett Angell is on 17,600, he's been clashing with Richard Haile in a lot of pots. From eavesdropping it seems Haile is getting the better of him 4-1 the current score.

- Craig Brown has around 100,000 he's got Jamie Dale to his immediate left, Dale is on around 75,000. If they collide they'd create an uber-stack.

- Keith Hawkins is grinding along. The Camel is a shrewd sports bettor and big QPR fan. But he's not confident about their chances in the Premier League this season. He said: "I think they'll only stay up if other team's under perform."

ukipt edinburgh_day 1A_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins

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