UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1B, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 50-100)

ukiptthumb.JPG2pm: Break time
Two levels down, eight to go, players now have 15 minutes to exchange bad beat stories. -- NW

1.57pm: Ainsworth takes a hit
It had almost been a perfect two levels for Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainswoth until the inevitable cooler. He tweeted: "Was up to 38k just ran kk into aa for nearly half my stack," Ainsworth back in the pack. -- NW

1.55pm: May to wreak revenge on Abou Risk?
We were first introduced to Nick Abou Risk here in Edinburgh through the ranting of Jesse May. A couple of levels into Day 1B last year May stumbled into the press room looking dazed and confused, like a young rapscallion had bashed him over the head and stolen his chips, which is essentially what had happened.

"He's a terror and a destroyer," said May, describing wide-eyed how the Canadian, who has since gone on to win two UKIPT titles, had bashed up both him and Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree. As entries into the poker collective consciousness go it's pretty strong.

May may have a chance to wreak revenge however, he's just been placed two seats to Abou Risk's left.

ukipt brighton_day 1b_may and abou risk.jpg

Nick Abou Risk faces down Jesse May

"I've got Irish position on him," said Abou Risk with a wry smile, who later added that his first goal was to defend his Day 1B chip lead of last year. It's a bold statement, but certainly not out of reach.

"It's unlikely that I'll be able to come over the top of him, but it's nice to have the chance," said May, who seemed to appreciate that while his tournament EV may have dropped - Neil Channing is also at the table - his enjoyment value has rocketed. I can still hear May chucking from up here on the media balcony. -- RD

1.50pm: Bedi bashing them up
Never one to sit around and wait Rupinder Bedi was, true to form, involved in a pot as I wandered past his table. The board was K♠4♦Q♥[10c]K♣ and with around 2,400 in the pot John Burns had led for 825. Bedi threw out a multi-coloured raise which equated to 3,525 in total.

After a good dwell Burns made the call but mucked when Bedi showed A♣J♣, after that hand Bedi is up to 20,000. -- NW

1.45pm: Solid play from May
You can't keep him quiet for a second when he's commentating but Jesse May is quiet as a mouse when he's in a hand. He's all steely concentration, with sunglasses and headphones protecting his poker face as he contemplates decisions.

I just saw him take a nice line in a hand to extract some value. With his table playing seven handed May raised to 300 from under-the-gun and was called by Olivier Delvaux (cut-off) and Adam Jackson (button).

On the flop of 8♣4♥2♣ May c-bet 600 and only Delvaux came along to see the 3♠ hit the turn. On fourth street May slowed down, checking the action to Delvaux who bet 1,050, call from May. The river was the [10s] and May quickly checked to Delvaux who bet 1,500, May gave Delvaux an intimidating stare down before flicking in the call. Delvaux showed pocket sixes but May turned over Q♣Q♥ for the winning hand -- NW

1.35pm: Lawlor International Airport
Last time the PokerStars Blog saw Richie Lawlor he was looking one part panicked to three parts irritated. The Irishman had fallen asleep on the train from Brighton and had missed the change necessary for Gatwick airport - he did get there in time though. Despite a small drop to 13,700 he looks like he's back in the zone here, trademark red over-ear headphones switched on.

The PokerStars qualifier is one of a number of emerging talents on the UKIPT and has scored three cashes so far this year. If memory serves, he had been a little unlucky not to score a finish higher than 16th. -- RD

1.30pm: Chip counts
There's not been that much chip movement in the opening 90 minutes of play but here's how some of the names and notables stack up.

There are four UKIPT champions in the field; Nick Abou Risk is faring the best so far as he has 19,000 but the other three, Max Silver (14,625), Sam Razavi (16,100) and Richard Sinclair (14,425) have had solid if unspectacular starts.

On the up thus far are Rupinder Bedi (20,000), Chris Dowling (17,700) and Jesse May (17,500) whilst Neil Channing (12,800), Martin Mulsow (11,300) and Deborah Worley-Roberts (12,300) have all taken slight dents to their stacks. -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_jesse may.jpg

Jesse May: The undoubted voice of poker

1.20pm: Ferguson still out
Alex Ferguson - no, not that one - was playing yesterday and bust out. It didn't stop us hearing him banging on about who knows what from the side event, subjecting us on media row to a barrage of loud 'One time's. We thought that was our lot. It wasn't. The Scotsman, who finished ninth at UKIPT Brighton last month, is roaming the tournament floor talking loudly to fellow players today. It's too early to be that loud. -- RD

1.08pm: Lyallbility
Dean Lyall is a fun player to watch. He's obviously talented but is prone to the occasional blow up. As I passed his table I saw him calling down with Q♣Q♥ on a 7♥9♣2♠6♥4♥ board to chop the pot against Andrew Whiteford who also tabled pocket queens. --RD


12.55pm: Ainsworth off and running
Team PokerStars Pro has suffered his share of early exits at UKIPT events and it seems the variance is kicking in as he's near doubled up early on and eliminated a player in the process.

Ainsworth, who is at the same table as Chris Dowling and Sam Grafton, was kind enough to fill me in on the details of the key hand: "There was a raise and a call before the guy I eliminated three-bet, I four-bet with red [A][K] the other two fellas got out the way but the three-bettor called.

"The flop came [A][K][x] with two clubs and we both checked. The turn was another club, he bet and I called. The river was a non club [5] and he moved all-in for 7,000 and I called, he mucked his hand without showing." -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1B_jude ainsworth.jpg

Top two was good for Ainsworth

12.45pm: Kelly late, but on time
JP Kelly has just arrived late and is hurriedly sticking on his PokerStars patches. It's all part of the usual Kelly tournament process: turn up, play 90% of hands, build a big stack, go deep and, depending on tournament, win/blow up.

So is it all part of a Phil Hellmuth desire for attention? Not according to our Team PokerStars Pro. "I overslept," said Kelly with a grin. "I usually do."

It seems to work for him. -- RD

12.32pm: Chatty Channing
Neil Channing is the epitome of an Englishman at rest. He loves nothing more than a cup of tea, a chat and a nice bit of a sit down, albeit to play cards. Following an under-the-gun limp and call Channing min-raised it up to 100 - quite possibly to stop reigning champ Nick Abou Risk in the big blind getting some smart idea about pumping it up pre-flop. Four callers later they went to the 9♣K♣Q♥ flop which was stabbed at for 400 by an early position limper. Channing called saying: "Go on then, I'll have some."

A blank 3♠ on the turn was led by the under-the-gun limper for 1,100 and Channing opted not to call this time and was shown T♦J♥ for his troubles.

"I'm quite proud of myself," said Channing, not afraid to give myself a pat on the back. The Vic regular claimed to have passed [q][j]. -- RD

12.25pm: Silver spoon
One of the familiar faces in the field today is Max Silver, who won UKIPT Dublin last September and final tabled this event last year, finishing sixth.

His table is currently playing five handed and he pointed out that seat three has been winning every pot. As well as having an impressive live record Silver, who recently quit a job in the poker industry to play full time, has an incredible staking record, buying or swapping percentages with players who've gone on to win major live events. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1B_max silver.jpg

Silver - gets lots of gold

12.15pm: Ainsworth off to a slow start
Jude Ainsworth has lost a small pot after leading 750 into a Q♥8♦T♣2♠ board from the small blind. He was called and he checked the J♦ river but his A♦J♥ wasn't enough to beat A♠Q♦. It's a small stutter for the Team PokerStars Pro. -- RD

12.05pm: We bring the stars out
Thwack - take that Day 1A, the big boys are in town for Day 1B. In the field today are Team PokerStars Pros Jude Ainsworth and JP Kelly. There's, count 'em, four UKIPT champions - Max Silver, Nick Abou Risk, Richard Sinclair and Sam Razavi.

Then there's Chris Dowling who's currently atop the UKIPT Leaderboard and Rupinder Bedi the all time leading casher on the UKIPT with no fewer than six UKIPT cashes.

Add in two legends of the game in the shape of Neil Channing and Jesse May and it should be a fun ten levels to watch. The former is surely due some run good after a torrid WSOP and May, the voice of poker, will be hoping for a kinder table draw than last year when he was sandwiched in between Liv Boeree and Nick Abou Risk. -- NW

12.01pm: Play begins
Play has started here in Edinburgh with the button in seat six. -- RD

11.40am: Play set to start at noon
We played ten one-hour levels yesterday getting 242 players down to 73 and we'll be doing similar today (we currently have 243 players registered I've been told). Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth, Jesse May and last year's winner Nick Abou Risk are among the players sitting down. Click here for some of the big names. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_chips.jpg

Chips in Edinburgh

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of breakfast consumption): Rick Dacey (one bowl of porridge, two sausages, two eggs, a scoop of beans and three cups of tea) and Nick Wright (one banana, one cup of tea). Photos by Mickey May (it's in a brown paper bag, probably Danish sausage).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT