UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)


2.05pm: Even more bust outs and the break
Anthony Galloway, Ivan Stokes, Jake Cody, John Kay, Max Silver and Mike Hill have all busted.

It's the break, back in 15 minutes in a new post. -- RD

2pm: Chip counts and exits
Still alive and kicking are: Fintan Gavin (85,000), David Stockings (75,000), Craig Brown (115,000), Ian Bruce (36,000) and Kevin Ayow (67,000).

Recent exits include: Nicholas Humphris, Fergal Nealon and David Knight. -- NW

1.58pm: Silver out
Max Silver has busted from the main event after running sevens into aces. A fairly standard spot it seems with the last of Silver's chips going to Matt Heap. -- RD

1.53pm: Cody crushed
EPT, WPT and WSOP winner Jake Cody will not be turning his triple crown into a grand slam just yet as he's out of the Edinburgh UKIPT.

It was two hands in a row that did for him, I missed the first but Max Silver told me that Cody called three streets on a 8♠4♠2♥6♠[10d] board but mucked when Craig Brown showed [J][8].

Then he got the last of his chips in with K♣8♦ but ran into a dominating K♦Q♠. -- NW

1.46pm: Not May's day
Jesse May's lucky shirt seems to have backfired. The TV commentator, belying his New Jersey roots, had kitted himself out with a spectacular Hawaiian shirt for his Day 2 adventure but it was brought to a swift halt after running pocket threes into ace-king.

"It's no fun being out," said May, "Now I have to wait til next year."-- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_jesse may.jpg

Jesse May

1.37pm: Hawkins moving up
Keith 'the camel' Hawkins isn't a player to take lightly, as Paul Ruddy may have just found out. Hawkins opened to 3,500 from middle position and Ruddy made it 7,200 from the big blind. Hawkins came back over the top for 14,200 and Ruddy mucked. The camel chews his way up to 110,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith Hawkins

1.30pm: Exits
A total of 28 players exited during the opening level amongst them were: Jamie Burland, Jost Beifuhs and Christian Stokkeland. -- NW

1.29pm: Macdonald turning the screw
Sam Macdonald is driving his chip lead hard. He just knocked out Ashley Patterson to kick up to 270,000.

Macdonald opened the button for 3,700 and Patterson jammed for 38,400 from the small blind. Perhaps Macdonald passes if the exact same thing had happened the hand previously. He called.

Macdonald: A♥2♥
Patterson: K♦9♣

Macdonald turned the nut flush on a 8♥6♣J♥T♥8♠ board to send Patterson to the rail.

David Vamplew is chasing though, he's up to nearly 200,000 after getting kings in against [a][t]. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_sam macdonald.jpg

Sam Macdonald and his magically growing stack

1.20pm: Top ten stacks
Here are the top ten stacks from the outer tables:

Sam Macdonald 205,000
Alex Jobling 200,000
Jamie Dale 190,000
Robert Swindells 170,000
Richard Callaghan 160,000
Mark Warnock 150,000
Andrew Mackenzie 140,000
George Clyde-Smith 138,000
Ovidijus Slimas 135,000
John Kay 130,000

Alan Barnes started the day with 172,000 but he's at the feature table so it's likely he's in the mix as well. -- NW

1.12pm: Risk reaping rewards
Nick Abou Risk has had an excellent first level, growing his stack to around 125,000 from the 72,200 he started with.

I just saw him three-bet to 7,800 from under-the-gun+1 after Paulius Venčkauskas had opened to 3,200, the latter made the call but folded to Abou Risk's c-bet on the J♦6♣8♣ flop.

Julian Thew has been moved two to Abou Risk's right and has around 90,000, "No mishaps so far," said Thew. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

1.08pm: "I always get it in on the flop..," Bedi lies
Rupinder 'Buckaroo' Bedi has just knocked out Garry Whatley sucking out on his queens all-in pre-flop with pocket eights.

Bedi had opened for 2,500 under-the-gun and has been called in two spots - Daniel Dibden and Annette O`Carroll - before Whatley jammed from the big blind for 28,400. Bedi stuck it in to isolate and promptly flopped a set.

"Second card out? You made me wait, it's normally the door card," said Bedi, chuckling away.

Fergal Nealon, a player that seems to have plenty of game, is sat on Bedi's right and contemplated initiating a battle of the blinds with Bedi before, perhaps wisely, thinking better of it.

"You should tell him you got it in on the flop," said Nealon, who you should never ask about the day that he met the queen.

"I always get it in on the flop," said Bedi, now yo-yoing to 85,000. Yeah, sure.-- RD

12.56pm: Fun table update
When the seat draw was given to us table nine seemed to be the most fun (see 11.55a.m post). Over the first level there's been contrasting fortunes for most of the major players at the table:

Mike Hill 36,000 (+1,900)
Jake Cody 40,000 (-8,700)
Colin Wu 160,000 (+21,500)
Max Silver 20,000 (- 35,500)

Elsewhere Paul Nash is on 67,000 (+13,600) and to his direct left Rhys Jones has 83,000 (+13,300), Gareth Walker is also at that table.

And whilst it's hard to get access to the TV table we think Chris Moneymaker has dropped a little to around 83,000. -- NW

12.46pm: Walker grinding
One UKIPT former champ has already gone in Jamie Burland and another, Gareth Walker, is looking relatively short with 32,000. The Nottingham champion has just taken the blinds with a simple button raise and looks set to grind his way back into contention here. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_gareth walker.jpg

UKIPT Nottingham winner Gareth Walker

12.40pm: Kevin's all White
If you come back short stacked on day two you're praying for an early double up so you can get back in the game. Kevin White came back today with 20,000 and found A♦[10s] and moved in, only to run into David Ferris' A♥K♥. It was looking bleak on the 7♣2♣3♥5♠ board, but a [10d] river saw him double up. -- NW

12.35pm: Raise it again Sam
It seems the players at table seven aren't afraid to get into pots with chip leader Sam Macdonald. In a recent hand he raised it to 2,700 and got three callers, including both blinds.

The monotone flop of J♣5♣[10c] was checked round and the 4♣ fell on fourth street. Both blinds checked again, as did Macdonald, before Ashley Patterson bet 3,500. The small blind folded but Weikang Wang slid out a raise which was enough to force Macdonald and Patterson out the pot. -- NW

12.25pm: More bad news for UKIPT champs
It's not been a good start to the day for the remaining UKIPT champions in the field. Jamie Burland is out and Max Silver has taken a big knock, tweeting: "Down to 20k, 55 no good against AQ aipf." @max_silver.

Rupinder Bedi meanwhile is up to over 100,000 after eliminating Miles McKenzie when his pocket tens held against ace-king. -- NW

12.20pm: Do old guys always have it?
Mark Smyth certainly thought so.

He opened to 2,700 from under-the-gun with pocket tens, then next to act Brian Peattie moved all-in for 40,200 total. It folded back to Smyth, it was about half his stack to call, he tanked for a couple of minutes before folding face up. -- NW

12.15pm: Bad news for Burland
Jamie Burland is one of our first fallers after running into kings and aces on the first two hands. Burland had three-bet from the small blind to 7,100 with [a][j] and had been cold four-bet to 20,000 by Richard Callaghan out of the big blind who claimed to have aces afterwards - it was a believable story. Burland passed but got it in with pocket deuces to aces the next hand. Out.

"Kings and aces in the first two hands," said Burland looking more than a little unhappy. Tough way to start your day. -- RD

12.05pm: Cards in the air
Play is underway here on Day 2. -- NW

11.55am: Seat draw
The seat draw has been made available to us and you can find it here. The table that leapt out at us as being the most fun was table nine. Triple crown winner Jake Cody, big stack Colin Wu, UKIPT champ and staking superstar Max Silver, and Leaderboard grinder Mike Hill all contribute to this line up:

1 Desmond Darragh 20,500
2 Max Silver 55,500
3 Haitao Wu 138,500
4 William Paxton 75,800
5 Adam Henriksson 47,800
6 Michael Hill 34,100
7 Matt Heap 34,200
8 Jake Cody 48,700

You'll also notice that the action is eight-handed from the get go. We're going to make hanging around for the money as difficult as possible. Players taking to their seats now. -- RD

11.50am: Day two set to start
Welcome to day two of UKIPT Edinburgh, 147 players from the 519 are back to play today. The first point of order will be to make the money - 63 will be paid - the second to reach the final table. We're not sure if that will be feasible but the plan is to play 11 levels or to the final table, whichever comes first. Team Blog suspect it'll be the former.

After a couple of events off the TV crew is back in town filming this event for broadcast on Channel 4. It'll come as no surprise that the first feature table contains one Chris Moneymaker. The Team PokerStars Pro is in town as part of his 'Moneymaker's World Tour,' the 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion is playing five different poker tournaments in five different countries over five weeks.

He's already played the APPT event in Melbourne and after Edinburgh he moves onto Croatia, Spain and Belgium for the Eureka Poker Tour, EPT and Belgian Poker Series respectively.

He's in good shape here to get his first cash on his tour returning as he does with an above average 89,800 but he's got a big stacked Alan Barnes (172,000) to contend with on his table. Other players in good shape as level 11 begins are David Vamplew (108,000) and Julian Thew (79,500). They're all chasing overnight chip leader Sam Macdonald who begins the day with 225,000.

Let the usual start of day two carnage commence.

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_chris moneymaker.jpg

Moneymaker - an obvious choice for the feature table

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Nick Wright
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