UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

ukiptthumb.JPG6.41pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 65 minute dinner break.

6.39pm: May the lucky mascot
Jesse May was sat next to Nick Abou Risk last year, who went on to win. This year he's next to Bernardo Da Silveira Dias who is now up to 58,000. Is May a lucky mascot? Does he give you a touch of gold? May is far from out himself though, he's on 24,800.

End of level imminent. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_bernardo da silveira dias.jpg

Bernardo Da Silveira Dias

6.35pm: A few chip counts
Tables are being broken at a pace here and that means it can be hard to keep track of just where players are, nonetheless here are some chip counts: Rupinder Bedi (20,000), Fintan Gavin (36,000) and James Browning (35,000).

Those whose chip stack is now zero include Eb Razavi and Warren Wooldridge. -- NW

6.28pm: Lest we forget
As the dinner break draws near let's take a look at some that have been sent for an early buffet: Rytis Praninskas, Jari Henri Koskinen, Graeme Proctor, David Shaw, Spencer Lawrence, Adam Jackson and Neil Channing have all crashed and burnt. -- RD

6.18pm: Thew flying
EPT Baden champion Julian Thew is up to 49,000 after earlier being as low as 6,000. He was more than happy to tell me about his meteoric rise, as you'd expect from the nicest man in poker.

"I got up to around 21,000 from 6,000 and then the following hand happened. There was an open to 600, Harvey Butters three-bet to 1,600, which he'd been doing a lot to this opponent. It folded to me in the small blind and I four-bet to 5,000 with pocket tens.

"Harvey then moved all-in. The cameras had arrived just prior to this hand and it played into my thinking that Butters wouldn't expect me to stack off light here so I called all-in for around 16,000 more. He had pocket kings and I hit a ten on the river. I didn't think I could do that anymore it felt very old school!"

6.08pm: Abou Risk announces his arrival
Nick Abou Risk's table has just broken and within moments of arrival he was six-bet jamming to chip up to 40,000.

Abou Risk opened for 650 from middle position and was three-bet to 1,500 by Greig Cushnie. Would Abou Risk let his first hand at the table end in defeat? It seems not. The Canadian came back over the top for 3,650 and Kusnie made the call. Hold on, no he didn't, he five-bet to 6,500. Abou Risk pondered his options for a few seconds before setting Kushnie all-in who passed to leave himself with around 15,000, close to his starting stack.

Jesse May also broke from that table and found himself on the heavily stacked table number two. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_nick abou risk.jpg

You five-bet folded? To me?

6pm: Busted
The recent exits include: Nicholas Owen, Lee Cockcroft and Euan Dunbar. -- NW

5.53pm: Lots of chips
There are a lot of chips on table two, with three players having over 40,000. They are Bernardo Da Silveira Dias (56,000, probable chip leader), Athir Ali (40,525) and Paul Bowser (52,000).

Elsewhere Richie Lawlor has 17,300, Dean Lyall is on 28,000 , Sam Razavi Is nursing a stack of 12,550 and UKIPT Newcastle champion Richard Sinclair currently has 18,700. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1B_richard sinclair.jpg

Richard Sinclair

5.48pm: Chipping up
Piotr Makarejczuk (43,000), Chris Farde (47,000) and Gary Bertram (46,000) are among the players chipping up. -- RD

5.45pm: Eyes on the prize
The prize pool has just been announced and it totals £251,715 with the winner taking home £61,500. That's some £11,500 more than Nick Abou Risk pocketed last year.

We're still awaiting the full payout structure but will get it posted during the dinner break which is at the end of this level. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, ante 25

5.40pm: Bad day at the office for Bad Beat
It's fair to say it hasn't been Neil 'Bad Beat' Channing's day. He's just been eliminated, the last of his chips heading the way of Nick Abou Risk, but it's been a slow painful slide that started from seemingly the first hand.

Abou Risk filled me in on Channing's final hand saying that Channing had moved all-in for 3,800 with [A][7] suited after an open from Abou Risk and a flat call from another player, Abou Risk had [A][9] suited and it held, the latter up to around 33,000. -- NW

5.35pm: Hermans and the international brigade
Rick Hermans is just one of a large number of international players coming for this event. The Dutch qualifier is up to 21,000 and narrowly missed out on losing a bunch to Michael Williams after opting not to raise on a 5♦T♦J♠J♦ board. Hermans passed and was shown a jack. -- RD

5.30pm: Channing doing it the hard way
Neil Channing's tale of woe continues. After dragging himself back up to 8,000 he managed to lose half of his stack with pocket eights to pocket queens. "Not having masses of fun," he said. -- RD

5.26pm: Chip counts
A sweep of the room revealed the following chip counts: Rupinder Bedi (24,500), Mark Ritchie (45,000), James Browning (22,300), Fintin Gavin (36,300), Nick Gibson (12,000), Rick Hermans (22,000), Jesse May (31,000), Nick Abou Risk (29,000) and Neil Channing (7,400). -- NW

ukipt brighton_day 1b_neil channing.jpg

A happy Neil Channing at the beginning of the day

5.18pm: Ainsworth out
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth wandered past me, which was odd as I'm up a staircase and sat some 30 metres from the tournament area. My spidey senses told me that this meant he was out and indeed he was: "The cut-off raised and I jammed 20 big blinds with A♠J♠ and he had ace-king," said Ainsworth. The Irishman will have to wait for Dublin to claim a UKIPT title. - NW

5.10pm: Baltic blonde still in (that's her Twitter name)
Daiva Barauskaite has evaded a showdown to chip back up to around 10,000 after shoving a 8♣5♠2♣ flop for 6,350. She doesn't seem to have been having the best time of things so far. But with a little over 30 big blinds there's still plenty of room for maneuver. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_daiva barauskaite.jpg

Daiva Barauskaite

5.05pm: Voice of poker clubbed (but not to death)
Jesse May's stack has only been going in one direction so far - upwards. But I just saw the voice of poker hit a small bump in the road.

He made it 750 to play and Lisa Ferris put in the extra from the big blind. The flop was 2♣Q♣9♣ and May c-bet 1,000 but folded when Ferris moved all-in for 3,525, May now on 31,000. - NW

4.54pm: Mulsow and Silver
Martin Mulsow and Max Silver seem to be playing a game of their own here much to the confusion of the other players at their table.

Silver was staring at Mulsow's all-in on a [a][q][4] rainbow flop and decided his hand was no good. Mulsow threw down 9♥6♥ and proceeded to roar with laughter.

"He folds for two hours and then goes mad with nine six?" questioned one of his tablemates. Yes, welcome to the mad world of Martin Mulsow. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_martin mulsow.jpg

Martin Mulsow

4.44pm: And we're off
The antes are just around the corner so we expect the men to start separating themselves from the boys over the next couple of levels. No breakaway chip monsters quite yet. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_tournament floor.jpg

In your seats!

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (and the most unlikely googled alter-ego of the same name): Rick Dacey (ministry team leader) and Nick Wright (teen bodybuilder). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT