UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 1B, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, ante 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.50pm: Break time
Players are now on a 20 minute break. You'll find level nine updates in a new post. -- NW

9.45pm: Exits
Slipping out the door marked exit are: Martin Blom, Stefano Vessella, Guy Steel, amongst others.-- NW

9.44pm: Blogging at a distance
A blogging revolution sparked yesterday with the first ever 'Blogging at distance' (see '8.20pm: Blogging at distance'). Let's keep that movement going and keep our eyes peeled:

- There are 14 tables left.

- A tall, lithe Daiva Barauskaite - who busted just after dinner - stands behind Rupinder Bedi watching the action with a glass of wine in one hand, other hand on her hip. Bedi (pale yellow hoody) sits at the left side of the table grinding. Dean Lyall (purple t-shirt) sinks his head to the padded rail, puts his hands behind his neck and tries, unsuccessfully I'd guess - to massage the tension out of his shoulders.

- PokerStars blogger Nick Wright wanders back from the tables at the far end of the room, stopping to check how many players are left: 125. From a distance he bears a strong similarity to Sam Razavi who himself is sat at a table nursing a bottle of water and a stack of 30,000 chips. Razavi was one of a number of players to hit the tiles in Edinburgh last night and is showing it. Not a single bit of Michael Jackson showmanship today. Maybe he was one of the five people that got stuck in a lift with Jack Ellwood.

- Chip leader Sam Macdonald rests his hand on his chin, possibly contemplating a chance at a third UKIPT overnight chip lead this season (Nottingham and Cork were the others).

- The TV set sits cordoned off, a blue protective cover over its felt. The feature table opens for business tomorrow morning. Chris Moneymaker the likely first visitor.

- Jesse May sits back in his chair looking, from here at least, like a man stuck in a difficult situation. May has an big stack to his immediate left at what appears to be a pretty aggro table.

I'll leave it at that for now, let's get back into the minutiae. -- RD

9.35pm: Stack 'em high, stack 'em low
Two UKIPT regulars are enjoying contrasting fortunes on Day 1B so far. Julian Thew is up to 70,000 and smiling, Rupinder Bedi meanwhile is grinding a stack of 11,000. "My aim is to get back to starting stack," chuckled Bedi. -- NW

9.25pm: Callum climbing
Callum Palfrey is amongst the chip leaders with a stack of around 80,000. I saw him raking a sizeable pot that eliminated Nick Ramsey.

I didn't catch the actual hand only the aftermath, but the post-mortem revealed that they'd both got a lot of chips in on the turn of a [10d]7♦A♠8♠ board, Palfrey with Q♠J♠, Ramsey with [10s]9♠ which was a solid 63.5% favourite. However the 9c river gave Palfrey a straight and left Ramsey with hands on head.

Palfrey looks a bit like a young Sam Trickett, if he plays just a quarter as good as 'Tricky' he'll go far. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1B_callum palfrey.jpg

Callum Palfrey

9.15pm: How many?
"How many chips do you need to get on the PokerStars leaderboard?" asked Steven Turner making reference to our online chip counts, "Sixty thousand?"

Okay, let's explain. On the Day 1's of the UKIPT we start off tracking the better known players (for instance, Neil Channing, Julian Thew and Chris Moneymaker) and those that have enjoyed UKIPT success in the past (for instance, Richard Sinclair, Max Silver and Nick Abou Risk).

As we enter the latter stages of Day 1 we ask the dealer's to give us the chip count of the largest stack at their table during the break. The largest go into the online counts and we start tracking those too - as well as any other major big stacks that bloom during the two one-hour levels. This process changes as we go into Day 2 and the money, where full chip counts of the entire field at each break becomes possible and very relevant to the tournament.

So in answer to your question Steven: your 21,000 isn't enough to cut the mustard, but David Knight's 68,000 is. He just knocked out Alan Banks with K♦K♣ over K♥Q♣. -- RD

9.05pm: Some chip counts
Another sweep of the room, another set of chips counts: Finatn Gavin (48,000), James Browning (30,850), Paul Bowser (56,000), Rupinder Bedi (8,800), Sam Macdonald (105,000 - chip leader), Jesse May (32,000), Nick Abou Risk (17,000), Max Silver (43,000) and James Walsh (90,000). -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 1B_sam macdonald.jpg

Sam Macdonald

8.58pm: Bullets almost succumb to broadway
Anthony Galloway made a somewhat ambitious raise to 1,200 under-the-gun with J♠6♠ and had cause to regret it when next to act Andrew Russell moved all-in for 4,150 with pocket aces.

It folded back to Galloway and he made the call, the K♥[10d]4♥ flop gave Galloway some back door outs, the Q♦ turn gave him an open-ended straight draw, but the 8♠ river gave the pot to Russell. - NW

8.54pm: More squeezed out
Rick Hermans, Ronny Schenk, Oliver Bibby, Thomas Dunwoodie, Martin Mulsow and Daiva Barauskaite have also fallen. -- RD


8.43pm: Slimas getting fat in chips
Ovidijus Slimas looks close to breaking 100,000 but while I was at his table it was John Bonadies that was chipping up after calling down on a A♥6♠7♥7♦A♠ board and raising the river. He's up to 29,000. -- RD

8.35pm: Some chip counts
The winner of UKIPT Newcastle, Richard Sinclair, is still alive and kicking, the Scot has 25,800. Dutch darts expert (he represented them at youth level) Rick Hermans has 10,800, serial UKIPT Season 2 casher Richie Lawlor is on 17,200, Deborah Worley-Roberts has 25,800 and Sam Razavi, who earlier was looking white as a sheet, but appears to have perked up since the dinner break, has 19,600. -- NW

8.29pm: Fallen soldiers
Warren Wooldridge, Nick Gibson, Joe Laming, Trish Mallin and John Durkin are among the most recent batch of fallers - most of whom went out in the lead up to the dinner break. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_nick gibson.jpg

Nick Gibson: out

8.25pm: Mulsow mashed
The perma-smiling Martin Mulsow is out. He shoved for 20 big blinds with [A][10] after Asam Shan had raised with pocket sevens, the latter made the call and held on a [8][8][3][j][7] board. -- NW

8.15pm: Silver doubles through Vesella
Poor old Stefano Vessella. How was he supposed to know that Max Silver doesn't lose these kind of all-ins?

Silver had flatted a 1,000 open raise from the hijack in the cut-off when Vessella appeared to wake up with a hand, he three-bet to 3,700. After the initial raise moved out the way Silver shoved for 17,375. Vessella slowly made the call.

Vessella: J♠J♦
Silver: A♥J♣

The board ran out A♣T♠5♥4♠2♠ to double Silver up to 37,000. -- RD

8.05pm: Chip leaders
During the break tournament staff did chip counts of the chip leader at each table. The top five stacks in the tournament at the moment belong to: Ovidijus Slimas (85.000), Callum Palfrey (67,000), Bernardo Da Silveira Dias (65,000), Nicholas Humphris (60,000) and Julian Thew (58,000). -- NW

8pm: Prizepool and payouts
During the dinner break we've uploaded the entire prize structure onto the blog. Click here to see it, 63 players will be paid, a min-cash is worth £800, a final table appearance guarantees a minimum of £4,555 and the winner will take home £61,500. -- NW

7.52pm: Play restarts
The buffet is done. The steak and kidney pies were a particular hit. The players have returned to their seats. Let's play some poker. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 1b_jesse may.jpg

Jesse May is sporting the must-have autumn range of sunglasses

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (and which sauce they had with their pie): Rick Dacey (mustard) and Nick Wright (brown sauce). Photos by Mickey May.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in UKIPT