UKIPT Edinburgh: Wu's the Day 1A chip leader, not Vamplew


Colin Wu leads Day 1A of UKIPT Edinburgh standing aloft a field packed with talent. Wu's climb for the chip lead was a late one, pushing through a host of big names to claim the top spot from a 246 player field. Wu flopped a set for a 90,000 pot against a paired ace that simply didn't want to pass. It's a good start for Wu which follows an eighteen month hiatus from big live tournaments: twin two-year-old daughters having kept him occupied of late. He bagged 138,500, ahead of the other 72 players that made it through the ten levels of play.

ukipt brighton_day 1a_colin wu.jpg

Colin Wu takes the chip lead through Day 1A

Wu wasn't alone in his scramble to the top, but others found the path less smooth. Kevin Ayow was in contention going into the last couple of level getting chips the hard way, he was sat next to EPT winner David Vamplew for much of the day. Ayow finished on 80,800. Vamplew got some back and takes 108,000 through to Day 2 to sit third in chips. Only Thomas Ward (118,200) and Wu have more.

ukipt brighton_day 1A_vamplew and ayow .jpg

David Vamplew (left) and Kevin Ayow

Perhaps a lot of players have been reading our Day 1A wraps this season. Maybe the message had finally got through, had reached a critical mass, that Day 1A in UKIPTs has genuinely sported a much softer field. Today it was not. The vast majority of tables sported a known player, some more, with Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker (89,800), triple crown winner Jake Cody (48,700) and Keith Hawkins (53,700) all sat on the same starting table. That table broke early on and all three made it through with what looked like consummate ease, a particular achievement for Hawkins considering he dropped to just 2,000. Not a bead of sweat on his brow.

ukipt brighton_day 1A_jake cody.jpg

Jake Cody: he's a bit good, we've heard

ukipt brighton_day 1A_keith hawkins.jpg

Keith Hawkins: bet against this man at your peril

Liv Boeree may have won an European Poker Tour event but in today's field that accolade wasn't a solitary brag. Both Vamplew and Cody had that same EPT badge of honour pinned to their lapel and it was the latter that saw to the demise of Boeree. Cody opened the pot and Boeree three-bet jammed for 20 big blinds with ace-jack. Cody called finding himself outkicking the Team PokerStars Pro by a single pip. It was good enough through to the river and Boeree was sent to the rail, Cody back into the fray still hunting for more silverware. Aggression pays in this game but sometimes it can send you to field hospital. Boeree will be back, bandages off and ready to start it all over again.

ukipt brighton_day 1A_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree couldn't out flop Cody

As for the UKIPT regs, Jamie Burland navigated his way deftly through the crowd, as per usual in these UKIPTs, to finish up on 43,000. His fellow UKIPT winner Gareth Walker, champion of the largest UKIPT tournament to have taken place on UK soil, scooped in 39,300 come the end of play. Mike Hill and Paul Nash are taking part in their own marathon ascent of the UKIPT Leaderboard. Both made it through, both will be hard to topple on Day 2.

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UKIPT winner Jamie Burland

Just metres away from former Big One winner Chris Moneymaker was Sam Holden, one of the nine remaining players in this year's WSOP Main Event. Holden's rungood wasn't used up here, he busted after getting aces in on a ten-high flop against ace-queen. The turn and river ran out [k][j] to see the pot move the other direction. Work on that karma balance sheet for November, Sam, and suffer the suck outs now, not then.

ukipt brighton_day 1A_chris moneymaker.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker

Tomorrow's field should be another good one. Join us from noon for the action and in the meantime you can feast on the overnight chip counts and all the day's action can be found by clicking on the links below:

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