UKIPT Edinburgh: Day 2, level 19, 20 and 21 updates (blinds 6,000-12,000, ante 1,000)

ukiptthumb.JPG1.42am: Play is done for the day
Just a dozen players are still in contention of winning UKIPT Edinburgh and they are currently bagging and tagging. Chip counts and wrap of the day's play to follow. Play will recommence at 12pm. -- NW

1.40am: Ovidijus Slimas eliminated in 13th place (£2,750)
On a flop of 5♠8♣4♣ Thomas Ward checked to Ovidijus Slimas who bet 35,000, Ward check-raised to 111,000, Slimas raised all-in for around 300,000 and Ward made the call.

Slimas J♦J♠
Ward: 7♠6s]

Ward had flopped the nuts and there as no way back for Slimas on the 7♣3♠ turn and river. -- NW

1.30am: Last four hands
Just four more hands. Fintan Gavin in the lead at the moment. -- RD

1.25am: News in brief
- There's 20 minutes left to play, 13 players remain

- Fintan Gavin is chip leader with around 1,600,000, he's playing well and running better. He flopped queens full on a Q♦J♣J♠ board in a three-bet pot and Craig Brown folded what he said was pocket kings. Next hand he raised and showed pocket tens.

- Craig Brown moved all-in on a Q♦9♣A♦ flop, Antonius Poulengeris passed pocket tens, Brown showed a queen.

- Both George Clyde-Smith and Ovidijus Slimas have three-bet shoved their stacks once in the last orbit and got the original raiser to fold, only after getting a count mind. -- NW

1.15am: Warnock cracked in 14th (£2,380)
A short stacked Mark Warnock shoved all-in for 140,000 over a raise from Thomas Ward and was called.

Ward: A♦J♥
Warnock: A♦A♠

The board ran out 8♦9♠Q♥4♦... T♣. It was a grim river card for Warnock who, to his credit, took it very well. At least he got to milk some TV time and gave perhaps the longest exit interview that we've ever seen. -- RD

1am: Chip counts
Here's the chip counts of the last 14 players in chip order:

Fintan Gavin 1,490,000
Thomas Ward 1,005,000
Robert Swindells 660,000
Andrew Hawksby 600,000
Antonius Poulengeris 580,000
Alan Kirk 570,000
Kevin Letham 530,000
Craig Brown 470,000
Jamie Dale 465,000
Alexander Wanner 360,000
Ovidijus Slimas 320,000
George Clyde-Smith 281,000
Mark Warnock 140,000
George Devine 140,000

12.55am: Swindells and Ward tangling
Rob Swindells and Thomas Ward are sat side by side and they've seemingly been playing a lot of pots together.

In the latest skirmish Ward raised from under-the-gun and Swindells made the call from the big blind. On the flop of 8♦9♠3♦ Swindells check-raised to 80,000 after Ward had c-bet 31,000, the latter made the call.

The turn was the 2♦ and Swindells quickly checked, as did Ward. The river was the A♦ and both players checked once more with Swindells showing 9♣8♠ to win the pot. -- NW

12.45am: Back from the break
The film crew have gone home (part timers) and so both remaining tables are now 'outer' tables. Just sixty minutes of three-bets, four-bets and folding the small blind remain. -- NW

12.25am: Break time
It's the final break of the day and we'll play this one final level before calling an end to play, final table or no. -- RD

12.20am: Action from the outer table
- Jamie Dale doubles through Mark Warnock after opening the button and calling Warnock's shove. Dale holds A♣9♦, Warnock A♠2♣. Dale up to 400,000, Warnock drops to 150,000.

- Ovidijus Slimas got himself tangled up after opening 22,000 from the hijack into Kevin Letham who three-bet to 53,000. Slimas seemed happy to four-bet to 120,000 but the five-bet shove to 420,000 was too much. "Kings again?" he asked. Letham raked in the pot, up to 560,000. -- RD

12.15am: TV table
Alan Barnes has busted after getting it in against, I think, Fintan Gavin. Again, it's on the TV table and tricky to follow. -- RD

12.05am: Down to two tables
With the exit of Rhys Jones (from the TV table) we're down to 16 players and the final two tables. -- NW

11.55pm: Recent exits
As well as Paul McTaggart (19th), Colin Wu (20th) is out, I didn't see his exit but Alan Kirk, who was to his immediate left now has a stack of 700,000 (up from the 360,000) he did have. Going by Occam's razor it's likely the two events are connected.

The latest player to bust was Mark Ritchie, who was on the feature table, he takes home £2,010 for his 18th place finish. -- NW

11.50pm: Ward on the march, crosses the million mark
Thomas Ward is the first player to join the seven figure club in this tournament. He's got just over a million chips after winning a pot against Jamie Dale.

I only saw the river action but with around 200,000 in the pot and a complete board of 2♣6♣6♠3♠K♣ Ward bet 87,500 and was tank-called by Dale, who mucked when Ward showed pocket threes, Dale slips to 260,000. - NW

11.44pm: Warnock knocks out McTaggart
Paul McTaggart's second tilt at the UKIPT Edinburgh final table has resulted in the same result, close but no cigar. The Scotsman three-bet jammed all-in from the button for 84,000 over the 20,000 cut-off raise of Jamie Dale.

Small blind Mark Warnock announced a call, not having seen that Dale had opened the pot. Dale passed.

Warnock: T♠T♦
McTaggart: A♠Q♦

Not ace or queen and McTaggart was sent to the rail, another fine performance. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_mark warnock.jpg

Mark Warnock at the centre of the storm

11.35pm: Swindells calls it correctly, doubles up
Rob Swindells had opened from middle position and had been found some opposition in Mark Warnock in the big blind, the amount of chips in the middle made it look like a three-bet and call. Warnock promptly jammed the A♥8♠Q♠ flop to set Swindells in.

Swindells ground through the numbers and the situation. Call.

Swindells: A♣7♣ for top pair
Warnock: J♠4♠ for a flush draw

"Nice call," said Warnock.

Swindells leant back in his chair, obviously feeling the pressure and praying for a fade. The board ran out K♥7♥ as Swindells moved up to 620,000, Warnock down to 220,000.

"Someone take this cape off me," said Swindells, walking away from the table still feeling the adrenaline. -- RD

11.27pm: More exits
We're doing our best to catch all the exits from the outer tables but in case we (and therefore you) missed any here's a rundown of the last few exits

21st Keith Hawkins, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £1,760
22nd Callum Palfrey, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £1,510
23rd Darius Venckus, Lithuania, £1,510
24th Andrew Mackenzie, United Kingdom, £1,510
25th Bernardo Da Silveira Dias, Brazil, PokerStars Player, £1,260
26th Mark Cuggy, United Kingdom, £1,260
27th Alex Jobling, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £1,260

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ANTE 1,000

11.17pm: Hawkins runs into kings, out in 21st (£1,760)
Keith Hawkins has just been knocked out from the TV table and what we could see was him shoving J♦T♦ from the small blind into Craig Brown's kings.

As per usual, when there's a TV table we can't get to the action and have to rely on a monitor. Brown is up to 500,000 with EPT runner-up Fintan Gavin just covering him on his right with 560,000. -- RD

11.10pm: The rise of McTaggart
At the beginning of this level I noted how Paul McTaggart's chip count had gone from around 150,000 to over 470,000 in double quick time.

So did the online tournament player get them by six bet jamming it in someone's eye? Nope, he got aces in against ace-king. -- NW

11pm: Ward wins 800,000 pot, McKenzie eliminated
Thomas Ward has chipped up to over 800,000 after knocking out Andrew McKenzie over a huge cooler of a flop.

There was 100,000 in the middle when the turn card was dealt on the 9♥5♥9♠J♥ board, which Ward led 39,500 into. McKenzie raised to 130,000 and Ward moved all-in. Call.

Ward: J♠9♣
McKenzie: 9♦7♦

An irrelevant queen dropped on the river and Ward raked in the chip leading pot. McKenzie out. -- RD

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_thomas ward.jpg

Thomas Ward

10.50pm: Chipcounts and table draw from the outer tables
We're down to 24 players here in Edinburgh which means just three tables remain. Here's how the outer two tables stack up. We'll try and get eyes on the TV feed and get rough counts from there too:

Table One:

Andrew Mackenzie 430,000
Ovidijus Slimas 330,000
Jamie Dale 440,000
Paul Mctaggart 400,000
Mark Warnock 500,000
Kevin Letham 240,000
Robert Swindells 340,000
Thomas Ward 480,000

With the average stack being around 325,000 there are a lot of chips on this table.

Table two:

Colin Wu 560,000
Alan Kirk 160,000
Callum Palfrey 210,000
George Clyde-Smith 130,000
Andrew Hawksby 740,000
William Paxton 150,000
George Devine 250,000
Antonis Poulengeris 240,000

It's very much a case of the have's and have-not's on this table with Hawksby and Wu the only two players with an above average stack. -- NW

10.42pm: Slimas doubles through
Ovidijus Slimas has just doubled through Bernardo Da Silveira Dias with kings into A♠K♠. Silveira Dias had opened and been called by Antonis Poulengeris before Slimas shoved all-in from the big blind. Silveira Dias moved in over the top leaving Poulengeris with a tough decision (he later claimed to have queens).

The flop ran out Q♣5♠3♥5♦9♣ which would have given Poulengeris top set - assuming he'd be telling the trutch about his queens.

"I would have won that," said Poulengeris.

"Don't be results orientated," said Paul McTaggart, now scoring a back to back deep run at UKIPT Edinburgh.

Silveira Dias down to 95,000, Slimas up to 320,000. -- RD

ukipt brighton_day 2_dias.jpg

Bernardo Da Silveira Dias

10.30pm: Cuggy cruelly eliminated
Mark Cuggy is out and it was a nasty river that drowned him.

All-in pre-flop for his last 80,000 Cuggy was in good shape with A♣K♦ against Andrew Mackenzie's A♥2♥. The flop of 9♥4♥[10s] gave Mackenzie a flush draw, the 3♦ turn added a straight draw and the K♥ completed the flush for Mackenzie. -- NW

10.30pm: Recent exits
Below are the players who cashed in spots 28th to 36th.

28th: Lee Taylor, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,120
29th: James Walsh, Ireland, PokerStars player, £1,120
30th: Rupinder Bedi, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,120
31st: Andrew Laurie, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,120
32nd Ian Bruce, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,120
33rd: Vytautas Milbutas, Lithuania, PokerStars qualifier, £1,120

34th: David Vamplew, United Kingdom, £1,120
35th: Richard Kaura, United Kingdom, PokerStars player, £1,120
36th: Sam Razavi, United Kingdom, PokerStars qualifier, £1,120

10.15pm: Down to the final 27
Just 27 players remain as we enter the ninth level of play today. The top five stacks are:

Andrew Hawksby 788,000
Alan Barnes 542,000
Mark Warnock 501,000
Paul Mctaggart 470,000
Colin Wu 425,000

It's been a speedy ascent for Paul McTaggart who had 130,000 just a couple of levels ago. -- NW

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_paul mctaggart.jpg

Paul McTaggart

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Edinburgh (in order of Scottish ancestry) : Rick Dacey (has some tartan underwear) and Nick Wright (wears the odd checked shirt). Photos by Mickey May .

Nick Wright
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